StyleTap To Port Palm OS Emulator To iPhone After All | iPhone Alley

StyleTap To Port Palm OS Emulator To iPhone After All | iPhone Alley.

Hoorah hoorah hoorah…how good is this news? I'll be able to use all my existing palm stuff, I wonder though if the apps will display okay on the iPhone's bigger non-palm sized screen…hmmm.

"The iPhone is one of the hottest new mobile
devices out there," said Gregory Sokoloff, CEO of StyleTap Inc., "And
the response to our video has convinced us that many, many consumers,
and companies, will eagerly jump at the change to buy iPhone devices if
they can continue to run their must-have applications."

More information about the product will be available in early July of this year"

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white iPhone case pics

Please Apple, put us out of our misery and reveal the 3g iPhone as soon as possible. I'm fed up reading speculation and seeing grainy pics taken by people who obviously have some serious shaky hand issues as they seem unable to hold it properly to take a decent pic. Perhaps the excitement of having the actual device induces an extreme shaking reaction,

What about those silly pics centred around the case maker, the ones showing a white back and chubby shape? Are people stupid? Apple, who keep these sort of things extremely hush hush, are not going to be daft enough to send out an actual 3g iPhone to some two bit case maker. Nope, they may well send out a hack up which happens to be the identical size so they can get to work on making cases but that hack up is going to be a long way from being the actual device itself….surely??


Friday odds and sodds…HTC expensive….data storing

Poor Shaun can't make his mind up about the treo 850 but he is not alone in that view as he struggles to comprehend the appeal of a device that is probably less than cutting edge now and even less so when it finally appears. Thing is, if it comes out in 2 months time and costs £400 then I'll be joining in but if the price is say nearer £250 then that would represent good value in my book, certainly compared to some recent stuff from HTC which seems to be getting more and more expensive, trading on their superior image of late and the swooning that goes on at various win mob sites over each new product announcement.

I look at these HTC devices and think….very expensive, possibly even over-priced in many respects. There is the TyTn11 now back up to very nearly £500 at expansys for a device that is not far short of one year old and with a low res screen that can't play video properly. Hmmmm. The Cruise is £400 for what looks to me like not very much, no keyboard etc and their basic 3g and wifi less P3470 is very nearly £300. So, if the 850 comes out and it is around the same price then that would represent, in my opinion, good value and THAT, dear friends would be the point of the 850 considering it will have 3g, wifi, GPS.and more than likely be eminently more enjoyable to use. Statto makes a good point on his blog…the treo design is good so why change it radically?
I think Shaun is like the vast majority of ex palm users, we are all looking for the next palm killer device and invariably end up disappointed by most of the devices we try out. Deep down, I know I would move to a new palm o/s and treo style device with wifi and 3g in a shot.

Looking at my device useage again, I have realised that I am much more of a data storer than data user. For example, I load excel and word docs onto the Centro via Docstogo and then never do anything with them…I never edit them and barely even open them. Instead, knowing they are there, that the info is available if needed (which it is probably not) is enough for me. The same applies to other apps like ListPro. I have lots of info stored on the Centro and invariably it is just for reference yet I still almost anally pile it on at each hotsync. I never seem to do anything particularly constructive with on device stuff.

I was listening the other day to a new podcast from iPhone Alley which is a good site for all things iPhone. It was reasonably interesting, boy these guys are dedicated/obsessed by the iPhone and they dissect in great detail all rumours/news/info from around the web. I'm interested in the iPhone myself of course but their level of interest is way above mine. Crikey.

3 parts to a great smartphone

I think there are three important ingredients for a great phone and if you can get all three together then bingo…at the moment I don't see anything out there that does all three superbly.

Part one is like property except it is not all about "location location location" but rather it is "apps apps apps". Myself, there are typically only a few apps that I will use on a regular basis on any device and these are email, browsing, RSS feeds, ListPro, a password application (eWallet), diary for meeting syncing, a weather forecaster, basic Office files and a bit of ebook reading. That's about it. Platform wise at the moment, I can get all these things and in particular, specific programmes like ListPro and eWallet for both palm and windows mobile. The rest I can cobble together from onboard apps and existing cellar-ware stuff I have lying around. At the moment with the iPhone things are not quite as good on this front although jailbreaking has added in  a couple of things I was desperately missing and obviously the sdk thing should make a huge difference and raise it to the level of the other two platforms.

On that front then things are almost equal, palm and win mob are out in front with the iPhone all set to make a late charge on the outside. If apps however were the sole consideration I think I would have Palm as number one. 

