Fry ponders leaving Twitter site…drama queen

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Fry ponders leaving Twitter site.

I’m sure the 900 000 followers remaining who fawn over his every word like 5 year old schoolgirls over their first Barbie doll will make his change his mind. If you can’t take it, don’t dish it out matey

Fry is known as one of the most prolific celebrity “tweeters” and has openly supported it in interviews.

‘I retire’

He sent a message – or tweet – to the user with whom he fell out, saying: “You’ve convinced me. I’m obviously not good enough. I retire from Twitter henceforward. Bye everyone.”

However, he later posted another tweet which indicated that he may change his mind about leaving the site.

“Well maybe I’ll see how I feel in a few days. Very low and depressed at the moment and any drop of meanness makes it so much worse. Sorry.”

The disagreement began when the other tweeter said “I admire and adore” Mr Fry, but that he found his tweets “a bit… boring… (sorry Stephen)”.

That same tweeter later revealed that Mr Fry had blocked him as a result

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Palm Pre App Catalog Hits 300 Titles…jkontherun

Palm Pre App Catalog Hits 300 Titles.

Well, 300 apps is not that bad…is it? Android has over 10 000 but having used a Hero now for nearly 2 months I have only downloaded about 15. I’ve tried loads but the vast majority have bitten the dust quickly. I don’t know, there’s just too many of them have that distinctly written in 5 minutes feel to them.

In comparison, I have found Palm Pre apps to be rather tasty to date and have 9 installed. More importantly, those 9 are still installed and I get the feeling that when the App Catalogue opens for business here, in dear old Blighty, there will be some major league purchasing going on here at Palm-Mac towers.

You may have noticed my comment on the jkontherun…I know the guys there don’t feel that any of their articles are proper “posts” until I have added credence to them by adding a comment. Hey, it’s good to help out these smaller sites….it’s the least I can do.

Top10 reasons to get a Palm Pre instead of an iPhone

Top 10 Mobile Phones » Blog » Top10 reasons to get a Palm Pre instead of an iPhone.

Crikey, some of these reasons look distinctly flimsy. Why do sites do posts like this I wonder, you get the distinct impression from this one that the guy started off with great gusto but halfway through it realised that he wasn’t really going to be able to come up with ten actual valid reasons and thus they sort of degenerate, half way through, into desperation stakes. He should have left it at “Top 4 reasons…” but of course “10” makes things sound a lot more impressive.

Of course I run both phones so am entirely neutral….sort of.

Pre battery update….and good apps RSS feed

Right, things have been much much better the last couple of day with the Pre. The Seido extended battery seems to have bedded in rather nicely and I used the Pre all day today and from fully charged this morning at 7.30am and with what I’d call moderate use during the day it was at……..wait for it….69% when I got back home. Not bad. Gives me a degree of confidence  now.

palmpreapplicationslogoI was having a look at a good pre RSS feed that provides info and a short review of new Pre apps….you can find it here.…and noticed that there is a new RSS app available on the store but of course, we don’t have the facility here in the UK as yet to purchase paid apps…grrrrr. There are a couple of new apps that I fancy getting but can’t as yet. The RSS feed for the site is particularly good……

Couple more minor niggles though that are starting to annoy though. When I go into the App Catalogue and choose an app to download it always hangs for a minute or so before starting the download. Often, the download will also hang during download…hmmmm. Quite annoying. I mentioned previously that when downloading podcasts via DrPodder things can be really slow and it almost looks like it is not doing it via wifi the thing is so darn slow. What’s happening there? I have no problems with speed via wifi with the HTC Hero or iPhone, they positively fizz down the line.

