Palm Centro arrives

No doubt you will all have seen and read the extensive coverage given to the new Centro on the big palm websites over the last day or two. It looks very nice and the slimmer, smaller form factor and 3g connectivity make it very appealing.

Palm_debuts_inexpensive_centro_smar I’d love to get my hands on one but can’t. I’m sure there are quite a few existing 680 owners who would also like to trade up and if you’re not in the US or near the end of your current phone contract that is not an option yet.

Another Palm "exclusivity" deal for 3 months with a carrier, once again narrowing down the range of people who can get their hands on one of their recent releases. Seems a bit strange…they’re trying to get the smartphone to "the masses" yet cut out most of "the masses" for the first 4/5 months.

It’s all a bit frustrating for me. The Centro doesn’t appear to be GSM so it’s unlikely we will ever see it here in Europe, much like the 755p in fact. We do however get blessed with the Win-Mob version instead, probably not much use though for those who prefer to continue with the palm o/s.

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iSilo 5

After what seems like an eternity, the latest update of the excellent iSilo is now out…version 5. So, what extra does this nifty little application add?

Version 5.0 adds the following new features: Is it worth the upgrade?

All platforms:

  • Ability to annotate document text:
    • Copy mode changed to select mode. After text is selected, a context menu appears with option to Copy or Annotate.
    • Annotations have one of sixteen background colors to highlight the annotated text.
    • When not in select mode, holding the pen/mouse down on the annotated text shows one line of the associated comment and provides options for viewing/editing/deleting the annotation.
  • Ability to associate any annotations file:
    • When adding an annotation to a document with no associated annotations file, the user is prompted to select one or create a new one, which defaults to the same directory as the document.
    • The user can optionally select an existing annotations file to associate with the document, thus giving the ability for a document to have different sets of annotations for different purposes.
    • Because the annotations file is separate from the document file, the annotations file can easily be shared with other users of the same document.

LifeShaker for mac – list type application

Link: Apple – Downloads – Productivity Tools – LifeShaker.

Just noticed this now available for mac lovers worldwide….

About LifeShaker

Does the world really need yet another to-do list program? We think so.
You see the problem with a traditional to-do list, whether on paper, a
computer screen or even a tablet of stone is…it’s a list and quite
frankly there’s nothing more uninspiring than a list of tasks.

LifeShaker revolutionises to-do lists with its unique interface and novel approach to getting stuff done:

– See nine goals at a glance in LifeShaker’s innovative grid view

– Shake up the grid to bring new goals into the mix

– Create categories for your goals and give them custom colours

– Break a goal down into steps and see only the next step in the grid

– Marvel at the top secret code that keeps the grid view fresh

– Prioritise your goals with our special stars

– Drag completed goals to the tick and hear the sweet sound of success

– Drop those pesky goals (that you’re avoiding) on the Backburner but mind your fingers…it’s hot!

– …and listen out for some nifty sound effects

iPhoto Buddy for mac

Link: iPhoto Buddy Home Page.

This both looks and sounds very interesting. Not only that but it is currently freeware.

What is iPhoto Buddy?

Buddy is a Mac OS X application (Universal) that allows you to easily
create, manage, and switch between multiple iPhoto Libraries. The
advantages of splitting your One Huge Photo Library into multiple,
smaller ones include improved iPhoto performance, increased flexibility
in organizing your digital photo collection, and a consistency with
most other Mac applications that allow their respective data to be
stored in as many documents (in this case, "Libraries") as you like.

Buddy uses a simple, streamlined interface that was inspired by iPhoto
itself. Anyone that has used iPhoto will immediately feel right at home
using iPhoto Buddy. It truly is a companion application–a real buddy!

iPhoto Buddy will never alter/move/delete your Libraries or your photo files.  It’s perfectly safe!

What can you do with it?

iPhoto Buddy, you can easily manage an entire list of iPhoto Libraries,
enabling you to quickly and easily open the Library of your choice for
viewing/editing/printing in iPhoto. You can easily switch between your
multiple Libraries, and iPhoto Buddy will automatically quit iPhoto and
instantly re-launch it with the newly selected Library (iPhoto can only
have one Library open at a time). There is no limit to the number of
Libraries, and they can be located in various locations–even on
external hard disk drives, network volumes, or encrypted disk images.
Each Library can be assigned its own name that differs from its folder
name in the Finder; each Library can be assigned a thumbnail image that
can help to remind you of its contents; and each Library can be
password protected for privacy/security.

iPhoto Buddy also
displays various details about your Libraries without launching iPhoto.
Information like each Library’s size and image count as well as a
complete listing of the Albums, Smart Albums, Folders, Books, Slide
Shows, etc. contained therein.

And in keeping with the enhanced
integration of the iApps that Apple introduced with the original iLife
package, iPhoto Buddy also allows you to open iMovie, iDVD, and iWeb
using any of your iPhoto Libraries for importing photos into your
Movies, DVDs and websites. In fact with iPhoto Buddy, any application
that contains a Media Browser for accessing your iPhoto Library, can
used with ANY of your iPhoto Libraries.

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Get lost Palm…or is it Palm gets lost? Either is appropriate!!


available only through Sprint in the US..

woohhhhh…another new device….not available to 75% of those who might actually want to buy it.

Nice job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Ilium Software Tipster

Link: Ilium Software Tipster.

Ilium make some great stuff such as ListPro for Palm and Win-Mob and NewsBreak RSS reader for Win-Mob. They have just announced an updated version of their free Tipster application which is available for both touchscreen and smartphone WM and Palm.
This should sort out any restaurant tipping probs you may have….

I just need to speak to Julie at Ilium about getting NewsBreak and ListPro onto the Blackberry platform and then I will be well sorted for the Curve, I’m sure they’re hard at work on this already…ahem…I wish.

hands on iphone experience…over here

I received an email recently from somebody who is UK based and he has managed to get his hands on an iphone…I’ll just quote what he says below as it makes extremely interesting reading.

Forget what all the niggling complainers say about the iPhone
(especially those who’ve never actually had hands on with one) – if
you get to handle it you will mysteriously find yourself offering up
your credit card without even taking your eyes of the iPhone, as you
repeatedly mutter ‘the screen, the screen…’
The experience of actually using it is astonishing. Screen looks like
litho-printed glossy magazine, can be easily read outdoors – even in
full sunlight. Build quality superb, thin, but with a satisfying weight.

OS behaves just like the magical Jobs presentation, this does not

I’ve used it outside too, as a phone, for mail and Google maps – not
bad for being on GPRS, useable.
But when you get onto wi-fi – yyyeeeehaaaa…

Definitely the best handheld I’ve ever seen, nothing else even close.

As Stephen Fry so accurately puts it: "Apple gets it, why don’t the
other bastards get it?"

Not all rosy in the garden of course, there are some puzzling
omissions from the iPhone features, hopefully to be resolved soon,
keyboard takes a bit of getting used to and I really wish it was 3G,
but overall still a stunning first version entry into the smartphone

world from Apple.
Hell, their competitiors are on versions 5+ with some of their
devices and look at the state of them.
And as I marvel at the integration of hardware, OS and software I
wonder again, what the blazes have the big guns of the handheld world
been doing these past two years while Apple quietly prepped an ‘every-

Immediately after using the iPhone al the other OS and interfaces
seems like quaint antiques. How utterly laughable are the dunderheads
who think that the iPhone OS is just a cosmetic ‘gloss’ over a device
no different from all the others, may their handhelds rest in peace.