Falkirk 1 Aberdeen 0

Can't complain today, well beaten by Falkirk for the first time since 1994 and it has been coming. We have had a few fortunate wins over them in the last few years so they were due one.

I wasn't at the game luckily as it sounds like we were never in it. One of their best players (again) today was Steve Lovell, one of the league top scorers and a guy we let go for nothing in the summer. What a good move that has turned out to be particularly as we have kept instead Darren "no goals" Mackie.

Things worked out well for us though elsewhere as our two closest challengers both lost, Hearts surprisingly at Hamilton, so in effect we have not lost any ground.


PSI Win Connect

When my work laptop imploded recently I lost about 5 years worth of gadget files, applications and stuff which I have been able to replace pretty easily although it has been a bit of a hassle but no more.

Unfortunately I have not been able to track down a copy of the psiwin connect software for my Ericsson M218, version 2.3 or thereabouts (the one compatible with XP) as it appears to have been pulled from the PSI site.

Does anyone have a copy of the installation file? I've got a whole load of work files that I need to get from the Ericsson onto the new laptop to replace stuff I lost and also of course I want to be able to use it again.

Handy Taskman for symbian…and the pap that is CorePlayer

I'm still getting to grips with a different o/s in Symbian but as mentioned before am determined to grow to love it or at least like it anyway. I had a good browse through the pda 247 software store this morning to see if there was anything there that could make things a bit easier for me.

Handy taskman
One of the things that was annoying me was that so many frequently needed things such as apps and settings are hidden away in the menu structure and can be found only with a few keypresses. There are only so many shortucts for apps and the like that can be added to the home screen and the rest need to be dug down to find.

That led me to trying and quickly buying Handy TaskMan. This application basically offers two benefits. One being the ability to hold down the home button and access running applications. Once done, you can  stop/kill them all or individually from within that screen instead of the inbuilt system method which takes a bit longer. The second major advantage of the app is that you can then launch apps or files by just starting to type the first letter. This brings up a list of all files/apps etc starting with that letter and it can then be launched from there. You can also set up as many extra shortcuts via the "favourites" option for super speedy access to oft used stuff. This has so far avoided any need to start using the Symbian menu system again which is no bad thing. A fairly simple app but one which makes using a Symbian based phone much easier.

There is currently 205 off all software until the end of January using the code "jansale". I also purchased CorePlayer which will no doubt turn out to be a mistake as I also bought it for Palm and WM and on both platforms it was unuseable because it was so buggy. Unfortunately there is no trial version, shame on them, but having first hand experience of its instability elsewhere I can see why they don't offer one.


Quelle surprise, as they say in France, 5 minutes after using CorePlayer it froze and forced my first battery out reset on the E71 since I bought it last week. What a bit of buggy and unreliable bit of pap CorePlayer can be and more fool me for not learning from my previous bad experiences.

NokiaExperts website…and Ilium

The Smartphone experts chaps have added another new platform to their their sites along with Win Mob, phonedifferent (iPhone), Android and Blackberry. This new one is being managed by Matt Millar who many will know from his MobileTech podcast exploits alon with the jkontherun chaps. If it turns out be half as good as the other sites, especially phonedifferent, then it will be a compulsive read. I've already added it to my RSS feeds via NewsStand on the iPhone. 

I also see that Ilium have added another iPhone app, Apple2Oranges. Regular readers will know already how much I rate Ilium software, it is up there with the very best so any new app should be worth checking out.

Twibble…..and more on iPhone/Symbian differences

The Twitter options for Symbian are a bit limited short of going online and using the mobile website on your phone. The only one I have found and managed to get working is Twibble. It is rather basic and doesn't show avatars, just the words in a rather faint looking font which is hard to read using my chosen theme.

Twibble logo
A few months ago the thought of not finding a decent Twitter client would not have presented me with any concerns, in fact I would (and indeed did) scoff at the notion of such a frivolous application being considered a mainstay. I think that demonstrates to me how my mobile useage has changed over the past 6 months having mainly used the iPhone during this period. I have moved from productivity on a mobile to an emphasis on non-productivity and indeed downright frivolity. And I kinda like it that way. Heavens above I have even installed some games on the iPhone of late.

I think you have to use these devices and play to their strengths. The iPhone is generally considered to be a fun device and it excels in this area…media, games, music etc etc. The Nokia E71 is much better at stuff which is more business/work/getting dull things done orientated which is fine. I should have checked out some things beforehand such as the lack of a decent Twitter and FaceBook native apps. Still, it is amazing to me that when you consider the number of Nokia phone users out there that there are no such applications for them. I think it re-emphasises probably how little interest most of those Nokia users have in adding extra software. If there was a suitable demand for a commercial Twitter app there would surely be one?

