iOS 6 – killer features? o2 and nano sims

Well, I was reading this article over at Cult of Mac, a useful if slightly less than unbiased, ahem , source of Apple news, about the very forthcoming iOS 6 release hoping, but not expecting, to be wowed by some new features and ending up a bit nonplussed. The scrapping of entering your Apple ID when downloading updates makes sense and will be handy but that really is about it for me.

Cult of Mac seem quite excited about adding signatures to multiple email accounts and I’m happy for them but it means not a lot to me. I’m just hoping that overall the new version is stable and quick, that will do for me.

On another issue, I popped into o2 today as I’d heard that they had nano-sims available for existing o2 customers to use in unlocked iPhone 5’s. I was a bit sceptical about this but sure enough I was able to pick one up just by showing the assistant the email I’d received from the Apple Store. Woof woof, as they say. My nano sim problems evaporated in the space of 60 seconds which is just as well as I didn’t fancy moving to 3 as their signal strength in Edinburgh is well behind o2’s coverage. I’d purchased on Tuesday a PAYG card from 3 just to test out the signal strength and was surprised that in the centre of Edinburgh, Hill Street, I couldn’t get any signal at all. Not good enough as I get a full 5 bars from o2/giffgaff (same network obviously).

So, if the iPhone 5 arrives on Friday then I will be able to use it on o2 then that gives me time to see if giffgaff can finally get their act together and provide a clearer idea when they can provide customers with nano sims.

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