Apple site – most popular downloads & online services

Just taking a look the other night at the "most popular downloads" section on the Apple site, just to check that I’m not missing out on any little gems. Noticed this for the iPhone although I’m not sure it is something I would ever use myself.

About iGet Mobile
A personal server application that runs on your Mac, and allows you to easily and securely access your Mac’s documents and files from your favorite mobile device. It works with any decently web-capable device (including Windows PCs), but has—naturally—been designed with a special emphasis on the iPhone and iPod Touch.

I started writing a post a couple of weeks back about the proliferation of web based services springing up. This is an area I know a lot of people are starting to take advantage of, accessing and storing their pics, contacts, Outlook stuff, files, music etc etc but again I haven’t embraced it yet. The point of my original post was that I didn’t know how to use the service and also had a fear of not being able to access it should there be serious downtimes. I started the post but sort of abandoned it halfway through as I felt like a luddite writing it. Oddly, over the next couple of weeks I kept reading on other sites about the services being down and people complaining they couldn’t access the info they needed and I was thinking…that’s my concern with that sort of thing…and security too. I’m not sure I want a whole lot of important docs and files floating around cyberspace.

Going back to the mac thing, I tend to prefer recommendations from people or sites I trust with regard to "must haves" on the software front. Hence, I go on the advice of the guys from Morning Paper as Sheldon always seems to uncover a gem or two…the sort of small app, usually freeware, that can make a big difference.


Shortcuts on the mac and buttons on smartphones

There are some things that I just don’t do on my imac at home, using keyboard shortcuts is one of them. The only one I tend to use is "command and Q" to quickly quit active applications and even then I sometimes forget to use it, I just seem to find it easier to use the mouse to head the short distance to the Menu Bar and hit Quit instead.
I remember reading about a mac application, I think it might be called QuickKeys or something (??) and from it you can assign a whole load of "shortcuts" to do things. I was looking at it and I was just thinking…you’d have to be a contortionist or SpiderMan to be able to hit some of those key combos and in the first place, how you would be able to remember half of them…some were like "command-control-F6-W" to try and do something, or so it seemed. I just find it easier to mouse it.

What about buttons on devices? I’m suspicious of devices like the HTC Touch that are buttonly-challenged, as I like to call it. For me, I wouldn’t be unhappy to see 20 buttons on a device in addition to the keyboard…keep em’ comin’, the more the merrier. Buttons mean shortcuts, proper shortcuts mind, where you can just press a single button to open an application or something equally useful.

Yes, I know what you’re saying…what about that iPhone you’ve just bought, it’s only got the one button and you’d be right. I was apprehensive about being button-short but I have to say…the iPhone doesn’t need any more front buttons as everything, at the moment, is accessible from the front (and only) screen. This of course may change when all those 3rd party apps appear next year and if so I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.

iMate models now available online

We seem to have waited an absolute age for these things to appear and they don’t look so "hi-tec" as they did 11 months or so ago. Specs wise too, they have been caught up and possibly overtaken by more recent other win mob devices. When they first appeared, in that cream sort of colour, they looked sort of Space 1999ish but now…almost bland and very generic. Nevertheless, here they are finally almost available at expansys. I’m still right off Windows Mobile at the moment and it will take something very special to tempt me back…I thought for a long time that the TyTn11 would be the one but 4 months on nearly and it still hasn’t tempted me 100%, 90% yes but 100% no.

There are two, the 6150 and 8150, the latter has a phone like keypad and smaller screen, the former has no keypad at all. Looking at the 6150 specs it has most of the boxes ticked for heavy duty users inclduing VGA screen, HSDPA, 520 processor should ensure it nips along quite nicely and wifi. They are both expensive though at well over £400. Would they be a better option than the likes of the TyTn11?

Dimensions wise they are both quite tall at 118mm too.

Vaja debuts new cases for iPhone, iPod touch, classic, nano 3G

Link: Vaja debuts new cases for iPhone, iPod touch, classic, nano 3G.

Taken from iLounge which is a very good resource for all things iPhone.

SyncMate for mac and win mob

Syncmate_via_lifehacker Missing Sync are the acknowledged leaders in the area of syncing your windows mobile 5 & 6 devices with a mac. Now there is a new player in town and this one may have the edge, certainly price wise anyway at the moment as it is free. If all you are after is some basic PIM, stickies and bookmark syncing then you may want to take a look at this first.

Judging by the desktop screenshot it also seems to sync pictures and music from iPhoto and iTunes which would be very useful.

Dashboard Widgets – Halo

Link: Apple – Downloads – Dashboard Widgets – Halo.

I suppose it had to happen…a Halo widget for the mac, sometimes I think people forget that Halo is not actually real.

About Halo
This Widget is attached to the Halo Blog where you find advise, Tip and Tricks, wallpaper and so much more…

or what about this fascinating looking widget…yes, everything you wanted to know about Chuck Norris….ahem…and look, it’s been updated!!

About Chuck Norris Facts

It Displays funny and sometimes random facts about Chuck Norris!

What’s New in this Version

–  Complete rewrite of widget
– Facts are now download from a server
– Check for Updates function
– New Back Layout
– Bug Fix – Widget would get stuck on flip around animation(10.4.2)

The Land of the Rising Leopard Sales

I have read and heard that last month, in Japan, sales of the new Mac OS outsold sales of Vista. How amazing is that? Fair enough, Leopard had just been launched which would be a big reason for this but…it is still surprising. Mind you, I don’t think the Japanese are huge Mircrosoft fans. Sales of xbox consoles over there have been generally patchy down the years in comparison to PS and Nintendo. They don’t seem to like the style of games that us sophisticated Westerners enjoy…like Halo3 for example…ahem.

They seem to like the sort of games that I personally run a mile from, anything with magic spells in it is a no go for me and I hate the way they make the main characters look like pretty boy and pretty girl crosses of Japanese and Western stereotypes….all pointy chins, boobs and jaggy hairstyles.