Witch for mac

Witch screen mac
Witch for the mac is a great utility, costing $9.95, which does the following…

Have you ever wanted to switch back and forth between windows that
don’t belong to the same application? If so, Witch is for you.

you can use Mac OS X’s Exposé to switch windows, but doing so can be
very clumsy if you’re the keyboard-only type of user. And don’t all of
these windows look just the same when they are scaled down?

Witch lets you access all of your windows by pressing a shortcut and choosing from a clearly arranged list of window titles.


MacBook Pro update

Macbook pro I can’t tell you how pleased I am with the MacBook Pro. all right I can…highly delighted. I’m super glad I didn’t waste all that ebay money on another dull smartphone. The bigger screen over the MacBook, 15 inch compared to 13 inches, makes for nicer browsing as does the seemingly better wifi connection, faster anyway.

I also find the keyboard nicer to use, the gaps on the MacBook between keys caused me to miss letters and the Pro keyboard, in my view, gives better feedback when typing. Th keyboard lights up when it gets darker which is a nice touch. I’m also convinced the Pro has better build quality, there is no squeakiness around the casing and the whole thing just feels rock solid.When sitting on my lap it there is also less heat coming through and the bigger size just makes it more comfortable on my legs…I don’t know why it just does.

Again, I must emphasise that I didn’t actually need this laptop and the better specs I will not use the sort of apps to take advantage of at any time but I just really really wanted one and I was in the fortunate position of being able to indulge myself big time. It does seem to take slightly longer to charge, is the battery bigger than the MacBook one, and if so then the battery when not on mains power also appears to go down slower. Crikey, I love this thing.

Prior to buying this one, I looked at MacWarehouse here in the UK as they are advertising new MacBook Pro’s for under £950, the 2.2ghz model with a 120gb hard drive. Sounds like a good deal and to be honest that model would have do, in other words if it broke down after 4 hours I wanted to be able to take it back, plus the extra 80gb hard drive is my future proofing for the next 3 years.

Orange increasing data bundles for the better?

Saw this post over at Coolsmartphone the other day and the chap is getting excited about the possible improvement, and not before time, in data plans from Orange.

Racoon 35 will offer 700 minutes of talk time with 100 texts, unlimited calls to landlines and unlimited data (500Mb). If you choose a plan below “35” you can’t have the added unlimited data plan.

No offence but 500mb per month is not “unlimited data”, it is still very much limited data when you compare it to the 3gb per month T-Mobile web’n’walk allowance, in fact it is one sixth of the amount. Orange have had some very uncompetitive data deals for years now, when I was with them it was a paltry 30mb per month for about £16pm. Knowing Orange, it will only be available to new customers.

AirRader for mac

A free utility for the mac that allows you to scan for available wifi networks.

AirRadar 1.0.2 is an excellent free application for OS X, that scans for wireless networks and much more.

You can view detailed network information, graph network signal
strength, and automatically join the best network in range. Whether you
are driving around stuck in traffic, sitting on the beach, or if you
are curious how strong your wireless signal is at home, AirRadar
provides a linear approach to network hunting. Setup a scan frequency,
and have new open or closed networks have their name spoken, play
alerts, or display notifications. This release includes a new setup


Mobile.me logo
Whenever I hear “mobile me” I automatically think of that Abba song “Knowing Me Knowing You”……”mobile me mobile you…there is nothing more we can do…a haaaa”. I will be keeping my .mac adress for emails and stuff as I think the alternative is a bit iffy to say the least. I’m not even sure if they would allow me to keep the first bit of my current mac email, murrayalex, or if I would have to enter some mad scramble to try and reclaim it on the first day it is open for business. Can’t say I fancy a lottery like that.

Interestingly, there is talk of being able to use it in some shape with Pages and Numbers which would be great as I have those mac applications.

Mobile.me fits in with my increasing current “cloud” useage on the iPhone. I have been using Google Calendar and syncing it on the iPhone with NemusSync to the inbuilt Calendar application. This has worked quite well so far and of course Gmail is my preferred email provider. Will that change when mobile.me starts up? Only if apple can get a spam filtering system in place which can match Gmails excellent inbuilt one. Will Apple’s immediate syncing and pseudo push system be reliable enough to use consistently? The prospect is attractive to tempt me into full time useage if so.

DropBox for mac

Dropbox logo
Thanks to Charles who sent me an invite a week or so ago to the DropBox beta programme. There are a lot of these multiple computer syncing apps out there, I tried out SugarSync a while back but found it too slow. It is mac compatible but I find DropBox to be a more reliable and quicker option so far.

You all know how these things work. Install the base app on the computers you want to be linked and then you can drop files and stuff onto the icon to sync them between the devices. This one works very nicely and I have it set up on my desktop imac and MacBook Pro. On the website you can track all the changes that have been made and various other useful info is available. I dunno, I have just found this one to be simpler to use than most others.

I have some “invites” left so drop me a line if you wish to try out the beta and are a mac user.

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Listening the other day to the lastest iPhoneAlley podcast, they had a couple of iPhone developers on and in addition were talking about some apps that are coming to the platform shortly. I was less than overwhelmed, mainly because one was another Twitter/IM type thing (how many of these apps do we need??) and the other was something that would let you stream video and share it with "friends" who could then add comments, chat style, whilst watching. I can barely see the point of that but then I must be an old anti-social so and so.

Why would I want to share video's? I don't have my home TV out in the street so everybody else can watch what's on with me.  That word "streaming" gives me the creeps as to me it means "liable to not work or if it does work, work intermittently or in a severe stuttering fashion". I guess it all boils down to this. I use my mobile devices to store and work with info that is mine and which I don't wish to share with anybody else. If I did want to share it I wouldn't bother password protecting eWallet data or ListPro stuff. The way a lot of apps and devices are going they are becoming glorified text sending machines. Instant chat…bah humbug, what do these people have against picking up the phone (the thing you use to do all that IM'ing) and just making a bloody call?

Yes, I know I'm a boring old fart, how things have gone full circle since I was a young whippersnapper railing against the boring old farts of prog-rock back in the late 70's. It's a bit depressing really but at the same time comforting as my fellow accomplices from the same time find themselves in a similar position…and it gets worse…I could change and often I have tried but I actually quite like becoming an opinionated and stubborn old git. The young kids can say to me "you need to get with it daddio" and if so fair enough but I don't need Twitter or Twatter or Facebook or whatever they are called to keep my communication lines open.

One more thing, seeing as I'm off on one off my rants. I hate the bastardisation of the English language that these IM style apps bring, all that horrid shortening of words because people are too lazy to type the full word. Fair enough when folk are texting on phones but there's NO excuse for it when they are sitting with a laptop or desktop and have access to a full keyboard. It's just sheer laziness.