I’m off for a few days

The Easter school hols are upon us here in Edinburgh and my son is off for 2 weeks so we are taking this opportunity to go up to Aberdeen for a few days. As a result, I’ll not be posting anything for a bit. See you later!
To be frank, I could do with a break anyway!


Resco Pic Viewer

I took the plunge and splashed out on this photo viewing and editing application for WM. After having stuck loyally with Splashphoto for many years I felt I was due to try something else out. It’s difficult to put into words how superior Resco is to Splash and the latter seems to have been left well behind. It really looks and feels pretty limited in comparison to Resco which can also edit pics and arrange favourite albums amongst its many features. You can also crop parts of pics to use as contact photos or wallpapers.
I may try out a few alternatives to some of my other long standing apps to see whether they are still holding their own or should be replaced.

I really like Resco’s app…it is feature laden and reliable. Well worth checking out.

Palm press release?

I thought I read somewhere that Palm would be issuing a press release this week, if so I must have missed it. It would be good to know what they are saying about the takeover speculation that has been lurking around recently, if only to either deny it vehemently on the basis they are in the best of health and have some amazing products on the horizon or to hold their hands up and say "yep it’s true".

Samsung BlackJack review at PDA Live

That is it in an nutshell … I love my BlackJack and won’t part with it for a long while I suspect. 

Microsoft’s Smartphone o/s works so well … at this point it’s not
surprising it has taken over the smartphone market. Palm who? An iWhat?
I see high capacity flash in Microsoft’s Mobile future very soon"


Should have used my imac first

Well, I had bought another micro sd card and it arrived yesterday so I thought I’d have another bash trying to transfer the Copilot files from the "official" sd card to this new card. The aim here was to have a lot more space to store additional programmes on the XDA and to have it as a fully functioning pda/phone but with a working CoPilot application. At the moment, the only way I can get CoPilot to work is to have the offical card in the sd slot.
Previously, I’d tried to copy the files via my work PC but with absolutely no joy. The files transferred sure enough but without the requisite result…a functioning CoPilot app. "Format the card first" the windows geeks told me on various forums…tick the box to "show hidden files in Windows Explorer" they advised…"it’s the only way it will work" and "make sure you’re wearing brown jockey y-fronts and singing the French national anthem"
Yeah, right.
How about just copying the files from one card to another on a proper computer like an imac? Oh goodness, that works…and you don’t have to tick that or cross this. It just works.

Should have known all along…if you want something done properly and easily…use a mac.

Treo 750v or HTC TyTn?

Good review of these two giants of the WM world slugging it out over at GearDiary. Not sure I agree with the verdict though…not that it’s a verdict really, the chap seems to be leaning towards the Treo 750v. God knows why…that’s one WM smartphone I wouldn’t go near again with a barge pole. The treo keyboard may be better for light, on the run useage but for longer stuff the TyTn keyboard is in a different league.
Lots of lovely high quality pics too.

PA review of SlingPlayer

PalmAddicts have done a review of the beta version of SlingPlayer and it gets a very good write up. I don’t know if, and suspect it is not, available for the UK yet. It’s funny how a few years ago mobile TV was going to the be all and end all killer app for mobile devices but it just hasn’t happened yet. What’s more, there seems to be nothing much on the horizon either.
I imagine the fearsome UK data costs are not helping develop this product.

Anyway, who wants to watch a whole lot of blokes dressed like they are in Clockwork Orange poncing about playing rounders?

"take the first part of my test: I turned on my Palm SlingPlayer, and
chose my Slingbox from the menu (you can have access to as many
Slingboxes as you want). My wife was in our den (where the Slingbox is
connected), and was watching a NY Yankees Spring Training broadcast.
Since the TV and Yankee game were already on, I was immediately watching that broadcast from the YES Network.

During the game, I can use the spacebar and D-pad on my Treo to
access the SlingPlayer’s menus. In the bottom graphic, I have accessed
the remote control; and, the controls appear as a bar across the bottom
of my screen (you can click on the blue arrows to the extreme
left/right for more control choices). The menu allows me to change
volume, channels, turn the DVR on/off and view/choose from DirecTV’s
program guide (and much more that we will discuss below).

If the DirecTV tuner/DVR wasn’t already on, I could turn it on from
my Treo. If it was already on, and I didn’t like the program (and
really wanted to annoy my family), I could change to another channel.
It’s really that simple.
So, how is the experience of viewing TV on a screen the size of a
Saltine? With SlingPlayer for Palm OS, it was very enjoyable…especially
compared with the extreme limitations of MobiTV and other such
services. Within the EvDO network, the picture was fluid, crisp and
smooth. Outside of EvDO, there are occasional blips and pauses as the
cache deals with the slower data input. However, it was still much
better then I could have anticipated. SlingPlayer for Palm OS gives you
a lot of control over your viewing experience, including Display Mode
(Normal or Letterbox), Video Input, Player Mode (Audio-only, or Normal
Play), etc"