The Darkness

No, don’t worry, it’s not a post about that truly awful British "raawk" band but rather the latest and possibly greatest, to date, xbox360 release. This comes from the same people who brought us "Chronicles of Riddick" which was one of 2004’s best games for the original xbox, a surprise at that too as it was a movie spin off which tend to be disappointing.

This is the sort of game where multiple paths can be taken by players to solve various levels and it is gory and creepy. Some are saying it adds a whole new level of gameplay to the traditional FPS genre which is exciting to hear.

Looking around the net today, this has got some very good reviews and shows promise. Looks like I’ll be popping out tomorrow to pick up a copy and trading in Call of Duty and Rainbox 6, neither of which I could endure past half way.


is it safe to come out yet?

has it happened?

Of course it has and how long until the first iphone unboxing video?

Who is going to oblige?

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Triples, 4th of July Edition for Palm

Todd Sherman of SmartBoxDesign, who make some excellent handheld games for both palm and windows mobile have announced a special version of Triples..

"For a
limited period from June 29th to July 29th, Triples Independence Day
Edition will be available for download. This special edition of Triples
features all the capture and fun of the original version, but with
patriotic extra features. The game board is enhanced with stars and
stripes pieces and includes the political option to play either as a
Democratic or Republican. See who wins more often!"

Upgrading treo 750v to WM6

not that I’m currently in a position to do so of course being treo 750v-less…but here is a link taken from PalmAddicts to a young chap who apparantly has already done this and lived to tell the tale. He will be posting further along the line to keep us all updated.

My 750v couldn’t even hande running WM5….

Treo 680

One good thing that the 680 has in comparison to some of the devices I have used this year is a decent battery life following the camera updater patch. I can go a full 2 days on a single charge with average use and still have some charge left. It’s still not as good though as the HTC Vox which has excellent staying power.

The reception though continues to be patchy at best. One or two of you emailed following my previous post about reception to say you were having similar issues. Here’s a pic showing my treo at work yesterday, our office is about half a mile from the centre of Edinburgh and you will see it is showing as "no service". It can go from 3 bars to zero in the space of 2 yards where I work which is a bit strange. I suspect all is not right with this replacement treo.

Having finally worked out how to get pics on my RSS feeds in QuickNews…thanks to all of you who let me know…I am much happier about using the treo for most things again in the absence of the great and powerful 750v, which I miss dearly actually and don’t laugh,…if only that useless Blazer wasn’t so reset prone it would be a pretty good smartphone for me.

Samsung i600

Having sold the MDA Vario and the TomTom free GPS package I got with the 750v, I had some ebay money to spend on a new gadget. I was tempted by a few, just for a change, including the Toshiba G900 but it is too bulky and the HTC P4350, but it is 3G less and that is now one of my key must-haves.

I have enjoyed the simplicity of the HTC Vox and the simpler WM o/s so I was quite keen to get a device that has this and also 3G, hence my splashing out on a new Samsung i600. I’ve only had it a couple of days and my intial fears, from reading various forums, were that the battery life would be poor but so far, using just the standard battery, it has been acceptable. It also came with a 2nd battery, a bigger capacity one and a revised back cover which is a nice touch from Samsung and an unusual one too although some might see it as an admission of supplying a device with an inadequate battery just to get the i600 ahead in the slim fashion stakes.

This runs windows mobile 5 for smartphones and does not come with the word and excel applications so those of you who need this and editing power will need DocstoGo and expanded email data storage to cope with the influx of future DocstoGo upgrading emails. It does however come with Picsel Viewer… you can use that to view documents. It also comes with its own RSS reader built in but I’ve not really tried that out as yet.

Lets get into the important bits…form-factor. It is virtually the same width and height as the treo 680 but is much thinner and much lighter. I’m so used to devices being heavyish it is a bit disconcerting to have such a light one at first. It looks and feels nice in the hand. I’ve been using it with the extended battery as it just feels too thin with the normal one, even with the bigger one attched it is still small.

Rather worringly, I have not been able to set it up with active sync yet which is rendering my useage of it as nominal. This is proving to be a major drawback to date although oddly it has synced just fine with Missing Sync on my mac at home. I can’t think what is going wrong with activesync. Another drawback is the small screen, it’s the smallest by far on any device I have used to date and I’m not sure how I will cope with it, if at all. If I can’t get it to sync on the work pc by close of play on Friday I will be returning it to Expansys because a smartphone that cannot sync is like..emmm…is like…well…it’s like something that is really not much use at all.


I have come to the conclusion that I will never ever find my perfect device and thus it comes down to compromising as there are certain things that I like and want, some things that I need and can’t do without and some items that would be good to have but I can just about do without.

For example, my ideal device would have a form factor no larger than a treo, with 3G, a built in keyboard, a side scroll wheel, a large-ish screen (2.4 inches minimum with no silly menu bars taking up half of that space), lots of handy shortcuts for launching apps with one button presses and be reasonably light.

The treo 750v fits most of these criteria but the screen is too small and it has no jog wheel. The Samsung comes very close but the screen is even smaller than the treo’s and unfortunately it still refuses to sync. The treo 680 of course has a decent screen but no 3G, the MDA Vario was too thick and was also 3G less but had a good keyboard…what I am saying here is that most devices will tick one or two or three or even four of my desirable/essential list but not one so far has ticked them all. And if I look around at what is for sale it is the same…lots of good devices but very very very few, if any, meet my demanding criteria and the ones that do have all the features are invariably too big and bulky.

I reckon then I’m in a lose-lose situation. Some of the things I want necessitate a certain form factor that is not going to meet my approval (HTC TyTn) and it could be a while before technology allows this to be the norm. In the meantime I have to keep compromising by knowingly running with phones that meet most of my ideals but not all.

It’s a hard life.