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  1. Silvia Strufaldi Says:


    Below news release about the launch of palm games, now for PC.
    Thank you for your attention and time.

    Best Regards
    Silvia Strufaldi

    PalmOS games now on PC

    Now users of Palm and even which are not able to play games for Palm, on your PC. The Handcase, Brazilian developer of games and software for Palm, released Hand-e, a software that emulates the PalmOS games on PC. Are offered several freeware games to be played in the Hand-e.

    The Hand-e is free, only the full version games are paid. The motivation was the end of the system PalmOS. “For us it will never die, then someone pointed out the legions of gamers who came of platforms, which remains faithful. It was the reason we needed.” Say Ricardo Garay, CEO of Handcase.

    The player can do download the free emulator, the ROM developed by Handcase and freeware games for play. One way to test before you even buy the games. The games are mostly casual, but also provide the board, strategy, logic, brain games, cards and dices. Run on computers of all types of configuration, ie not require extra features like a lot of memory, just the computer run windows. You install and play. Users of Palm and of course everyone always liked to see a Palm running, will play the games for PalmOS on their computers. “Now it does not matter if PalmOS is over, we keep the flame alive.” Garay concludes.

    The exclusive website, with all the information is http://www.handycase.com/hand-e

    Handcase is a Brazilian software industry mobile. In 6 years and a portfolio of 364 products in the hands of more than two million and nine hundred thousand users in 105 countries, plus hundreds content free for all mobile platforms, consolidated the position of largest mobile software industry.

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