Still, I have the iPhone to do all these media/social things on so it is not that much of an issue. A general observation on one of the differences between the two platforms is that 3rd party iPhone apps tend to have a uniform look to them that sits well with the underlying o/s. You can tell they are iPhone apps as the look and menu system is very much co-ordinated. Not so with Nokia. Some of the 3rd party apps I have tried just look completely different and make no effort to blend in with the current theme. The colours are different, the fonts are different sizes (mostly too small) and menus have little consistency. Often it is impossible to change the font size which renders some apps I have tried unuseable. Some, like Profimail, have made the effort and what a pleasant difference it makes. It also makes me more likely to buy the app.

This all sounds a bit down on Symbian but I am determined to stick with it for a while and get a better grip of the whole thing as there is much to like about it. For example, it is good to have a goodish camera on a mobile device and I find myself using that more than on other smartphones. Profimail too is an excellent email client and offers much more than the version on the iPhone and that is quite important to me. True multitasking is another benefit and the memory sytem handles running apps far better than the likes of any win mob device I have used to date.

Email on Symbian…and Profimail

The built in messaging app is functional and does the job but I find it a bit frustrating. There's no html email, which I love on the iPhone, and it doesn't support mobileme push email. I tried out the free Emoze "push' service which worked for about half a day then kept disconnecting. This was tested on Gmail as I couldn't get it to work with mobileme.

I then went back to the Nokia app and set it up to automatically check for email every 30 minutes or so which I suppose is close to push but not quite there. This worked quite well but again it kept losing the connection for some reason. Next up is the Nokia "Email" beta application which has a terrible interface but which claims to push email to the device. It has to be set up via the Nokia website which is easy to do and it seemed to be working okay but boy…the interface is not nice.

I then went back to the default application which has loads of settings available, some of which appear to contradict others. There's the iPhone mail app which has virtually no settings but which just works and there is the Nokia version which offers more functionality via the settings but I find it a bit confusing. it appears to be telling me that if I set it up for automatic retrieval then I can only download "headers" with no option to say, download 10kb of each message and under the same setting if you have automatic retrieval then the "email notifications" setting is disabled. Why should that be? All to confusing for me and for someone who has just the one email account.

Luckily Paul Biba reminded me that there is Profimail which offers via IMAP Idle effective push email. I actually bought this app when I had my Nokia N80 back in the summer of 2006. It has been updated a bit since then and I remember at the time complaining about the shabby interface and look of it. This has now been rectified. I will give the 30 day demo a good spin, so far it has been impressive (it has HTML support) and if I am still using the E71 in 2 weeks time I will likely buy it. I'm not sure I have mastered the settings yet though….


Actually, I emailed the developer to transfer my existing code to the new device, via their on site automated system, and received a reply within seconds. Even better is that the existing code has unlocked the new version so I don't have to spend anything on it at all. This is surprising as I thought the new version is so much better than the last one that it must have been a major upgrade and thus an upgrade cost would have been involved.


Firstly, a couple of good reviews. PDA 247 looks at the new Curve, which I find quite tempting, and then a good review of the Xperia at WMExperts. I think the Curve is very similar in shape and form to the Nokia E71 and the two can go head to head quite easily.

Symbian MissSync
The Bold is still sitting at home unloved and has not been out of the box for a week or so now. The poor reception on T-Mobile has put me off a bit especially when compared to the stellar signal I get all the time, virtually, on the E71 on o2. I stuck the T-Mob sim card in the treo 680 last week and it was at full strength all the time in the house which is more than I can say for the Bold. The Bold is one of the few phones I have had over the past 2 years where it would actually lose a signal completely and the dreaded "SOS" only red notification pops up.

I'm really a bit doh! these days. I did not realise that in order to use VMWare Fusion on the mac, certainly for running windows applications anyway, you also have to install Windows too. That adds another £60 or so onto the total price and I'm now not sure whether it will be worth it for me when the cost of the Fusion app is taken into account too….we're talking here over £100 total.

I like the E71 for basic PIM stuff, I find it much better than that available on the iPhone but I wish to keep using mobileme for syncing PIM stuff rather than using PC Suite in tandem with Outlook. Luckily, the mac solutions are fine in this respect as I can enter new meetings and contacts on the E71 and then transfer them at night onto my mac  (iSync or Missing Sync) to Entourage and that is already set up to sync with mobileme. My new info then appears on the iPhone.

I like the way that on the E71 todo's can be entered via the Calendar application and are thus visible in the Calendar. The ability too to scroll down to a time and enter a meeting is good as well as it means less info has to be added and it is quick. I wish Apple would adopt this system too, it has worked well for all other platforms down the years, is fairly simple yet very effective. Apple needs to swallow its pride and quietly admit that not everything it does is the best way to do things.