Doom3 on xbox 360

I was delighted when a few months ago one of the backwards compatability updaters included Doom3. This has been one of my favourite games on the xbox and being able to play it again on the 360 was something I was looking forward to.

The game got a decent enough reception when it first came out but has never ranked up there with the xbox legends such as Halo. I don’t know why as today, a couple of years after it came out it can still hold its own with the best of them. Graphically, it is still amazing and at times is the equal of many 360 games I’ve played since. When I first got it I thought it was going to be one of these fast paced, shoot em up at every corner type of shooters with little or no time to take a breather but in actuality it is nothing like that. Sure, there are bits when it gets a bit hectic but these are nicely balanced by bits when you can take a breather and need to do a bit of searching to find items to help you on your way.

This nicely balanced pace is one of the game’s great stengths, it seems to know when to push it and also when to ease off. Snooping around levels after the fights is often a good idea as you can find ammo and health hidden below stairs or in various other cubbyholes…just another example of the way the game rewards the more patient gamer as opposed to those who like to get from A to B in the shortest possible time. It has a decent level of replayability too. This time around I have used different weapons, including the rather lethal chainsaw, which adds a different twist to the gameplay and a rather satisfying method of dispensing with those pesky aliens.

This game has some of the features that I consider essential for a pleasurable gaming experience. Number 1 – you can save  anywhere you want…Number 2 – good variety of levels with different tasks, weapons, enemies and scenery. It is spooky at times but not overwhelmingly so….I don’t like to be too scared! Some of the levels are quite clausterphobic, dank and unpleasant but feel just right…you never know what might be around the corner. It’s extremely atmospheric and looks just like how you would imagine a space station on Mars to be. Last but not least…it’s quite a long game so you feel you are getting your moneys worth. You’d be able to pick it up for around £20 new now which represents money very well spent.


PDF’s on a mobile device

We’ve got 3g and HSPDA now, high res screens, sat-nav, fast browsing, video and music playing at a high standard on our mobile devices but whether you are running a palm treo or TX or windows mobile device, even one with the latest and greatest specs, you are still going to struggle getting to make viewing pdf’s an experience anything other than frustrating and slow. Why is that? These devices have evolved so quickly and so well over the last few years it is surprising that they still don’t appear to be able to handle pdf’s as well as could be expected.

I’ve tried out various pdf type viewers down the years. My default choice has been Repligo for a while now and I still think it makes the best overall job of handling pdf’s but that is probably because it converts them to its own repligo format prior to transferring them to your device….in other words they are not actually pdfs’ when you use the Repligo viewer on your device.

My p3600 comes bundled with Adobe Reader. This is a truly miserable excuse for a pdf viewer which struggles to handle even relatively small, 100K pdf’s. There is constant lag as you try in vain to open the document to a size that is finally readable and in effect, the app is so slow it is almost unusable. On a previous device I had that ClearVue application which I thought was equally bad, well marginally less worse anyway. Another no-go app is PDF Mobile Reader which for some reason, refuses to open any file on a storage card…period….this is the app that got all the shockingly bad reviews at Handango and I can see why.

Opening and viewing pdf’s should be as painless and quick as opening word or excel documents. I’m not privvy to the technical reasons why this is not the case, doubtless there is some very valid reason, and frankly I’m not interested in the reasons why. PDF is increasing in popularity and more and more of files which you download from the internet, well the sort of files I need to make use of for work, are only available in this format and it would be good to finally get an app that is able to handle them in the same painless manner that our mobile devices are able to cope with the majority of other files.

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T-Mobile USA bringing out new HTC Herald version

This looks like being the successor to the MDA Vario and is going through the approval process in the US. Not sure I like the blue colour though. It is a bit slimmer than the current version though and presumably will also be a bit lighter.

No idea of the specs but you would imagine it may well be a WM6 device. It would look even better in black or graphite or basically most other colours apart from blue…blue?
…for a phone?

bad software reviews at Handango

Check out these reviews of PDF reader by Orneta…doesn’t exactly make you want to dash over to Handango and download it, does it? I don’t think I’ve ever seen such bad reviews before…

mind you, it’s had over 11 000 downloads ..

Call of Duty 4 confirmed?

According to this post from xbox360fanboy site, Activision have more or less confirmed there will be a sequel to 3.

I’m still plodding through COD3 and have not really been enjoying it…mind you, I’m sure the poor sods who lived through it at the time didn’t much enjoy it either….so in that sense it is probably very realistic.

PDA 227 software store discount

…20% off all windows mobile and palm software in the pda 247 store for this weekend only using the code NEW247.

Halo 3 update at Bungie

These guys at Bungie sure like to tease everyone about the forthcoming release of Halo3. Thing is, nobody knows just how forthcoming "forthcoming" is. The 360 has been out for nearly a year and a half now and there is still no sign of an immediate release. It had better be good. The problem with issuing teasers and updates is that you are building yourself up for an almighty slagging if the game doesn’t lead up to the hype that you, Bungie, have created.
Halo 2 was a let down for me, certainly in comparison to the original game. it was far too self indulgent on Bungie’s part and had it been the first Halo game, I don’t think there would have been such a clamour for a follow up. Let’s hope Halo3 gets back to basics.