BBC News – Chris Moyles launches on-air tirade over pay

BBC News – Chris Moyles launches on-air tirade over pay.

What is it with this guy? Read the article and marvel at his sheer arrogance…

“I was texting my agent last night,” he said, “and I am so angry that they’ve put me in this position where now I have to choose whether or not I go to work.”

“Fix it, just get it fixed. It’s a huge lack of respect.”

If this guys talent was as big as his ego he’d be well placed. Lack of respect my bottom….this is the problem with the whole DJ culture these days, everyone thinks they are a DJ and the amount of times you read or hear about people who slip in the moniker “DJ” when they talk about themselves.

I saw a programme about him a while back, he was touring round the UK on a mission to speak to every one who had been a Radio 1 Breakfast Show DJ since it started. He was treating the whole thing as if he was speaking to the Nobel Peace Price winners, each one being accorded some grossly over-inflated degree of importance as they recounted tedious tales of their wacky japes, battles with the then Radio 1 Head Controller and various other tales. You just have to read through the list of previous incumbents to get a feel for the size of collective ego’s involved…Tony Blackburn, Steve (I think I’m funny) Wright, Chris Evans and the like. These people were above music, the show was all about them and their tediously dull entourage who served no purpose other than to fawn at their self perceived greatness. Rather ironically, it was followed by a Smashey & Nicey retrospective, which clowns like Moyes probably interpret as a tribute.


BBC News – UK ‘blind’ to British black female artists

BBC News – UK ‘blind’ to British black female artists.

Perhaps it’s because it’s mostly pap? Alexandra Burke? That Mariah Carey warbly wannabee? Well, you can stick her and her manufactured X-Factor blandness right up your jimmy jacksy for starters, that’s why she never features in these type of awards.

I don’t like this sort of article, it seems to be implying some racist tone without having the guts to come out and actually say it. There’s nothing racist about the position at the moment as there is plenty of black music in the charts and anyway, since when is winning an award a guarantee or 100% bona fide proof of musical taste or ability?

I think we’ve known over the years that British tastes have sort of blind-spots,

Yes indeed, hence the reason Ms Burke and her ilk sell so many records.

Cheryl Cole keeps ‘best-dressed’ crown in Glamour poll

BBC News – Cheryl Cole keeps ‘best-dressed’ crown in Glamour poll.

Shouldn’t that be “Best Dressed Clown”

You know what? I’m utterly sick of reading about this woman, I feel like she is living in my front room. I was hoping for a break after having to endure her somewhat less than incisive “judging”, using that term in the loosest sense imaginable, on X-Factor….”Ah really likez yizz”….. but oh no…she turns up everywhere. Fair enough if she was Madonna or somebody who had actually become famous for being genuinely talented instead of being part of some insipid Girls Aloud.

Cheryl “one dance move”Cole….f*** off.

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Sting does Xmas….crap album alert

16d794e596I had the gross misfortune the other day to be out driving and heard the Sting on Radio 5 Live being interviewed. This is a man who is so far up his own bottom he can lick his own ears and if he could, he probably would. Sting has a new album out and a couple of tracks were played. To call it “utter shite” would be doing it a favour. You know you’re in trouble when ex pop stars like the Sting, although he probably considers the term “pop star” an insult, start stating they are returning to their roots and El Sting, master and ex vocal proponent of tantric sex, is luckily no exception.

For some reason, he has reverted to trying to sing in a Geordie accent, probably to remind everyone of his self proclaimed humble roots and of the two tracks that assaulted my tender ears, the first was the worst, involving as it did a rather unpleasant butchering of a well known Xmas carol and Sting mouthing, in a faux Geordie, the chorus as if he had a 2 foot nail stuck up his bottom.

To be avoided.

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One down, 4 to go

Well, tragically, the Irish Paul McCartney has died….yes the immensely talented Stephen Gately has passed away…sob…at the age of 33. I’m not going to pretend that I frankly give a toss as I don’t. I will let some Irish bloke who used to be important give the usual ludicrous over the top passing away tribute:

Bertie Ahern, former Irish Taoiseach, described Gately as a personal friend and his death as a “huge, huge tragedy” for Irish music and culture.

No, don’t laugh, I think he means it.

In case any of my non-UK readers are lucky enough to never have heard of the awfulness that is or was Boyzone, here is a picture of the “lads” on their way to an Adam & the Ants Prince Charming reunion tribute gig.

These clowns made some of the direst and most dirge ridden “pop” songs the UK has ever had the misfortune to hear.

Michael Jackson is number 1

I don't understand this odd but predictable occurance. Some famous music person dies and everyone dashes out to buy their records, are they scared the record company might suddenly stop selling his records and that everything will become unavailable? Unlikely as last time I looked in HMV they were still selling Bach CD's. Perhaps they should start repackaging his Number Ones album as the "Death Remix".

This whole thing is starting to get creepy with talk of Michael "lying in state" so that everyone can pay their last respects to the "King of Pop", his father (whom he accused of molesting him) getting cut out of the will and the unsavoury autopsy report which revealed that he was in fact as bald as a coot. He was starting to turn into a (I was going to say black but he was more greyish) non-white version of Danny La Rue, who oddly also passsed away recently. Mmmmmm…coincidence?

I'm not meaning to be flippant here but Michael Jackson hadn't done anything remotely decent music wise in the past 10, some might say 15 or 20 years, and Thriller and Off The Wall were released for coming up to 30 years ago…not exactly yesterday. If you watch the Thriller video, what seems like all 4 and a half days of it, it now appears a bit lame. Yeah, it might have been forward thinking at the time and all that but it was severley over-indulgent and a bit repetitive.

You know what is coming now, an unseemly dragging through the courts of his potentially sordid personal life details as the family, friends and debtors fight over the will. Just what he would have wanted….

Michael Jackson

Poor soul, I got a bit of a shock this morning when I hear the sad news. A tragic end to what had been turning into a pretty tragic life. Sadly, Mr Jackson might have been "King of Pop' once but that was probably only true about 20 years ago. Can't say I've ever been a huge fan although I did like the odd single or two, I certainly couldn't have countenanced the prospect of listening to a whole LP. Being an Indie type of guy and having fought through the Punk Wars, that sort of disco stuff was not exactly up my street yet I could certainly appreciate why people would like it.

Nonetheless, his unfortunate and untimely demise, has given rise to another wave of people phoning into Radio stations and trying to express (usually pitifully poorly) their unrelenting and unbridled grief for somebody they didn't actually ever know…it's a competition to see who can show the most grief on air and who is the most upset by the death of their best friend Michael.

Still, a lot of people from my generation have happy, but rapidly fading, memories of early romantic (well they seemed it at the time) encounters played out with his music as the soundtrack at school discos and the like many years ago and for that we will always be reasonably grateful.