CarPhoneWarehouse “trade ins”

I noticed that the CPW are doing trade-ins for your old phones. You can access it online and get a quote from them but be prepared to be hugely insulted. For example, they would be prepared to offer £30 for an unlocked HTC Hero. Fair enough, offer such a facility which some suckers might take you up on if they don’t know any better but don’t insult people’s intelligence by offering such low prices. Had it been say, £125 offered for the device I’d have just thought…”that’s what I’d expect to be offered, it’s not great but they are a business after all so you kind of expect to be slightly shafted”, but to offer such a pathetic amount is taking the mickey.

Having said that, Mr Random Dumber Generator had a slightly more positive experience when he obtained his Hero from a local CPW store so who knows?


One Response to “CarPhoneWarehouse “trade ins””

  1. elbowz Says:

    Really? I got more than that for my ancient XDA IIi! You should try getting a price instore as they seem more generous than the website….

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