iPad 2,3 and 4 exclusive rumours/roundup

Yes, tonight I can exclusively reveal that the iPad 3 will have a better screen than the original iPad, will have more memory, will be faster, and a bit thinner, it will costs around the same price despite being a better device, it will have the same size of screen but…and this is the big EXCLUSIVE…it will actually look quite like the original iPad and iPad 2….no, it definitely won’t be round and nor will it have a built in screen wash system (apparantly, that is in the specs for iPad 46).

Stupid I know but aren’t you just about sick of all these sites coming up with their entirely predictable “predictions” like it’s some competition to come up with the most patently obvious? Basically, none of them has a clue but on the other hand it’s not exactly difficult to have a decent stab at what iPad 2 and so on will be like yet they plaster these “exclusives” across their pages on a pretty repetitive basis.



Man Utd 2 Man City 1

Oh the pain, the pain…will it ever end? I thought it might end up until about 2.30 on Saturday afternoon but alas there was a depressingly familiar outcome. I suppose I could take some limited solace from the fact that City more than held their own for most of this match and could consider themselves a tad unlucky not to come away with a point. We certainly played a heck of a lot better than the corresponding fixture earlier this season at Eastlands.

Of course what made it even worse was that a few hours later I had to sit through a dodgy Spurs win at Sunderland which makes a big dent on City’s chances of even finishing in the top four. I can’t understand it, for the last few weeks City and their staff have been talking about continuing to challenge for the league title, a feat I believe to be well out of their reach, certainly this season anyway, whilst they’ve only ever been a couple of poor results away from slipping out of the Champions League places. Now, if Spurs win at Blackpool in their game in hand and Chelsea win both their games in hand we’ll be fifth. A not exactly improbable scenario. City’s form of late has been mediocre and hardly that of aspiring champs….losing 1-0 to Villa when they were in the bottom 3, drawing 2-2 with Birmingham when they were in the bottom 3 and scraping a draw with that acknowledged super power of European footie, Notts County.

Mark Kermode & Simon Smug Mayo

God, these two irritate me beyond belief with their all pervading smugness, smirkiness and arrogance via their self-styled “wittertainment” film review podcast. Thing is, I enjoy Kermodes film reviews although he is depressingly predictable. Throw in anything that is subtitled or foreign which involves great periods of silence, self-angst and he’ll be all over it. My respect for him has waned ever since I saw him on BBC 2 a few years back interviewing Neil Young, the way he sooked up to him was vomit inducing and the programme should have come with a health warning beforehand.

A large part of the show revolves around them reading aloud pompous emails from adoring “wittertainment” ( a word you’ll hear a lot of in a typical show) fans (aka sycophants) whose sole purpose appears to be to bolster even further the already bursting egos of the two hosts. This pair are so far up each others areses they could lick each others tonsils.

If anybody can recommend a decent film review podcast without the sickening smugness please let me know.

What do you chaps think of the new HP Pre stuff?

Hmmmpfffhhh……the new HP branded exPalm Pre stuff is back with a new version of the Pixi (which failed miserably), a new updated version of the Pre 2 (which failed miserably) and a brand new, spanking tablet (possibly due to fail miserably). Overwhelmed by joy and gadget lust? Probably not.

What’s quite annoying is if you head over to the HP site or read the advertising blurb…”now available in S M L”. Now, I don’t know about you but my interpretation of the definition of the word “now” is that it means now, as in today, as in available to buy straight away. Right? Well, not according to HP as to them “now” means in the summer…..which if you go by the dictionary definition, is at least 4 months away. It’s another risky gamble.

Have they learned anything from the previous Pre fiasco? Remember the launch of the original Pre, or the announcement rather of it in January 2009, and the fact that by the time it finally arrived here in the UK in October (9 months later) it was virtually dead in the water. I’d have thought they’d have been better off delaying the formal announcement until the darn things were actually available to purchase, you know, inspire a few “spur of the moment” impulse buys on the back of the launch excitement.

Anyway, the specs for the Pre 3 look good, the screen looks lovely, if the new Web OS version on it keeps the improvements over version 1 going then it will be a lovely device, assuming of course the notorious early hardware issues, or lack of it, are sorted. I’ve still got my original Pre and fire it up now and again, for old times sake, but boy is it slow. Compared to the iPhone 4 it feels super sluggish. It always was a bit slow in launching apps and stuff but I can’t remember it being that slow. Hopefully, HP can pull in some favours, or whatever it takes, and get some of the bigger developers to get a better range of top quality software ready in time.

Check out what former Palm boss John Rubenstein told reporters …..the handset was targeted at “professionals”, adding: “Finally a phone you can use for business that you don’t want to leave at work.” That’s a bit of a change then. Obviously HP has a lot of clout in a few important areas and they could wangle things so that this new range of Web OS stuff fares well, long enough for them to get a foothold back in the market and then hopefully build on that. Mind you, why should I care anymore, it’s not like they’re Palm products anymore is it?