Toshiba Portege G500

I’m pretty pleased with the windows mobile smartphone o/s and haven’t missed having a touchscreen nearly as much as I though I would. In effect then that’s quite good as it removes from my previous "essential" list one item which opens up a wider range of devices to choose from in the future.

Number one essential though remains some form of text entry distinct from a normal phone keypad. I have never managed to get anywhere near the hang of that T9 text entry system and I never want to be reduced to that "c u at 8" type of messaging, personally I hate that bastardising of the English language which has already been severely denuded in recent years of much of its pomp and grandeur.

I like the look of the Toshiba G500. It has windows mobile smartphone edition and I like this o/s, it also has 3G and HSDPA connectivity but it only has a normal phone keypad and I can’t see myself living with that for any sustained period. That fingerprint technology looks like little more than a gimmick to me, apparantly you can use it to navigate through menus and applications but have to have your finger over the sensor, which is on the back of the device, to work it. Sounds a bit awkward to me.

There don’t seem to be a lot of reviews of the phone around, the ones I have read are not overtly positive either. Some say the T9 text entry type thing Toshiba have on it doesn’t work very well. Still, it looks nice and chunky and those who have used it say it is very well built with a decent camera.


Tomorrow I will be unsuccessfully trying to…

…network my xbox 360 to my imac using my wireless router. I’ve got the gear…wireless router and xbox360 wireless adaptor but what I don’t have unfortunately, and this is quite important, is the know how to sort it out if it doesn’t connect first time…which it more than likely won’t.
If by some miracle it does work then I will be trying out Connect 360 to try and download itunes and photo stuff to the xbox via my imac.


I’ve been pretty desperate to give this a whirl on my HTC Vox but so far have been unsuccessful. Bob Chew from styletap has very kindly been giving me some assistance, for which I am very grateful. There seem to be one or two issues specific to the device that stop the app working properly at the moment.
Nevertheless, it is reassuring to know that a company like StyleTap are so responsive to addressing issues and for this they are to be commended.

Trying out some apps for pocket pc

One of which is Resco Pocket Radio….and very good it is too although I think you really need a 3G enabled device to utilise it properly. I have to admit I thought this would be all stop and starty but it connects very quickly and plays virtually skip free. Very impressive. Not so impressive is the amount of data it eats up. I was listening to various stations for about 15-20 minutes and it used up about 40mb of data…yikes. You’ll need a restriction free data plan for this one. The sound through headphones on my treo 750v was very good too.
I couldn’t work out how to get my own preferred channels such as Radio 5 Live but apparantly you can import channels as M3U files.
It also acts as a recorder too so is pretty versatile.


Well, here it is and it’s probably fair to say it’s not what we expected and probably not what we wanted to see as the next big palm thing. Jeff looks a trifle sheepish in this photo…as if he knows that most of us are going to be extremely disappointed in this new product announcement. It’s had a pretty mixed reception to date.

Shaun at pda247 seems positive..
"Despite the rambling
above my first impressions of the Foleo are very positive. On a
personal note this could be the device I have been wanting for a few
years now and the price is excellent"

User opinion in their forums, at times, is not quite so good though..

What does it do? bigger screen? get a different PDA. Bigger keyboard? Get a wireless one. What else? NOTHING"

From Palmaddicts…

"How will this vision fare? Who knows? The important thing is that
something different has been introduced by Palm for the first time in a
VERY long time. The Linux core, the aim to support every brand of
smartphone and the Opera browser throw a wide net, and will certainly
garner some interesting feedback from both the media and from Apple and

From Palm itself…

“With its 10-inch screen and full-size keyboard, the
Palm Foleo mobile companion connects wirelessly with your smartphone to
help you do more on the go. Unfold it, press a button, and it’s on
instantly—while just one touch brings your email to the big screen.1
Use your Foleo to view attachments, type longer emails, or to get a
bigger look at web pages and photos you’d normally view on your
smartphone.2 And with up to five hours of battery life packed into such
a compact design, you’ll do big things wherever you go.”

its big screen and keyboard to type longer emails and see more of
attachments. Connect wirelessly with your smartphone and sync email
with the touch of a button.

