City 1 Dortmund 1 Champions league

There was only one team last night looking worthy of the title “champions” and it certainly wasn’t us. Boy, after an exciting first half that was possibly just about even stevens, the German champs upped their game after the break and took us apart. How we came away with a 1-1 draw, I don’t know, actually I do know, it was purely down to the excellence of Joe Hart in the City goal and their wastefulness in front of goal.

After last years disappointment in the Champions League, this was not what we wanted…another slow start which has left us with an uphill struggle to get out of this difficult group. In all honesty, you look at some of the other groups out there and wonder how they can put the champions of Spain, Germany, England and Holland all in the same group.

Pass marks again to Joe Hart, Pab Zab, Aguero and I thought Garcia was doing well until he limped off. After he left our midfield went to pieces and they started swamping us. Vincent Kompany seems to have morphed into an average player in the last couple of months, I wish he’d stop lunging into tackles that he has no chance of winning, he commits himself too early and at this level they just piddle all over you for that type of error. Ya Ya had one of his poorer nights but didn’t really look fit and when he doesn’t play we struggle. As for Nasri, I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt again and say that he was again played out of position…he’s not a left winger Roberto….Must say I was surprised that Tevez didn’t start or come on later on, he might have added that buzz bomb/sparkle/industry we were desperately looking for in the 2nd half. Much as I like big Edin, I’m still not entirely convinced and he didn’t get much chance to make an impact last night, he didn’t make things happen either mind you, something that possibly Balotelli or Tevez are much more capable of doing.

Still, all is not lost and it’s still a steep learning curve for the club although the fear exists that it is further continuing evidence of Mancini’s lack of tactical awareness at this higher level.


2 Responses to “City 1 Dortmund 1 Champions league”

  1. elbowz Says:

    Zab remains the best buy of the cash-rich era. Plays anywhere and always performs. Hart worries me when he over complicates things to make saves look better… I’d prefer a no risk strategy to showing off. Has been in fine form this year though.

    PS. Good to see you back blogging after such a long gap

    • palmmac Says:

      Cheers Ian. Been down to a few games in the last year, trying to get to a few more this season, was at the Soton game

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