Unboxing dullness

I remember, a few years ago, giving some stick to some tedious unboxing videos. Here’s one that is up there with the best of the worst, this guy spends nearly half of the video opening the package that the stuff comes in….why bother!? Why does he think anybody would be remotely interested in seeing him grappling vainly with a padded envelope…how fascinating.

I do watch quite a few of these but only with the aim of seeing what the device looks like in the flesh, it’s size and to get the reviewers opinion on how it feels in the hand. I’ve no interest in watching them grapple with the USB cable packaging, turning it over repeatedly as if they don’t know it’s a friggin USB cable. You just feel like saying to them…stuff the cable, plug and headphones as they’re in every box….show us the bloody phone……but before then they have to give us a tedious tour round the device, here’s the volume buttons blah blah…no shit?…so that’s what those buttons are…

Nah, get the phone out of the box and switch the damn thing on asap.

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