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Well, quite enjoyed the Man Utd Liverpool clash yesterday although it was a bit of an odd match. The visitors were never really in it as an attacking sense but then again, Utd didn’t show much in the first half either yet still scored before half time. Second half looked like a formality after Utd’s 2nd but Liverpool grabbed a lifeline with the pen and then equalized and then really should have gone on to put further pressure on Utd’s increasingly flaky defence. Instead, Dimitar Barelyhadashot ended up with a hat trick that makes it sound like he had turned in some Pele-like performance when in actuality the reality was a mite different.

As for Fergie…..what he was on about over Torres? He should zip it and zip it good and have a look at his own players first before accusing anyone of play acting, Nani being a prime example of how to embarrass yourself with his falling over at every available opportunity….twat.

Anyway, enough about Manchester’s second club. City managed to get their season back on track with a first ever win at Wigan in the Premiership in what sounded like pretty poor conditions. Should keep Mancini in a job for another couple of weeks until they lose at West Brom in midweek and get beaten at home by Chelsea on Saturday. Nah, only kidding… City had to win this win as losing to a stupid 94th minute penalty at Sunderland and drawing at home with Blackburn are not indicators of a side capable of challenging for 3rd/4th spot in the league. Despite this pretty iffy start to the season City’s win lifted them up to 4th by tea-time on Sunday and the current top 5 in that league are the same five clubs who finished there at the seasons end last season.

As for the mighty Dons? The last couple of weeks have restored some sanity after our first two league games ended in wins. A point at Motherwell on Saturday was actually okay as it sounded like we could easily have lost. Depressingly, the 3rd placed team in the SPL is already a whopping 7 points behind the 2nd placed Old Firm team after only 5 games. Doesn’t augur well for the rest of the season but is unfortunately familiar.


Footie season starting soon…

Two of the Dons new signings with legend Mark McGhee

Mind you, has it ever been away what with the 4 week soccer fest that was the World Cup. The Scottish Premier League will start ahead of the English one and once again I find myself distinctly un-looking forward to it. It’s hard to get excited about a league where only 2 teams have a realistic chance of winning it and the rest sort of scramble around desperately trying to avoid getting dragged into a relegation dogfight. Aberdeen have been splashing out of late and have brought in 5 players for the princely initial sum of £0, 4 of them are from the lower leagues in England which does not quite warm the cockles of expectation too highly.

Still, it’s a rather depressing indication of our current plight and that of Scottish football too. Rangers, last seasons SPL chumps…sorry champs…have been selling right left and centre and the standard of the SPL can be measured by the fact that their top players from last season have ended up in the English Championship, one step down from their top tier and there was bugger all interest from any of the Premier clubs in the Rangers fire sale. Changed days indeed from when top Scottish players were a staple part of any decent English top flight side….

When we were in CentreParcs I was surprised, nay horrified, to see the amount of Rangers tops around, generally being sported by overweight middle aged men with their similarly attired chavy looking siblings. Why do they do it?  Why do they think it is a good idea to look like a ned? “Look at me, I am a supporter of the most bigoted team in world football”…why not top it off with a pair of authentic Peter Sutcliffe socks from the endorsed “Yorkshire Ripper” range.

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Aberdeen manager Mark McGhee spat at after cup loss

BBC Sport – Football – Aberdeen manager Mark McGhee spat at after cup loss.

Well, it just doesn’t get any better for me and my football teams. Another embarrassing exit in the Scottish Cup to another team from a lower division, if we draw one again next season we should just give them a bye into the next round and save the humiliation factor on the pitch.

Still, spitting on a Dons legend like McGhee is not on no matter how abject the performance and result was….hurl abuse at the players by all means but have a bit of respect for a guy who virtually never gave less than 100% for the club as a player. There are too many players at AFC who are just bottlers and whose presence in all these humiliations in the various Cups in recent years must now be seen as more than mere coincidence…step forward douche bags like Darren Mackie, Foster, Kerr and the rest.

I don’t why I’m surprised by it all, actually last night’s result didn’t surprise me which is surprising in itself but it summed up the way that football has gone for me in the last 15 years. There I am sat in front of the telly at 7.45pm with the Dons at home to a mid-table team from the division below and anticipating a rare win, Man Utd in the San Siro surely awaiting a defeat and Man City away at Stoke with a chance to consolidate 4th position in the Premiership…….all in all an enticing prospect for the evening ahead.

