1Password upgrade costs

1passowrdGot an email a little while ago from the developers of 1Password, which is a really great password/serial type application for macs and iPhone, inviting me to go for the early bird, so to speak, upgrade option to forthcoming version 3. No doubt version 3 will be good and better than the current offering but….the early bird upgrade cost is $19.95, the non early bird upgrade cost is a whopping $29.95 and if you were a brand new version three customer you would pay $39.95.
I have no doubt that these guys have spent a heck of a long time bringing v3 to Market but c’mon….$29.95 for normal upgrade cost?? I seriously doubt the extra features merit, for existing users, such a hefty dollop of cash outlay again. It would be cheaper for me to skip v3 and then buy v4 as a new customer, when it comes out, than to upgrade to v3 and then upgrade to v4 from v3 in due course. Or, if I bought version 3 as a new customer I’d probably be able to upgrade to version 4 for free if I held off buying it until Agile announced that v4 was to be launched shortly as most developers, if you buy their app within a period close to the launch of the new version, allow for free updates. They are allowing this for free if you bought v2 after February this year for example. That would also work out cheaper. Seems to me that longer term users are getting shafted here.

After all, $29.95 is 75% of the cost of the new customer application cost. Hardly a bargain for existing customers. I think it is a bit too steep and you normally expect to pay quite a bit less.

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September tomorrow

Hurrah, the summer is just about officially over. What is that you say, is he sane? Yep siree I sure am. Yet again, for the 3rd year running, this summer in Scotland has been pap. I hate all that expectation lark, come May you start to think it’s almost summer and the weather will be great and then you just end up hugely disappointed when every second day it either rains or is that horrid overcast cloudy stuff At least, when September comes, you think summer is over and therefore any expectation of a spell of decent sunshine vanishes. So, if it is crap then you can just shrug your shoulders and say “well, summer’s over after all”.

Even as I sit here typing this I can see out of the window and surprise surprise, it is lashing down with rain. August ends as it started, badly. At least when winter comes it tends to be much drier here.

Sony releases Mac eBook Library Software

Sony releases Mac eBook Library Software ( – Consumer Electronics ).

This is good news, it is good to see Sony starting to support the mac platform in a serious manner. I had a look at the Sony reader in Watersons last week and was impressed by it…it looks like a really nice gadget to own. It’s funny but desktop apps for the major eBook retailers are a bit scarce, they seem to expect you to do all your wheeling and dealing online on their sites when it would be much handier to do it via desktop software, methinks.

Up to now, users of Sony Readers have needed Windows to transfer files to their device. With eBook Library Software, Sony Reader users can use the Mac instead — shopping on Sony’s eBook Store, transferring eBooks to the Reader using the Mac and a USB cable, or reading eBooks on the Mac itself. You can also search the contents of your eBooks and borrow eBooks from your local public library (if the library is participating in the OverDrive service Sony has partnered with).

uBar – task bar for the mac

BrawerSoft – Products – uBar.

Finally a task bar for the Mac
If you’ve never really liked the Dock, or have always wanted that one thing that Windows does right, uBar is here to save the day. Finaly Mac users have task bar parity with Windows users.

Switching from Windows to Mac?
uBar is perfect for ensuring a smooth transition from the Windows world to the Mac.

Active development
uBar is actively developed and many future enhancements and upgrades are planned for the future.

Well lookee here, this might help windows users feel more at home and I must just try it out myself, not being a huge fan of the dock and all that….I don’t use it much.


I did try this out but gave up on it quickly as it threw up a nag screen every few minutes which became really irritating. I don’t get it with some developers, I know I haven’t bought the software and don’t need to be reminded every time I use it. Guess what? If I don’t purchase a licence after the trial expires then I’ll not be able to use it….that will also remind me I haven’t bought it. Doh.


CleanMyMac – Enjoy your clean Mac with a few clicks only.

This has been updated and looks useful. The trial version however only allows you to clean out 200mb of stuff.

CleanMyMac represents sophisticated all-in-one-suite utility that helps keep your Mac clean and healthy. With just two simple clicks you can delete

useless files that basically pile up and waste your valuable disk space. CleanMyMac allows enjoying smooth system performance combining such vital features as Slim Universal Binaries, Clean Unneeded Languages, Logs Rotation, Clean Caches, Quick and Secure Erase, Application Uninstallation, and Killing Trash Left From Buried Applications. CleanMyMac can save gigabytes of disk space and enhance your computer speed. Go ahead and give it a shot! Your Mac will definitely be grateful!
Any application running on your Mac leaves numerous support files, which won’t just get to Trash once you remove the app. CleanMyMac will locate and erase all “leftovers” from your system files to enable you to easily install and uninstall new programs whenever you need.
The more junk files are stored on your Mac the slower it will work. Processes of saving and storing unnecessary files take your priceless time. Using CleanMyMac will professionally help your Mac reduce the amount of operations required for your online and offline activities.

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LairWare : Song Sergeant

LairWare : Song Sergeant.

My iTunes library is a bit of a mess but I can’t bring myself to sort it out, call it sheer apathy. This application claims to do all the donkey work for you.

Don’t you hate seeing the same band, album, or song listed multiple times in your library? Song Sergeant intelligently identifies and removes duplicates, renames inconsistently named artists and albums, reunites orphaned song files to your library, and deals with missing song files. Song Sergeant will whip your music library into shape in no time.


  • Finds and removes duplicate song files
  • Intelligently merges song information and audio data from different song files
  • Preserves your playlists while removing duplicates
  • Identifies inconsistently named artists and albums
  • Discovers orphaned song files within your music folder but not seen in iTunes
  • Reunites missing library songs with orphaned files
  • Fix problems quickly and automatically — or with great manual control
  • Detailed “related songs” drawer helps you make decisions
  • NoteBook for iPhone

    Well, my period with NoteMaster did not last long as I moved last week to NoteBook. My problem with NoteMaster, and it was the only issue I had, was that the font was far too small and me, with my dodgy up close eyesight, struggled to see it. Yes, I know I should get new glasses but I am still persevering with my specs for distance….oh dear.

    Notebook is made by the same folk who make the highly rated ToDo, Appigo and thus as you would expect there is some integration between the two apps in that you can add tasks to ToDo from NoteBook, not sure why I would be adding a task in NoteBook in the first place but there you go, the feature is there if you need it. Notes can of course also be emailed.

    What I prefer so far about NoteBook is that the fonts are customisable, not only for the font itself but more importantly for me, in the font size itself. Perfect. You can also have categories, an important feature, and move notes between “folders” and it syncs with ToodleDo which coincidentally is the todo software I use for the iPhone having finally abandoned Things. You just need to set up a free account with ToodleDo and then you can sync notes easily. I was able to add my existing notes from NoteMaster by copying and pasting, a bit slow but it gave me a chance to clean out some older ones that are no longer relevant. Those of you with heaps of notes stuck in a Palm device may wish to refer to this article for exporting them into NoteBook.

    The interface opening page is a bit odd. Appigo have basically used ta similar front page as their ToDo software as opposed to just having a straight “category” list so you have “All” and “unfiled” categories. Not sure what the point of the “All” category is though, I thought most people would prefer the extra screen estate by not having it there. There is also a password feature for those who need private notes and a search facility. Editing features are good and include bold, bulleted points, html tag support, aligning, indenting and some more. It will recognise website addresses and phone numbers and make them clickable.

    I just really like the simple interface of the application which is clean and well laid out plus the font support is very good. Scrolling through longer notes is very smooth too with no lag. Minus points? Perhaps icons for Categories would be nice instead of the stock and bland icon plus if you could add images that would also be a benefit to me.

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