We are the Geeky Boys

Comparing the iphone to a smartphone is pretty pointless when apple have clearly stated it’s not aiming to compete in this sector. Still. that shouldn’t stop those wacky windows lovers having a bit of top-class prod at poor old apple.
These geeky windows mobile boys can’t or won’t appreciate that not every device made is a smartphone or is trying to be one. Ironically, they seem to major on the email aspects of both devices…as if email on a windows device has been astonishingly innovative over the past 5 years.
I find myself defending a product I have no intention of buying or perhaps it is just the sheer lack of wit on the part of the "We are the Geeky Boys" crowd.


My Utopian World…

Saw this article posted via pda 24/7 and it is an interesting thought although personally I’m glad that not everyone has a palm pda. If so we’d all be at the mercy of those tossers who love to show (pretend) how busy they are…." mmm.. let’s see…I can just about squeeze you in at 6.46 for ten minutes" or you’d get every Tom, Dick and Harry trying to beam you their business card….spam city anyone?
Very much a case of "beam me up (and outa here) Scotty".

new Sony W880i out now

Expansys have stock of the new Sony w880i, the super slim walkman branded 3g phone. Super slim phones have at least one major drawback…they contain super slim batteries with a super slim capacity.

"Sony Ericsson Walkman® phones bring the ease of digital music players
to your mobile. So alongside all the usual advanced phone features, you
can also download, stream, store and play back music in your mobile.
One click starts the Walkman® music player. Now you can play, rewind,
fast forward, equalise, shuffle tracks and create playlists – just like
in any other digital music player. The Walkman® player supports several
file formats including MP3 and AAC.

Built-in digital camera with screen viewfinder, dedicated menus and
direct interaction with in-phone imaging and messaging features.

"The third generation of mobile networks brings the convenience of
broadband Internet to your mobile phone. Fast data transfer speeds – up
to 384 kbps – give you quick, easy access to a world of video calls,
audio and video streaming, Web surfing, multimedia messaging and email
wherever you go. Your 3G phone has an ‘always on’ Internet connection
with high-speed data transfer. Video call lets you see your caller in
the main display, and they can see you. Business conversations are
enhanced, and friends and families just got a whole lot closer.

Extend a device’s memory with the smallest memory card on the market,
Memory Stick Micro™ (M2™) (up to 1GB). Adaptors are available if you
want to use with Memory Stick PRO-compatible products"

Calendar Bar for WM

Calendar Bar 2 for WM has been released…priced $9.99. Some of these today screen plugins seem quite expensive for what they do.

""Use Calendar Bar to check on your next appointments, or simply to
check the calendar for future events. Tap the green icon to switch
displays, and the arrow keys to move between appointments or months.
Calendar Bar makes an excellent and compact replacement to the standard
Calendar plug-in."

windows mobile 6 & html email support

Response to the new updated WM6 has been a bit muted and circumspect on the various sites I’ve been perusing of late. Most reviewers seem to be saying it is more of a mild update to WM5 rather than a full blown new o/s. One aspect of it though appeals to me…full HTML support for emails…for two reasons. Firstly, email is probably the feature of any smartphone that I use most these days and secondly, I think it would be great to finally be able to see pics in emails…none of the previous email clients I have used on different mobile o/s’s such as Snappermail, Versamail or Outlook have been able to display in line pics.
I think, when I using a Nokia N80, that the email programme I paid for (profimail?) was able to do this and it was a nice bonus…more expensive for data costs but worthwhile all the same to be able to see the email in the way it was intended by the sender.

i-mate JAQ3 review

Shaun at pda 24/7 is looking into the prospect of moving back to windows mobile but he has some reservations. He has been reviewing one or two devices in the last week, the first one being the i-mate JAQ3 and he doesn’t seem all that impressed by it.
I keep coming back to this fad nay obsession that manufacturers currently have with slimness in a design. When the phone is trim all round slimness can be very appealing aesthectically…when the device looks like it’s been squashed by a herd of rampaging elephants it’s a different matter. At the weekend, I was in Orange trying to get a case for my Sony phone and had a quick gander at some of the devices in there, one of which was the Nokia E61. This thing looks awful, even bigger in the flesh than it does in pics and it’s not as if there is a fantastically large screen to compensate for its ludicrous and cartoon-like girth.
The i-mate JAQ3 falls into the same category for me.

Shaun also does an interesting comparison of the apps he uses on a palm and whether they are available for WM as for him, and for most of us, this is an important factor when deciding whether to make the switch or not.

3G apple iphone by 2008?

MacWorld UK are reporting that apple may be bringing out a 3g enabled iphone by the start of 2008.