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Batman Arkham Asylum on PS3

Just finished playing this and for a long time I was loving it but towards the end it just degenerated into one Boss battle after another. Now, I hate Boss battles for several reasons. One being that I am not very good at them and invariably have to spend ages repeating and replaying that section before eventually getting through it. It has not been unknown for me to fail to beat the Boss and thus, if there are no cheats available, that is the end of the game for me which is hugely annoying. The other reason is that to me they are very mid 90’s and in this day and age, seem a bit predictable and an easy fill up part of the game excuse for developers. The last part of Batman basically throws three consecutive boss fights at you in a row. I got through them but did not enjoy the gaming experience. It also spoiled the whole game experience  for me a bit, up to the last section I had been enjoying the game hugely and in particular the variety of challenges which is a bit ironic given the mundane predictability of the end part.

If the Boss battles had allowed you to employ different attack strategies then it would have been more interesting but in all cases it was a question  of running around like an arse, flinging the batarang in a vain attempt to stun baddies, leaping from left to right trying to avoid projectiles and all done in a finger strain inducing, button bashing stupor. Not much fun and at odds with the rest of the game’s basic gameplay set up.

Arkham_AsylumThe whole experience was not what I expected at all. Often you get a vision of how you expect the game to play and look but this one surprised me. It kept reminding me of BioShock, the whole Arkham Asylum setting was like parts of Rapture, dark, quiet and spooky and you were never quite sure what to expect around the corner. Some of the in game sounds and music extended that BioShock similarity even further. I sort of expected the whole game to take place in the Asylum part, as the name suggests, but that is the name for what in fact is a huge complex and the gameplay moves from area to area.

At no point does Batman have any weapons…no guns or nowt and any fighting, in fact there is lots of fighting (which can get repetitive) and you need to use your hand to hand skills. Luckily Batman is pretty nifty with his hands and feet and with the upgrade system you can power up his “combos” and items such as the trusty Batarang. Annoyingly, the Batarang is of limited use, it stuns enemies but only for about 0.012 of a millisecond and will never render an attacker immobile. Thus, take outs form afar are a no go and old Bats has to sneak up to get up close and personal for combat action. By about half way through the game I began to dread the rather mindless button bashing that was needed to overcome groups of Jokers henchmen.

A la BioShock and which is seemingly de rigeur nowadays, Batman goes for the upgrade path and in an attempt to add a little extra, you have various very mini side quests like solving Riddler’s ahem…riddles and finding his abandoned “?’s” which are randomly scattered throughout. In fact there are apparantly 240 of them.

There are a few annoying things over and above the repetitive fighting sequences. When you get hit it takes an eternity to get back up on your feet and before you can actually move away from a danger zone, Often, you will find yourself sandwiched between two baddies or a boss creature and badman and will end up getting repeatedly thumped (with big subsequent health loss) as you frantically and unsuccessfully try to jump out of the way. It would have been nice to have had some way of taking out baddies with the batarang from distance to reward good stealth approaches too.

Overall, I’d give it a 7.5 out of 10. Had the last section not been so damn hectic and irritating it would have been an 8.5 job. The graphics though are superb, the controls and camera positioning are super smooth and there are some genuinely great moments in there. The story is also well paced, by and large, and involving enough to make you feel part of the plot.

HTC Hero getting Android 2 update…PreSync dead again

googleThis news will make a lot of windows mobile users a tad unhappy given that they seem to be in a perpetual state of hoping for their win mob phones to get the latest software update. Tee hee. Other platforms are much kinder to their existing users, all Apple iPhone users get the latest software, RIM are quite decent with BlackBerry updates and now Android is making v2 available for the HTC Hero and HTC have confirmed via Twitter that they are working on getting it functioning on the said same Hero. Good news indeed.

Not such good news for some is that Pre Sync with iTunes is dead again following the latest iTunes minor update. Not that it concerns me much as I have been Missing Sync for Pre of late.

Safari or Firefox?

I gotta say, I find Safari to be a crash-prone, hanging piece of crap. I can’t believe this is an Apple application. Every night when I fire up the laptop and head for the internet I stop before opening Firefox and think, nah, I’ll give Safari another go and see if I can get on it with it. Invariably, about 5 minutes later, after firing off an Apple error report form I flee back to the relative safety of Firefox.

Firefox may take an age to load up when first opened but it is reliable and never crashes.

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