Strange little pointy thing

htc touchI was down at the Ocean Terminal shopping centre in Edinburgh on Sunday afternoon and popped into a few phone shops to check out what was on offer. No sign of that new Samsung Android phone in o2 unfortunately and they are still out of iPhone 3GS models. Outside o2 I saw an odd sight, this guy standing there with his phone, looked like the updated newish o2 Touch Cruise thingy (XDA Guide?) and he was tap tap tapping away at the screen with a stylus. How quaint I thought, haven’t seen or used one of those for a while. To me it just sums up Windows Mobile, the only o/s that still needs a stylus for quite a few models.

I always hated that about Win Mob, some of the onscreen buttons like battery and X (close running apps) were too small and too close to the top of the screen to hit with your finger and this entailed whipping out the stylus. Looks like some of the newer models still suffer from this. Plus, not having a capacitive touchscreen is a pain as I found out when having a quick play with the XDA Zest….jesus, how unresponsive was that screen!!

I also popped into Carphone Warehouse. They offer to buy your iPhone 3G model if you trade up to a 3GS, the amount would pay off my o2 bill almost but I have promised to give Sarah the old 3G so that option is out.

Saw this posted on a phone site about the Samsung phone….thought it was important.

It’s the first Android handset that isn’t made by HTC to be available in the UK and means that now the four biggest UK operators all have an Android handset. O2 has the Galaxy i7500, Orange and T-Mobile have the HTC Hero, and Vodafone has the HTC Magic.


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