Windows Phone

These new HTC Windows Phones look decent, especially the HTX 8X although there are shades of the Nokia Lumia 900 about it. I still have my Samsung Omnia W which I bought at the start of this year and which I used for a couple of months. It had almost the perfect form factor, slim and compact although the screen was just a tiny bit too small and the camera, at 5mp, was okay but not quite good enough as there was too much light leaking in to pictures taken outdoors.

I always think there is a bit of iOS in Windows Phone in that it’s a bit locked down too, you can’t really do a lot of chopping and changing or customising the UI except to change the wallpapers and such like so your Android user would soon find themselves frustrated. Still, it’s a commendably stable OS with a range of apps that was increasing quite quickly in the time that I was looking. Some of the apps could be mixed though and I was never that particularly happy with the choice of Twitter apps plus the metro UI was a constant throughout and in my view was a hinderance at times as it could take up quite a lot of screen space.

Having said that, I used this RSS app, can’t remember what it was called….was it “My Feeds”?…..and it was the best RSS reader app I’ve ever used whilst there was one or two really good weather apps as well. For a good while the screen resolution was fixed at an older resolution, 800×400?, but these newer devices are now coming out with hi-res displays and the specs are up there with the competition now.

Crikey, I’m sort of talking myself into buying another one but I have to say it is a really nice OS and set up.


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