Apple “Eco-System”….

They do say that you can get sucked into the whole Apple thing and that once you’re in, it can be hard to get out. As if every facet of your smartphone existence is all tied up in Apple and you’re totally dependant on them. Not sure I agree with that, sure, you can let that be the case by buying all your music, films, books and media from iTunes, download all your podcasts from iTunes and so on and no doubt that there can be advantages to that…..convenience being one obvious one.
Personally, I don’t see iTunes as some big chain around my neck, nope, it’s just a handy place to back up my iPad and my previous iPhones and have all my apps under the one roof for easy reinstalling if needed.

It sure beats on a number of fronts the syncing apps I’ve used in the last few years for my Android phones, I’m talking here about the generally buggy Sony and Samsung Kies mac syncing software….downloader beware is my advice on that front I’m afraid. It’s certainly easier to sync music and photos from iPhoto and iTunes to an iPhone but I rarely listen to music these days so that’s not a factor for me plus you can get Double Twist for the mac which is useful for syncing music to an Android phone.

Most of the stuff that I tend to use on a regular basis is really non-Apple specific, such as Gmail for email obviously, Dropbox for storing files which is cross platform, ebooks I get from Amazon and the Kindle app can be used on any device, I can upload pictures from the camera to Dropbox and access them anywhere, my todo application is linked to Google and and there is an app for iOS and Android so I can chop and change between those platforms and have access instantly to the same todo lists….I could go on…the point I’m trying to make is I’m not tied in to Apple at all and thus I’m able to change between Android and iOS very simply which is a position you might not appreciate if you were to believe all this “Eco-system” stuff.

When I moved to Android over a year ago I was concerned about losing some functionality via iTunes but to be honest, it’s rarely been a problem in actuality and the eco-system thing is now no longer an important issue for me when picking devices.


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