Samsung Galaxy i7500 Hits O2 | PDA-247

Samsung Galaxy i7500 Hits O2 | PDA-247.

Looks good does it not?. Plus it is not white, which has to be an advantage over the HTC Hero. You wonder how much better the camera will be on this Samsung than the same spec shooter on the HTC job given that HTC does not exactly have a great reputation for the quality of cameras. I would like to have a phone with a really decent camera on it as I tend to take a lot of snaps.

And look…a phone with menu buttons! Take note Apple. Plus, there are more of these Android sets coming to market now and the specs look, frankly, more enticing than the iPhone bu

t of course that is only half the picture. It will be interesting to read reviews of this phone versus the Hero as it does not have the highly rated fancy dan HTC sense interface. Will that be a plus or minus?

Still, it is quite expensive for an Android set if it is only free on the £45pm contract. Those sort of deals pitch it into iPhone  and high end win mob devices territory.


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