iPhone 5 update

Well, that’s a week now since the iPhone arrived and that gives time to have a wee think about what has been good and bad to date.

First thing, when an untethered jailbreak comes along I will be waiting a few days to make sure it’s okay and will then jailbreak mine as I miss the ability to have quick access to settings, such as wifi, on the homescreen and SB Settings will once again then come to the rescue. I can’t bear it….

Annoyingly, if you shake the iPhone there’s a rattling noise. I googled this and a lot of people are noticing this too, which is a relief as I’d hate to think it was only me, but it’s annoying and you don’t expect it in a £500 plus phone….my last iPhone 4 didn’t do it.

Also annoyingly, very annoyingly in fact, I noticed a week ago (about two hours after having unboxed it) a tiny scuff on the top right hand of the phone and again, I see numerous reports of other people reporting scuffed iPhone 5’s too. Poor show. At first I just thought it was a piece of dust trapped/stuck on the band bit but it was still there a few days later and it was then I realised what it was.

On the plus side, the screen is great, battery life for me has been excellent, the camera is excellent, the device looks lovely and feels great in the hand but for the first time in my Apple buying career, I’m having concerns about build quality of an Apple device. I think I’ve got a 30 day return period leeway and my concern is if the paint is already coming off, how much worse might it be in a few months time? The return period, which I think I have, currently gives me some peace of mind.


City 2 Villa 4

One down already. Out of the Capital One Cup at the first hurdle to a side who haven’t won away for about 67 years, okay….that’s not strictly true but Villa don’t exactly have the greatest recent record of winning away from home.

Once again, City struggle to hold onto a lead. Not once but twice this time and ended up well beaten so it’s congrats to the Villa and hopefully they can have a good run in the competition.

On the City forums, they were aghast at the paucity of effort put in by certain players whilst others consoled themselves in the misguided notion that we’d fielded a reserve team despite the facts suggesting that more than half of the starting team were players who are regular first team personnel.

The two young guys who have been on the fringes for a bit, Razak and Suarez, started in midfield but had little impact apparantly. Opinion was divided about Super Mario again, this guy polarises opinion like few others, some were saying he was our MOTM, others implied he did very little.

Sony Xperia T out now

Despite previous info from some sources that the Xperia T would not be available sim-free until next year and would be exclusive to various High Street retailers, the phone is in fact out now and can bought sim-free, without a contract…hoorah. I find myself seriously tempted by this phone, it’s a Samsung Galaxy S3 rival in slightly smaller form factor, well that’s not strictly true as it is thicker than the S3 but it’s about a centimetre shorter and a few millimetres less wide than the plate sized S3.

I was in o2 today and they have their “Bond” edition which comes with various Bond themed “goodies”, none of which sound especially appealing enough to make me want to buy it from o2. The phone they had on display was clamped to the display counter so couldn’t be lifted (very handy) and oddly, wasn’t even a real one anyway so I’m not sure why they felt the need to lock it down. I just thought….what’s the point because even if it had been a working model you’d not be able to lift it to get a feel for the phone.

Reviews for the Xperia T have been decent, most agree it is a very good phone but falling short perhaps of its main competitors. Reviews are useful of course but I tend to use them mainly for identifying any possible major issues with the phone, in case there is something I just couldn’t handle that is wrong the device and it’s obviously best to know in advance. I tend to take the rest with a pinch of salt, especially battery life verdicts as most other people are far harder on their battery usage than me and I can make most phones last long enough for my needs.

The specs just seem great, the camera is good, the screen is good, it’s fast and feels good in the hand with a nice matte finish on the back.

You’ve never had it so good

Perusing one of the Man City forums this evening I’m amazed by the attitude of some of these younger chaps…grumpy old git advance warning….whole load of them complaining that the match isn’t being televised, not even on those online sites like frontrowsports….

Crikey, they expect it all don’t they? They’ve obviously not heard of the radio. Back in my day, growing up as a very young lad, I can remember trying desperately to tune into LW (long wave for you young ‘uns) behind the sofa in the front room trying to hear the live commentary over the crackle and popping/cutting out in the early 70’s. The radio was basically almost your only source for live footie action in those days with no internet and all yer new fangled fancy dan other stuff.

