Smaato free newsreader

From palmgear…this free RSS reader has just been updated

Application Description


Smaato News:
  RSS reader  for your smartphone

The internet is full of information. Nowhere else you can find so
much up-to-date knowledge. And the best: most of this is free. Wouldn’t
it be great, if you could access all these resources from everywhere,
every time, via your smartphone?

Now you can! Smaato news gives you access to thousands of free RSS
channels. RSS is a format offered by nearly all bigger websites, which
delivers the websites important contents without graphical overhead.

Other than mobile web browsers, it delivers only the text and
important pictures and not megabytes of formatting images etc. which
are useless and out of place on your mobile device.

Smaato News embeds these pieces of information into a great
intuitive interface and gives you access to them – from everywhere.


  • Default  channels for starting out-of-the-box
  • Custom  channels for adding your favourite news-sources
  • One  handed navigation
  • Channel-updates  via conduit or over-the-air
  • Services  like weather-forecasts (more coming soon)
  • Great  intuitive user-interface
  • Free  (ad-supported, only one small banner at top of the screen)

PS3 swopped for Wii’s

Oh dear…looks like quite a few PS3 owners have had enough already…

"Yes, it’s true. Some of those mad people who queued outside big retail
stores in the US for more than day for their precious Sony PS3s are now
reported to be trading them against Nintendo Wiis. Even worse, some of
them are willing to do so at a loss.

The main forum for such blasphemy seems to be,
where disaffected PS3 owners are sorry they ever caught pneumonia in
the first place and want to trade (up?) for a Wii. According to this report, there were 48 PS3-for-Wii trades going on in San Francisco alone while the story was being written"

tag tag tag

Ouch…I have been "tagged" not once but twice…see the link for further details! May C from palmdiscovery tagged me and now Shaun from pda 24/7 has added to my woes on the basis that I am Scottish "and thus deserves to be tagged" !!
I will need to think of 5 interesting things to say about myself…might take a while.

new video ipods to be announced?

I was thinking of treating myself over xmas to one of those video ipods but then remembered that there is one of those MacWorld Expo thingys in early January.
It seems people in the know-ish are expecting a "true" video ipod, whatever that means. I would hope it would mean a normal sized ipod with a larger screen for better viewing, if so that would be a tempting device for me. I could then stick loads of films on it for watching on the go, so to speak. This would be preferable to watching them on a treo in several respects:
– the video ipod would be able to store a heck of a lot more films than my 2gb sd card. At the moment, space is tight on my card so if one film goes on, another has to come off, which frankly is a pain.
– the larger screen would make it more enjoyable to watch.
– a video ipod would be likely to have a far more powerful battery in it that my treo 680 so I could watch for longer.
– knowing apple, it would make the process of getting the films on and off the device a bit easier than my present 680 method.
– they’re bound to start getting more films and stuff that people actually want to watch on the itunes music store.

CheckBalanceFree 1.3

Freeware and available to download at palmgear..

Application Description

Reconcile your bank statements painlessly with CheckBalance.
CheckBalance saves you time over using a calculator to reconcile your
bank statements – you don’t have to start all over if you make a
mistake or miss a transaction.

CheckBalance has a simple spreadsheet like interface for entering transactions.

-New transaction rows can be inserted at the end, or above or below an existing row.

-Transaction rows can be moved up or down to change the sequence. 

-Balance is calculated for each transaction. 

-Transactions not yet cleared can be marked as pending and removed from the balance calculations.

CheckBalance lets you create multiple accounts. It can store
unlimited transactions for each account. (Limited by the memory on the
PDA ofcourse). All transactions are backed up to the PC during hotsync.

CheckBalance can also be used as a simple register for recording account activity.



almost 2007

Another year zooms by almost nonchalently….looking back on 2006 as we will inevitably do, will we remember it as a good, excellent, disappointing or downright poor year for all things palm?

It’s been a pretty poor year for palm pda only handhelds, that has to be undeniable…I can’t remember whether the TX was brought out this year or at the end of last, even so I think I’m right in saying it was the last new handheld in the last 12 months. Much as I like it, and I have one myself, I was sort of hoping that palm would kick on from it and introduce something a bit different with the same effect as the T3 had in terms of form factor. But it wasn’t to be sadly..
The TX is a top-class pda but is really just a warmed over T5 with one or two extra features, such as wifi onboard. I’d love palm to bring out something pretty radical in this segment for 2007 but am not holding my breath.
Treo-wise it has been a mixed year…we’ve seen specced up treo’s for the US market and the first (and last?) windows mobile device but nothing really outstanding in terms of form and specs for UK palm based ones. The 680 was announced to a somewhat muted fanfare but seems to have garnered quite a bit of positive reaction since, especially from those who changed from a 650.

One thing that has surprised me about it is the price…around £280ish. This is a device that is similar in spec to the 650 but has more memory and a nicer form factor yet is much cheaper. Up until quite recently, you’d have had to fork out around £400 for a 650. So, how have palm managed to make the 680 so much cheaper? Is it less well built in comparison to the 650 or was the 650 just over-priced? If it’s the first factor then I guess we’ll find out pretty soon.

Treo’s are great to use but still seem to lack that wow factor and the features that most power-users demand in a smartphone. Palm have been very quiet since the 680 was announced as to whether we will see any future palm based treo’s and if we do, how long we’ll have to wait.

Perhaps all will be revealed in 2007…I certainly hope so.

console wars…

So, the big three all have their consoles out in the US and the sales stats, according to this site, are interesting.
You have to bear in mind that the xbox 360 has been out a lot longer than the Wii and that the PS3 has been out more or less the same length of time as the Wii but seems to be getting humped sales-wise. This is down partly to the hefty PS3 price in comparison to the Wii.
It’s good to see the relative underdog, Nintendo, holding its own against the big Corporate giants such as Sony. It has probably sold more since it launched than the 360 console too so that is pretty damn impressive and will give microsoft some food for thought.
Sales and success can be down to a lot of different factors – hype, price, features and most importantly playability and games. Nintendo seems to have the knack of making their devices supremely playable (DS Lite) and also provide quirky, fun to play games.
The 360 has the huge advantage of on-line playing and this seems to be its saving grace as the games to date have, on the whole, been nothing special with a few notable exceptions such as Oblivion and Gears of War. Online gaming is growing at a huge rate with the result that developers now see it as almost as important as the single player game itself…if you look at adverts for new xbox 360 games you will see how much the online multiplayer aspect is featured.