Attachments—edit and create Word and
Excel® compatible docs, view PDFs, and deliver PowerPoint®
presentations, all on its stunning 10-inch wide color screen. Plus,
open and view photos you receive from friends and family"

Hmmmm…some of that sounds quite useful. I think it needs to be remembered that this is not being marketed as a stand alone device, it seems to be meant to complement useage of your existing smartphone which will remain your main information manager. I’ve been thinking about the Foleo for a few hours or so now and the more I think about it the more useful I think it would be, particularly it’s features such as quick start up, wireless connection and the ability to continue where it left off. You wouldn’t need to lug it around 24 hours a day. I tend to do most of my heavy duty emailing and document stuff not when I’m out and about but rather when I’m at home and editing docs, catching up on reports for work. This would make this sort of device pretty useful for me then. It would also enable me to look at QWERTY keyboard less devices as more viable options now. It would also save me having to take home my awful windows laptop every 2nd night to do stuff on.

The browsing side of thing sounds very useful…set it up next to your treo at home and surf away on the big screen using the treo’s data connection. What about when you are away on holiday or in a hotel and have no access to the internet? This would be perfect. Yep, it’s got some good stuff going for it. With its email syncing ability it can act as backup facility too.  And it’s a mini lap-top that is NOT windows…we should all stand and up and cheer.

I’ve got to say…it looks rather cool and desirable…I like it and in fact, I want it now. Come on Jeff, cheer least you’ve got one customer.

WM6 coming in June for Treo 750v

Hopefully this will be for unlocked treo 750v’s as well and will be in early June as opposed to late June…I’m very impatient, that is all.

Belkin G+MIMO wireless router and unsuccessful adventures

Connect360_entry As part of my "new improved me" I have been trying to finally do some of the things I have meant to do for ages. One of these is to share my G5imac broadband internet connection with my son’s ageing G3 imac in his bedroom.
First stop PC World…I hear groans from the background and rightly so…what a nightmare that place is for mac lovers. Anyway, I went in looking for a wireless router and was soon accosted by one of their "experts". I told him what I wanted to do and he very quickly picked up the Belkin wireless router and USB wireless adaptor. The wireless router box very clearly had the Mac software logo on it and said that the cd in it was mac x compatible. This is going to be a piece of piss I thought as I headed home. All I’ll need to do is stick the cd in the imac and sit back and let it all happen.
So I did….sort of. I gets back home, sticks in the cd, opened the instruction leaflet which has a section titled "mac user". Mac users, it states, open the cd and click on the "start OSX" icon.

Belkin_wireless_router So I did…and nothing happens. Click again and then the error message comes up…"there is no application to open this..". Can you believe it!! Belkin have set the supposed "mac" installation up as a windows application…doh.

Forget it I thought…I’ll just plug everything in and hope for the best. Amazingly enough, 2 minutes later my imac, all of its accord, seems to have set up the network without any hinderance..I mean help….from bloody Belkin. Or I think it has anyway as the Airport bit in "Network" states that "airport is connected to the network Belkin"…sounds like a network to me anyway?? Probably not though….what computers should be doing is letting you know if something has bee done, for example, my imac should flash up an on-screen message:

"Well done Murray. Despite patently not having a clue what you were doing, you have successfully set up a Network. Now, go through to the other computer and stick in a wireless USB adaptor"

Stage one over. Stage two is to connect the G3 imac via the wireless USB adaptor to this new network. So I plugged in the  adaptor, which the PC World chap said was mac compatible, and nothing happened. Oh dear. I tried to download a driver from the Belkin website but they are for Windows only so I’m a bit stumped at the moment and will need to get a mac compatible, out of the box, USB adaptor from somewhere else. Mission aborted for the moment then.

Still, at least I tried. My next great unsuccessful adventure is going to be trying to connect my xbox 360 to the imac network…if there is a network of course…and for that I presume I need one of those xbox 360 network adaptor sort of things and that connect360 software for the mac.

Wish me luck.

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