Whatever happened to? – Panasonic Eluga and Eluga Power

Vapourware? This was announced at the start of the year and looked promising, initial reports said it would be coming out in April/May but it never materialised although I recall Expansys having a few EU units up for grabs around the same time. Initial reviews were decidedly lukewarm, no flash, seriously? plus it was slow and laggy. It just seems to have vanished as did its bigger brother, the 5 inch Eluga Power.

Thing is, it’s still showing on the Panasonic website in the UK although I don’t think you can buy it anywhere here, mind you would you want to as its specs are now a bit mediocre looking. It might have done okay 6/7 months ago but it’s probably dead in the water now.


Samsung S3 mini – mini specs too

What a load of old cobblers, if the “leaked” specs are correct. What a pointless device, with a distinctly last gen screen when everyone else is moving up to hi res screens and minimum 8 mega-pixel cameras.

When this device was first mooted a couple of weeks or so ago it was claimed or suggested rather that it would be a mini version of the big and bold S111. This was important as it suggested that it would have the same top notch specs if the S111 but in a more compact form factor. Sounded appealing. Disappointingly however the leaked specs suggest considerably otherwise, its more like the Samsung Galaxy W specs of over a year ago…..pointless. I can’t believe that it would launch with such mundane hardware, if it’s being touted as a mini S111 then it needs to mirror the bigger brother’s stuff.

Lost in Mobile

Just happened to pop over to LIM a few hours ago. Must admit, I stopped visiting LIM a month or so ago as there are a few posters on there who just annoy me too much. You can sort of guarantee that if there is anything remotely anti-Apple (and there is usually a post or two every few days with a negative slant, like Apple is the only tech company out there with slightly less than angelic track record) then the same sad names will be straight in there….Bug Blatter and Mr Fathead…sorry Mr Fatuous with their words of wisdom. They must just be sitting there waiting for some anti-Apple story and then bang!, they’re straight in there with the same comment they’ve made about 245 times before. Yawn…

Oddly, Shaun seems to attach a lot of credence to what Bug Shagger, sorry Blatter, says when it seems quite clear to me he’s just a bit predictable and has an unnaturally strong aversion to Apple…a tech company. Perhaps he just needs to get out more?

LIM prides itself on its friendly nature but now and again feels the ned to remind its readers to cut back on the vitriol between Android and iOS which is a bit ironic as the iOS posters are always unfailingly polite and tolerant whereas it is the Android users, the two named above being two of the biggest culprits, who are the most confrontational and who regularly feel the need to point out where iOS/Apple is lacking/sinning.

Note this….

So, the Samsung “Sammy” Note 11 is now available to purchase in the UK. Hoorah. I can’t help but snigger whenever I see someone using one of the original Note “phone” monstrosities. They always seem to be huddling/hiding furtively, probably out of embarrassment in some doorway, the slab attached to their right ear whilst nervously scanning the surroundings hoping fervently that nobody will spot them.

Still, give them some credit I guess, at least they know they look like total berks.

Sony Xperia T out now

Despite previous info from some sources that the Xperia T would not be available sim-free until next year and would be exclusive to various High Street retailers, the phone is in fact out now and can bought sim-free, without a contract…hoorah. I find myself seriously tempted by this phone, it’s a Samsung Galaxy S3 rival in slightly smaller form factor, well that’s not strictly true as it is thicker than the S3 but it’s about a centimetre shorter and a few millimetres less wide than the plate sized S3.

I was in o2 today and they have their “Bond” edition which comes with various Bond themed “goodies”, none of which sound especially appealing enough to make me want to buy it from o2. The phone they had on display was clamped to the display counter so couldn’t be lifted (very handy) and oddly, wasn’t even a real one anyway so I’m not sure why they felt the need to lock it down. I just thought….what’s the point because even if it had been a working model you’d not be able to lift it to get a feel for the phone.

Reviews for the Xperia T have been decent, most agree it is a very good phone but falling short perhaps of its main competitors. Reviews are useful of course but I tend to use them mainly for identifying any possible major issues with the phone, in case there is something I just couldn’t handle that is wrong the device and it’s obviously best to know in advance. I tend to take the rest with a pinch of salt, especially battery life verdicts as most other people are far harder on their battery usage than me and I can make most phones last long enough for my needs.

The specs just seem great, the camera is good, the screen is good, it’s fast and feels good in the hand with a nice matte finish on the back.

Nexus 7……out of 20

I bought one of these a few months ago and my overall reaction has been……hmmmmmm…..It’s cheap and cheerful I guess but if my iPad 2 and the Nexus 7 were sitting next to me (which they often are) and I was wanting to have a quick browse or check my email (or do anything really) then I’d be picking up the iPad, every time and I’m not entirely sure why. The iPad just seems like a more mature and more grown up tablet with a better underlying OS.

Conversely, if I am heading out and about and I usually walk to most places, then I will take the Nexus with me purely because it’s lighter which I suppose sums up the main advantage the Android tablet has over the iPad…it’s lighter and more portable. Not really a great advertisement at the end of the day but others will choose it for its greater degree of customability.

A major irritation and one of the reasons why I don’t use the Nexus much is that when you connect it to your laptop, in my case a MacBook Air, nothing happens. It doesn’t show up on your desktop out of the box and therefore you can’t copy music or films or photos or anything , for that matter, across. There must be reasons for this I suppose, I just can’t imagine that they are intended to benefit the actual device owner. I had a look in the Google Play App Store to see if there was some app that could rectify this, the ability to add simple USB mass storage mode but they all seemed a bit convoluted and I wasn’t sure they would actually do what I wanted anyway.

Size wise the device is fine but I think I still prefer the bigger form factor of other larger tablets such as the iPad. I thought the Kindle app would be ideal for the Nexus 7 and that the device would be a great eBook reader but now, I’m not so sure, the screen seems a bit small and there’s not as much print on screen as I expected. That was the main reason why I picked one up, I sort of thought it would make a great portable book reader but I suspect the new Kindles will be a far better bet now.

Google have done some odd things with some of their apps (so have other developers) as regards display. For example, the Gmail app screen is halved and the right half in portrait shows a list of your emails as it does on a smartphone, the left side of the screen shows some folders. I’d personally prefer to have the email list at 100% of the screen size as I rarely have the need or desire to delve into inboxes/email folders on a mobile device. Perhaps this is the case if the device is rotated but I always lock devices in portrait as I hate seeing the screen rotating if you tilt it more than a nano degree by mistake.

The screen is fine but nothing special, the system is speedy though and as a package, with the relatively low cost, it’s an appealing little thing but it just lacks something and I can’t put my finger on it, it’s just a bit dull, perfectly useable but a bit lacking in sparkle. If Apple does bring out a 7 inch iPad then it could obviously affect sales of the Nexus 7, as will the forthcoming Amazon tablets, depending on the cost.

Android reality distortion field

Android loses again…ooops

Funny how Android fanboys are very quick to shout their opinions about other companies from other platforms stealing Android features. It’s just a pity that the courts don’t seem to agree.. Perhaps we have a new Apple style reality distortion field thing going on here with Android people, one that makes them think that Android invented the smartphone, invented the iPhone too, probably invented Windows Phone and has basically invented every single patent or feature which has been found or is likely to be found on a smartphone in the next 5 years……