EE data prices for LTE

Garbage. That’s really all there is to say about the prices and the data limits. Cheapest “offer”, using the term loosely, provides a miserly 500mb of data whilst the maximum amount of data per month is capped at 8gb.

Think about that for a second or two. This is the new super fast EE network, with purported broadband like downloading speeds which is meant to encourage people to download more stuff presumably and there are caps on usage that just about negate any advantage of having the faster download speeds. You’d have thought that the whole point of the service would be so that people could download and/or stream films, music HD quality streams etc…how much of that can they do with 500mb or 1gb of data allowance each month?


WP Central – clutching at straws as usual

Really, WP Central posts some real drivel now and again. Like this post for example…

Talk about clutching at straws, suddenly all is right with WP on the sales front (despite plenty of evidence to the contrary) because the Lumia is…gasp….selling out in Finland. With all due respect to the fine folks in that chilly country, I’m not convinced that the rest of the world should be placing too much emphasis on sales trends there just yet.

What next entirely unexpected news from WP Central? Apple iPhone selling well in California, US?

The Verge

Hmmm. What do you guys think of The Verge? Interesting site no doubt but perhaps trying a little too hard to be different, there’s something a bit 60’s about their look and feel. This group photo worries me. The bloke on the left looks like he’s indulging in a bit of left hand “ham shankin'”, the guy in the middle (the main man apparently Mr Joshua) spooks me, that pose with the just done my middle suit button up and unpleasantly pursed lips look is concerning, looks like he’s just auditioned for a Stella Artois “C’est Cidre” commercial.

Tubby on the right looks like a TV Weather presenter. Perhaps they think their ironic use of dodgy ties is stylish and saying something, well it does, it says “naff” to me. The suits look is crap too, I don’t know, perhaps they all have evening jobs selling double glazing door to door. For a site that obviously likes to think of itself as leading the way and being different, to then show your public face as the guys in staid business suits just perpetuates that horrible old (sexist) cliche that business can only be done by chaps in suits. Get real guys, women burned their bras in the 60’s, us chaps should be burning our ties and suits by well before now.

Unboxing dullness

I remember, a few years ago, giving some stick to some tedious unboxing videos. Here’s one that is up there with the best of the worst, this guy spends nearly half of the video opening the package that the stuff comes in….why bother!? Why does he think anybody would be remotely interested in seeing him grappling vainly with a padded envelope…how fascinating.

I do watch quite a few of these but only with the aim of seeing what the device looks like in the flesh, it’s size and to get the reviewers opinion on how it feels in the hand. I’ve no interest in watching them grapple with the USB cable packaging, turning it over repeatedly as if they don’t know it’s a friggin USB cable. You just feel like saying to them…stuff the cable, plug and headphones as they’re in every box….show us the bloody phone……but before then they have to give us a tedious tour round the device, here’s the volume buttons blah blah…no shit?…so that’s what those buttons are…

Nah, get the phone out of the box and switch the damn thing on asap.

Windows Phone

These new HTC Windows Phones look decent, especially the HTX 8X although there are shades of the Nokia Lumia 900 about it. I still have my Samsung Omnia W which I bought at the start of this year and which I used for a couple of months. It had almost the perfect form factor, slim and compact although the screen was just a tiny bit too small and the camera, at 5mp, was okay but not quite good enough as there was too much light leaking in to pictures taken outdoors.

I always think there is a bit of iOS in Windows Phone in that it’s a bit locked down too, you can’t really do a lot of chopping and changing or customising the UI except to change the wallpapers and such like so your Android user would soon find themselves frustrated. Still, it’s a commendably stable OS with a range of apps that was increasing quite quickly in the time that I was looking. Some of the apps could be mixed though and I was never that particularly happy with the choice of Twitter apps plus the metro UI was a constant throughout and in my view was a hinderance at times as it could take up quite a lot of screen space.

Having said that, I used this RSS app, can’t remember what it was called….was it “My Feeds”?…..and it was the best RSS reader app I’ve ever used whilst there was one or two really good weather apps as well. For a good while the screen resolution was fixed at an older resolution, 800×400?, but these newer devices are now coming out with hi-res displays and the specs are up there with the competition now.

Crikey, I’m sort of talking myself into buying another one but I have to say it is a really nice OS and set up.

iOS 6 – killer features? o2 and nano sims

Well, I was reading this article over at Cult of Mac, a useful if slightly less than unbiased, ahem , source of Apple news, about the very forthcoming iOS 6 release hoping, but not expecting, to be wowed by some new features and ending up a bit nonplussed. The scrapping of entering your Apple ID when downloading updates makes sense and will be handy but that really is about it for me.

Cult of Mac seem quite excited about adding signatures to multiple email accounts and I’m happy for them but it means not a lot to me. I’m just hoping that overall the new version is stable and quick, that will do for me.

On another issue, I popped into o2 today as I’d heard that they had nano-sims available for existing o2 customers to use in unlocked iPhone 5’s. I was a bit sceptical about this but sure enough I was able to pick one up just by showing the assistant the email I’d received from the Apple Store. Woof woof, as they say. My nano sim problems evaporated in the space of 60 seconds which is just as well as I didn’t fancy moving to 3 as their signal strength in Edinburgh is well behind o2’s coverage. I’d purchased on Tuesday a PAYG card from 3 just to test out the signal strength and was surprised that in the centre of Edinburgh, Hill Street, I couldn’t get any signal at all. Not good enough as I get a full 5 bars from o2/giffgaff (same network obviously).

So, if the iPhone 5 arrives on Friday then I will be able to use it on o2 then that gives me time to see if giffgaff can finally get their act together and provide a clearer idea when they can provide customers with nano sims.

Sony Xperia T exclusives…why?

I’m written about this before as it confuses me and I cannot see the benefit for the phone manufacturer, there must be something that I’m missing. I saw this post over Coolsmartphone the other day and it filled me with dismay to hear that the Xperia T may well not be available sim free until January next year….hence my reason to splash out on an iPhone 5.

This is a flagship device for Sony and it needs to be out sooner rather than later if they wish it to get some traction and that involves allowing it to be up for sale, online and sim free as soon as possible. If not, come January 2013 it will be just another also ran fighting for a relatively small bit of the market. Android seems to be getting busy with these vapour ware launches of late…..there was the LG Optimus 4X which has only appeared at phones4u, the Panasonic Eluga has mysteriously vanished, the Xperia V and T seem to be in limbo as well.

So, what benefit to Sony is there granting exclusivity to a couple of UK high street phone people and restricting access to a far wider group of people? I’m certainly not going to be taking out an additional monthly phone contract to get one so that’s one customer sale gone.