Second important consideration is not platform because I believe you should choose your platform after assessing which one meets all three of the criteria best. So, number 2 important consideration is hardware and specs. Some of those important apps you use will work better if you have certain specs on a device. For example, RSS and browsing are better on wifi or 3g equipped devices and whilst obviously if you are a big sat-nav person then you would prefer a device with GPS built in for convenience. There can be little doubt that windows mobile is King here, the range and breadth of devices available wipes the floor with both palm and the iPhone…at the moment. The iPhone is getting there but we need to wait and see what features/hardware is added via version 2.0 to see whether it can compete with windows mobile and the same applies to any future palm smartphones running Nova. Believe me, running an iPhone without wifi and having to browse via GPRS is a painful experience that detracts considerably from the benefit of having a top class browser on board so in that sense, hardware and specs are important.
Likewise, I'm sure TyTn11 owners would say the same about watching videos on their devices….if there is something you will be using a device a lot for, make sure it can do that thing well.

Htc kaiser
Last but not least is useability. You may have all the apps you need and the hardware specs look great but if the device is a pig to use you will soon tire of it as frustration sets in. I feel this, for me, is where windows mobile falls down and where palm and the iPhone really step up to the plate in style. What they have in common is that out of the box they are both relatively "settings free" and thus set up for almost maximum ease of use. Contrast that with win mob which necessitates an almost anal "settings" tweaking/tinkering obsession which is perfectly acceptable to some (and good luck to them) but which now completely passes me by on the interest front. I just cannot be doing with it anymore.

I daresay if I could be half-bottomed to make a fist of it, I could end up with an almost perfect windows mobile device but then when that was achieved there would be the memory management issues and slowing down of the system and that would be the something else that would start to grate on a near daily basis. I've had too many win mobbers over the past two years that have started off well and then fallen by the wayside as they turn from well behaved power people into sulky and temperamental teenagers. I thought for a while last year that the HTC P430 I had was going to be the answer…nice form factor, good keyboard, lightish, wifi, great battery life. solid as a rock but then I went and ruined it all when I upgraded to Win Mob 6 and was left with about 12mb of free RAM to run apps in…..major league memory issues resulted which made it almost unuseable. Drat….another device like that with similar specs but lots more memory and quicker nav would be attractive. I am also tempted to buy one off ebay as long as it had win mob 5 on it.

So, for the moment the seach goes on but I have a feeling it will end when either the iPhone 3g and apps come out or if not, when devices sporting the new Palm o/s finally appear.

Easy Sync 2.8 review at Mobility Site

Easy sync for windowsb  

Is it any good and does it enhance the already hugely exciting ActiveSync experience?

Read the review and all will be revealed…

Easy Sync claims it has bidirectional sync, one way transferring of unlimited number of files, supports transferring over network, and syncs several devices.  It won’t replace Active Sync, but will enhance it.  Here are some of its features:

MiniBatteryStatus – Excellent Battery Status Utility

MiniBatteryStatus is a free Dashboard widget for OS X, that monitors
your battery status, charge percentage and remaining battery life. You
can choose if the widget should display percentage, remaining time,
capacity (current/maximum), cycle count or just the charge gauge. Great
for use with iBooks, MacBooks, PowerBooks and MacBook Pro’s.


  • Growl Integration
  • Universal Binary
  • Small Size
  • Much More

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Gasp…two months without a new phone and Centro sales

Centro black
Ha ha! I can do it….told you so. Yep, that is now over 2 months since my last phone purchase and what's more, I think it will be a few more before anything else arrives. There is nothing around that really appeals, the Samsung i780 sounds good and the guys at pda247 seem very pleased with theirs but….I dunno, I think it's because it is windows mobile and I'm just so scunnered with that platform right now that the thought of wrestling with another one, all that memory watching and constant tweaking is hugely unappealing. Truth is, I'm going through a 'couldn't care less" phone phase where little excites and I am starting to doubt whether I actually need half the features I think I do. Wifi is turning out to be something I am using more and more and if I can get that on a palm based device at some stage that will probably do.

I'm still pleased with the Centro, it retains number one spot for another week or so. It is fast and reliable with a nice small form factor and an okay to use despite the look, keyboard. The treo 680 seems a bit slow and clunky beside it. On the subject of the Centro, despite that huge amount of sales it would be very interesting to find out what percentage of new Palm users are actually buying additional 3rd party software. Various sites have reported doom and gloom on the palm software side with falling sales and several developers apparantly giving up the ghost which is a situation you would not expect if all those million plus "new" palm users were experimenting with adding on 3rd party apps. One can only surmise they are doing "a Nokia" and not taken things any further over and above what is already installed on the phone?