The Verge

Hmmm. What do you guys think of The Verge? Interesting site no doubt but perhaps trying a little too hard to be different, there’s something a bit 60’s about their look and feel. This group photo worries me. The bloke on the left looks like he’s indulging in a bit of left hand “ham shankin'”, the guy in the middle (the main man apparently Mr Joshua) spooks me, that pose with the just done my middle suit button up and unpleasantly pursed lips look is concerning, looks like he’s just auditioned for a Stella Artois “C’est Cidre” commercial.

Tubby on the right looks like a TV Weather presenter. Perhaps they think their ironic use of dodgy ties is stylish and saying something, well it does, it says “naff” to me. The suits look is crap too, I don’t know, perhaps they all have evening jobs selling double glazing door to door. For a site that obviously likes to think of itself as leading the way and being different, to then show your public face as the guys in staid business suits just perpetuates that horrible old (sexist) cliche that business can only be done by chaps in suits. Get real guys, women burned their bras in the 60’s, us chaps should be burning our ties and suits by well before now.


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