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Link: Apple – Web apps – Podcaster.

About Podcaster

The original software that allows you to stream most audio and video
podcasts without having to sync with iTunes. This will free up space on
your iPhone so you have room for more music and video.

It works very fast, even over EDGE. Also features a huge podcast directory so picking a new podcast is easy and fun.

What’s New in this Version

We have also completely revamped out podcast directory so it’s easier then ever to find and listen to your favorite podcasts.

– Ability to import your iTunes podcast playlist.



SDHC SD cards in the Centro

Good article here from treonauts about compatability of SDHC cards in the Centro and the 680, which is good news for me as I bought a 8gb card a few weeks ago which I can now stick in the Centro if needed.

I can remember getting a 64mb card years ago for one of my earliest palm devices and thinking I would never manage to fill it…how times change. How did we survive for so long with devices with tiny amounts of storage capacity? Obviously we couldn’t have been using then for music and video back in the early days.

Bottom line, whether you own a Palm Centro or Treo 680
smartphone I hope that this post will help you to feel perfectly
reassured that any high capacity microSDHC or SDHC cards that you
purchase will work just fine with your device.  These should provide
you with all the storage that you need for your personal documents,
photos, those thousands of MP3 music files or dozens of full length
movies that you want to carry with you while on the go.

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SDK and Apple event next week

So, the iPhone gets an update with nothing in-yer-face different but obviously some changes under the glossy screen and then there is the Apple event for next week about the release of the SDK. This can mean only one thing…yes, the sdk is out next week and the iPhone is being prepared up front for it because there will be some apps launched next week at the same time….some apps that a lot of people are going to want to download/install.

Or perhaps I am as usual being over presumptious. It would be disappointing, for me anyway, if it turns out to be something dull like some sort of corporate/IT/Exchange compatability. I reckon not though. Why would they prepare the iPhone for 3rd party apps now if there wasn’t something juicy lined up next week, they would surely give themselves more time to get the under the hood things right rather than launching the update a week before the event…no?

MoDaCo podcast number 6

This podcast is turning out to be the best one available for windows mobile users. What I like about is that they actually talk about various devices, new and old, that are out there and give you pointers and opinions as to the good and bad features of each. Too many podcasts that I have listened to give he impression that the people just seem to like the sound of their own voices and skirt around or shy away from providing useable reviews and opinions of actual devices.

Episode 6 covers various new devices including the Atom Life. A couple of things annoyed me slightly. One, when they were talking about using the web on a mobile device and trying to explain away the recent Google stats about iPhone users being more active…they were flailing away missing the point….these being that mobile web browsing at the moment using PIE on a win mob device is not a particularly enjoyable experience and that iPhone users have flat rate unlimited data access so can browse away without fear of heavy costs. In addition of course, and they just couldn’t bring themselves to say it (which is entirely understandable) but I will for them..the iPhone is a vastly better (for better read infinately more enjoyable) web browsing device than any win mob phone out there at the moment. 

Secondly, they were talking about the forthcoming Sony WM  phone which NOBODY has actually been able to use yet but is already being heralded as the greatest device in the history of mobile communications and described it as "awesome"….how do they know for sure? It could be utter pants and if it is anything like the P1 it will be. But that goes back to the whole Win Mob "specs is King" thing…how many times do you read previews of forthcoming win mob devices and all they talk about is GPS this and HSDPA that and 3 mega pixel this and VGA screen that as if that is going to completely compensate for possible useability failings and other potential shortcomings, a lot of devices look good on paper. After all, it is less than a year since everyone was slavering over the Toshiba G900 specs and look what a let down that turned out to be.

Nonetheless, this podcast is right up there with the best of them and is recommended.

tsk tsk…naughty boys

All those anti -apple comments over the last few months decrying Apple for relatively minor indiscretions should be put into context by this…charging £12 for the iPod update and the subsequent furore seems rather trifling now. When it comes to trampling over the competition unfairly, there is only one champion..