By 9.15pm it was all starting to collapse around me as usual with Aberdeen a goal down and on their way out, Utd cruising to an unlikely win and City losing 1-0 to a ten man Stoke team. At that point I had this awful deja vue feeling, one that I should have had about 90 times in the past 15 years having suffered similar unrelenting pain on countless occasions… is not going to get any better for the foreseeable future and the pain and devastation is going to carry on and on and on…..

Still, there’s always this weekend’s games…

Aberdeen striker Lee Miller moves to Middlesbrough

BBC Sport – Football – Aberdeen striker Lee Miller moves to Middlesbrough.

What?! A fee of about £500 000!! Bring it on…official proof that Gordon Strachan is losing it. This guy is an okay player but seriously lacks the pace to make it at a higher level and would have been available for nothing in 5 months time for Boro.

Still, it’s good news for us in terms of receiving the transfer fee now but we will be a bit disappointed to see big Lee leave as on his day he was probably our best player.

What is Strachan up to? He has been signing a whole load of players who have now probably found their level and who may be good enough to keep Middlesboro in mid table but if he seriously thinks they are good enough to get them back into the premiership….and stay there…he is misguided.

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Aberdeen 2-0 Hearts

BBC Sport – Football – Aberdeen 2-0 Hearts.

Well, through to the next round of the Scottish Cup after what sounds like an absolute thriller at Pittodrie (sarcasm alert). Romanov, the twerp from Lithuania, memorably and rather foolishly claimed, when he took over, that Hearts would win the Champions League by 2009…don’t snigger… and after an initial burst of enthusiasm by the glory hunting Hearts fans interest has subsequently declined rapidly.

It’s hard to get excited about Scottish football anymore as the standard is rather dire and is likely to get worse before it gets any better, not a very palatable thought.

To cheer up fellow Dons fans, rather than accompany this post with a match photo of a half empty Pittodrie from today, instead I’ve attached a pic from the glory days, 1984 to be precise, and a nice sunny Hampden park sees the reds basking in the glory of a 3rd consecutive Scottish Cup win. Coincidentally, this was current manager, Mark McGhee’s (seated second left) last game for the reds prior to joining Hamburg. Birmingham manager, McLeish is seated with the Cup atop his ginger bonce whilst Middlesboro gaffer, Gordon Strachan, is back row right…this may also have been his last Aberdeen appearance. Visible to the left of Alex McLeish is current Sunderland assistant manager, Eric Black. I was at this match…(sighs)

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Dundee United 0-1 Aberdeen

BBC Sport – Football – Dundee United 0-1 Aberdeen.

Well looky here…a very rare win for Aberdeen at Tannadice and also rare as far as this season goes. Once again we have a player stupidly sent off and again, it does not come 3 minutes into injury time but rather with a full 30 minutes to go just to add a bit of extra spice. The guy in the photo on the left is the numpty who got ordered off.

Looking at the stats, possession was 50/50 but we had far fewer goal attempts than them which shows that we can hold our own with the ball but basically create zip all.

We had a debutant playing today, a young lad from Man City, a midfielder who apparantly is surplus to requirements down there….I was sort of hoping it might have been Robinho as he hardly seems to play these days.

Premier League rejects Old Firm

BBC SPORT | Football | Premier League | Premier League rejects Old Firm.

Damn it…I was really hoping to get rid of the bigot Brothers. I’d have loved to see how the self proclaimed “greatest fans in the world” (as long as they are winning) would handle being middle of the table non-entities down South. How many would be turning out for a mid week home game with Stoke City in mid February to settle 13/14th spot in the League? Errrrrr…not as many as would turn out to see them stick 5 past a crappy St Mirren side as the latter is far more in their comfort zone.

I can recall, with great fondness of memory, back in the mid 80’s when Celtic, who had not won the league for yonks, regularly attracted crows under 20 000 for home games and when Rangers, in the late 70’s, had a few sub 10 000 crowds for home league games when they were well out of the running for the league.

Greatest fans in the world my fat bottom…