sd cards

Crikey…I’ve now got quite a collection of these..
– 2 x 1gb SD cards
– 1 x 2gb SD card
– 1 x 1 mini SD card
– 1 x 512mb mini SD card
– 1 x 512mb SD card
– 2 x 256 Compact Flash cards
– 2 x 1gb Memory Sticks

I was thinking of getting a 2gb mini SD for my new treo but I’ll hang fire in case I decide to go for the 680 instead.


MacFormat podcast goes to no.1!

I love MacFormat’s really aimed at home mac users and is full of useful tips and stuff.They even do a podcast...

apple opening “apple” store in Glasgow

Hoorah…about time too as there is virtually no official apple presence in Scotland. Hopefully this will be a store worth visiting. The one in Edinburgh provides a good service but has become an ipod based shop recently and stocks very little mac stuff in terms of accessories and software.

treo 750v first impressions

The treo arrived this morning and I have spent most of today just setting it up and playing around. It’s nice to have a new treo and to see the familiar palm logo when it’s booting up, it kind of makes you feel that you have a palm device instead of windows mobile, well sort of.
First impressions are quite good.
– the screen is pretty small compared to my Qtek as you can see from the pic and I sort of wince when I look at what the bigger screen can display, it’s especially apparant when looking at the today screen. Most of my recent devices have had larger screens and I must say I do prefer them.
– I got is set up with active synce fairly easily. I had to uninstall active sync first and then reinstall it via the installation cd though before it would connect with the treo.
– First thing I did though was get it unlocked via this cost £20 and the procedure was straightforward enough. It now works with my Orange sim card.
– there’s been no sign of a 3G connection yet, this could be because my sim card is not 3G enabled but I doubt it because it’s the card I was given when I upgraded 6 months ago to a Nokia N80 (3G device) and it worked with that okay.
– I loaded on a few apps that I had been using on my Qtek and my reg codes worked. This is an advantage of WM apps…they go by your device name generally and I just gave the treo the same name as the Qtek. So far, not one reset.
– I’m not convinced that the palm "enhancements" make it feel more like a palm device as I had sort of hoped but it certainly "handles" better than the Qtek in terms of getting around the menus. The buttons are quite big and the dpad works very well.
– it does feel smaller and it is lighter.
– it feels well built, especially the keyboard which has a nice firm feel to it.
– at last, the reset hole has disappeared from under the battery…it is now inside the SD card slot.
– it’s pretty quick…much faster than my Qtek.
– getting it up and running for email and browsing was also pretty easy.

Rather oddly, the guy who sold me it off ebay left his 512mb card in it and also forgot to do a hard reset, thus his emails and photos were all still on it along with a lot of other stuff.
All in all then, a pretty good first day with little drama. I must say that the 750v looks and feels nice in the hand, it’s easy to hold and has a nice rubbery sort of feel. That doesn’t sound as if it would be very appealing but strangely it is.

I do feel that it has a couple of drawbacks…the smaller screen being the main one. I can’t understand why they have compounded this by having additional menu bars on the top and bottom of the screen in certain apps, this reduces it further and seems nonsensical to me.

They’ve also moved the sms messaging app, on my Qtek it is built into the same app as where you can access all email accounts which was really handy. But on the treo it is now a seperate application which means having to leave "email" to get to it.

First impressions are good though…

oh dear…solar powered vest

Somebody, anyone..doesn’t matter who, please help…if you ever seeing me wearing anything like this….just shoot me.
You’ll be doing me a favour

treo 750v and Nokia E61

Interesting article over at All About Symbian comparing the above two devices…obviously, being a symbian based site there may be a bit of a basis there. The author seems to think that the keyboard size would be the be and end all deciding factor for most peoplem when choosing a device, not sure I agree with that assessment.

"At the end of the day though, the clinching factor for
most people is going to be keyboard size – if you’re going for a device
with a qwerty keyboard then you want one you can use without continual
mistakes – the Treo’s is perhaps just a little too small, but it’s
certainly worth a try if you’re passing a Vodafone shop"

Personally I would have thought that there would be other factors more important
– not having to scroll through about 4 pages of menus to find what you need as seems to be the normal symbian way
– having a touchscreen for quick and easy access to menus, particularly when you have a symbian device with a ropey navigation system.

treo 680 from expansys

yikes…£319...ain’t exactly cheap is it?

For that price you could get, also from expansys….
E-TEN M600+  Pocket PC Phone
Mio P550 Bluetooth + Memory Pack
Palm Tungsten E2 + Navigation Companion (not a phone obviously)
Nokia N80 (nearly)

actually, when you compare it to the above, it doesn’t seem so bad. I know which one I’d rather have.