Microsoft must now pay a record 899m euros ($1.4bn; £680.9m) after it failed to comply with a 2004 ruling that it abused its position.

The ruling said that Microsoft was guilty of not providing key code to rival software makers.

EU regulators said the firm was the first to break an EU anti-trust ruling.

The fines come on top of earlier fines of 280m euros imposed in July 2006, and of 497m euros in March 2004.

pda247 smartphone test…and my new Centro

Funnily enough, Shaun reckons that the Nokia N95 8GB is the best of the best in his entertaining review over the past few days, despite it probably having the poorest battery life, worst text entry system and being the only one without a touchscreen. In addition, out of the 4 devices in the test it is the one that I would least like to use on a daily basis and if you were going  to be uncharitable you could point it is more than twice the cost of the Centro, in fact getting on for 3 times the price and yet is plainly not anywhere near being three times as good.

Anyway, my Centro arrived today and so far I have to say I am very very pleased with it. When I have been looking at it on other sites my immediate reaction was that, from the pics posted, it does not look that much smaller than the likes of the 680 and that was something that disappointed me. However, in the flesh it is much smaller and it makes the 680 look rather big and ungainly in comparison. The picture on the left shows it next to my 500v and 680 and again fails to portray the sheer dinkiness of it…it is small.

Set up was a breeze using my work PC. I removed the existing hotysnc ID backup folder from Program Files/palmone/hotysnc ID and when I fired up the cd and it went through the Palm Desktop install process it gave me the option just to sync across contacts, calendar, tasks, and memos and I declined its offer to load on all the old apps. I did that later manually, two or three at a time and then backed up each time when I was sure those apps were working okay.

Obviously it is very early doors with the Centro but it seems very well made…it is far more solid feeling than the 500v for example and is creak free. It also appears to have the best signal strength of any previous smartphone which is refreshing as too many previous devices have struggles to get a signal in my office whereas this one had 3 bars showing all day. It’s too early to call battery life as it spent most of this afternoon charging and syncing via the PC usb port.

The black version has a faint but noticeable silver sort of fleck through the paint which is actually quite nice. I have found the keyboard, which I was worried about, to be just fine. Not as good, as you would expect, as the equivalent on the 680 or 750 but I have been typing away without too many mistakes nor have I been missing keys or pressing the wrong one. The keys have an almost sticky feel to them which aids accuracy and gives them a nice "feel".

Before buying this I was thinking…why would anybody who has a 680 feel the need to "upgrade" (if it is an upgrade) to a Centro ? I was sceptical of the merits of such an action and without wishing to come out too early and without wishing to tempt fate too much, I gotta say this device feels like a winner. The price, when you hold and feel it, seems like a genuine bargain at £80 odd quid less than 680 yet with a better form factor (much better in fact), better camera and an equally rock solid feel. I’m genuinely surprised how nice it is…so far. I loaded on about 12 applications including some heavyweights like SnapperMail yet there is still 52mb of out of the 64mb memory free. What a joy not to have to worry about enough RAM to run apps in….KerPow..take that windows mobile.

One or two initial small niggles are the cheapo stylus which I’m sure one of the add on vendors will sort by offering a much better quality one and the nav strip in the middle bit of the Centro. I’d personally prefer the same sort of buttons as are on the 680 as I am having a bit of trouble accurately pressing the "home" button sometimes, it seems a bit unresponsive but may loosen up with use. But come on…this device is under £180.

Mileage Web App

Link: Apple – Web apps – Mileage.

A "staff" pick from the Apple site, whether that means it is good or not I do not have a Scooby.

About Mileage
This site helps to calculate the mileage of your car quick and easy. In
addition it can give you the cost per distance and maximum range of
your car.

Enter distance or your odometer readings.

You can save a history of calculations locally on your phone
and email them to yourself for backup and further processing. Wrong or
unnecessary values can be removed.