pda 24/7 tips and tricks

readable here.…and they cover off a whole lot of stuff not just for palm but also symbian and windows mobile


Palmaddicts Proporta 680 case review

Here is a good review of a recent new 680 case, the Alu-Leather case from Proporta.
It gets a generally good review and the author points out the good and the bad. One of the things he mentions which I agree with is the bulk added by the leather front. Does it need to be so thick to protect the screen? Why not just have a flip over aluminium style lid? It would be a lot thinner and would probably offer as much protection.
I don’t get some of these companies who make cases…none of them seem to be able to make a case that would make me reach for the credit card within seconds.
What I’d like is a simple, thin metal case with a flip over lid that has a clear centre so you can see who is calling or just plain use the pda/treo without having to open the front. Is that asking too much? I did have the Proporta clear case for my TX but getting it in and out was a nightmare.
Anybody know of such a design?

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palm useage..

I was having a quick squint at palmblogging this evening and noticed that David has this app which records the length of time he has been using apps on his palm. I think it’s called AK App Log.
I must try and get this for my treo…it would be interesting to find out which apps I use the most. I think I’m pretty productive with the treo but more than likely it would turn out that I spend more time reading ebooks, listening to music and playing card games…doh.

mobile phones

When I was in o2 and Orange last week I couldn’t help but notice the range of accessories they have for mobile phones. For my Sony phone there was a choice of cases, car chargers, wall and desk chargers and headphones.
Imagine being able to walk into a shop in the UK and be able to peruse the same for the treo range..if only.
PC World used to have a small supply but seemed to have dumped it all in the past year or so.

top 20 mac downloads on the apple site

Quite an interesting list. Windows Media Player for mac at number 1!! Not because it’s such a must-have app I’m sure but rather just to be able to view windows video on a mac.
I’ve only got 2 of the top 20 programmes, Firefox and tubesock, although I do also have "Prey" for the xbox360.

Overflow 1.6 for mac

I came across this rather useful application courtesy of this month’s UK based MacFormat magazine, this version is free on the cover DVD although it would normally cost you £8. Rather sneakily though MacFormat have included a tutorial in the mag which uses not the free version, 1.6, but rather the paid upgrade version 2 which adds "categories" into the mix. The free version does not allow for category support.

It is useful because it allows you to categorise groups of applications or files together and it does this by providing an alternative dock like feature. A major benefit is ease of access to these apps and files and a much less cluttered dock. The application is easy to set up and subsequently use.

You press F1 initially to launch Overflow and are presented with a two window application. You can then specify which hotkey will be used to launch it thereafter & there are also several other hotkeys to launch things quickly. On the left is the category pane where you can set up your preferred categories. I have, for example, set up categories for “web” and “imaging” and in the latter I have apps such as iPhoto, Photoshop elements, photobooth and various other imaging related stuff. This makes it all a bit tidier.

I’ve been using it for about a week now and have found it useful.

pda 24/7 review of the proporta mobile charger

Mdc Neil has done an excellent review of this useful gadget and it can be read here….he points out a couple of very vaild things. Firstly, it may not be as powerful as proporta claim as it may not be able to charge every device and secondly, you need to make sure you have a suitable connecting cable for your device.

For example, I had to get a retractable sync & charge cable for my treos’ and TX before I could use the device to charge them. It does however come with adaptors for popular brands of mobile phones such as Nokia and Sony Ericsson.

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