Nexus 7……out of 20

I bought one of these a few months ago and my overall reaction has been……hmmmmmm…..It’s cheap and cheerful I guess but if my iPad 2 and the Nexus 7 were sitting next to me (which they often are) and I was wanting to have a quick browse or check my email (or do anything really) then I’d be picking up the iPad, every time and I’m not entirely sure why. The iPad just seems like a more mature and more grown up tablet with a better underlying OS.

Conversely, if I am heading out and about and I usually walk to most places, then I will take the Nexus with me purely because it’s lighter which I suppose sums up the main advantage the Android tablet has over the iPad…it’s lighter and more portable. Not really a great advertisement at the end of the day but others will choose it for its greater degree of customability.

A major irritation and one of the reasons why I don’t use the Nexus much is that when you connect it to your laptop, in my case a MacBook Air, nothing happens. It doesn’t show up on your desktop out of the box and therefore you can’t copy music or films or photos or anything , for that matter, across. There must be reasons for this I suppose, I just can’t imagine that they are intended to benefit the actual device owner. I had a look in the Google Play App Store to see if there was some app that could rectify this, the ability to add simple USB mass storage mode but they all seemed a bit convoluted and I wasn’t sure they would actually do what I wanted anyway.

Size wise the device is fine but I think I still prefer the bigger form factor of other larger tablets such as the iPad. I thought the Kindle app would be ideal for the Nexus 7 and that the device would be a great eBook reader but now, I’m not so sure, the screen seems a bit small and there’s not as much print on screen as I expected. That was the main reason why I picked one up, I sort of thought it would make a great portable book reader but I suspect the new Kindles will be a far better bet now.

Google have done some odd things with some of their apps (so have other developers) as regards display. For example, the Gmail app screen is halved and the right half in portrait shows a list of your emails as it does on a smartphone, the left side of the screen shows some folders. I’d personally prefer to have the email list at 100% of the screen size as I rarely have the need or desire to delve into inboxes/email folders on a mobile device. Perhaps this is the case if the device is rotated but I always lock devices in portrait as I hate seeing the screen rotating if you tilt it more than a nano degree by mistake.

The screen is fine but nothing special, the system is speedy though and as a package, with the relatively low cost, it’s an appealing little thing but it just lacks something and I can’t put my finger on it, it’s just a bit dull, perfectly useable but a bit lacking in sparkle. If Apple does bring out a 7 inch iPad then it could obviously affect sales of the Nexus 7, as will the forthcoming Amazon tablets, depending on the cost.

City 1 Arsenal 1

Bah humbug, another disappointing performance and another late goal costs us. This was a crap Sunday afternoon in front of the telly after having suffered watching an extremely fortunate Man Utd win at Liverpool with some considerable help from the referee….I didn’t realise that part of the UEFA Financial Fair Play was a new rule to ensure that Man Utd get a dodgy penalty in every game.

This was reminiscent of City 2 seasons ago when we’d score and then try and shut up shop. We were a tad lucky to be ahead at half time though after starting sluggishly. Arsenal pressed us and played well, I don’t really grudge them a point from the game but rather I’m more concerned about our inability to hold a lead plus the poor form of Silva in midfield, poor ball retention in the 2nd half of the the defence and midfield and the lack of the spark which made us such a force last season.

Plus points were a decent performance from Edin up front….and that’s about it. No idea why Mancini took him off in the 2nd half when Aguero looked knackered and had contributed relatively little.

Crapware – Cult of Mac

“Google Maps was since the beginning part of the seamless, powerful, ultra-functional, hyper-competent lineup of solid apps that made the iPhone experience so good

And then Apple replaced it with a piece of crap.

I’m not going to sugar-coat this for anyone: Apple put crapware on their most important product on purpose in order to screw a rival at the expense of users”

Ouch. Not mincing your words there young man but it perhaps needed to be said. I’m not a maps user, never really used them on Android or iOS before so I’m not especially concerned if the Google Maps replacement on the new iPhone is truly awful or what but appreciate to a lot of people, it does matter. Mind you, if this is correct and Apple is doing this to “screw a rival” then it’s poor and does not reflect well on the company.