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Berryweather My BlackBerry application hunting sort of ground to a halt about a month ago and nothing has come out since that looks like it would be useful or life enhancing. To be honest, the Curve has taken a back seat completely of late in terms of application useage as I have reverted back to a phone/pda combo, firstly with the TH55 and now with my revamped LifeDrive. I just cannot find suitable replacements for the likes of ListPro or Resco Neews for BlackBerry and whilst I am at it, why is there no onboard backup software available for it? I can't get used to not being able to backup on the go, I feel uncomfortablel running a phone that can only be backed up via the desktop mainly because I hardly ever hook the Curve up to my work PC or home mac. Must be some kind of system thing?

The only apps I use on a regular basis on the Curve are StockManager, the Media app (the camera is great), TwitterBerry now and again, Repligo, BerryWeather, PodTrapper (Podcast app) and that is about it. I sync the Curve Calendar to my GCal via GooSync (I think it is called that anyway) and use the inbuilt Task app for todo's. The only other 3rd party software I use are system enhancement stuff like QuickLaunch and Berry Popup. The latter, in my view, is the best email pre-viewer pop-up type application by a long shot.

Thing is, the Curve is just such a good phone and has such a great keyboard and camera that using it for email and text, which I use a lot, just seems very sensible. Plus it is so light, small compared to a Treo and the battery life is so good that I think it is a better bet than the iPhone although the latter trounces it when it comes to fun and gaming software. The only other phones I can see myself looking at in the mongths ahead are the Pre and next model iPhone, if it is smaller and lighter.


App Shopper: Meat Clock (Entertainment)

App Shopper: Meat Clock (Entertainment).

What can you say about this? I think it is a mis-steak and has been handled in a ham-fisted fashion.

Meet Meat Clock.
Now iPhone and iPod touch owners can proudly display the current time, in meat. Includes animated seconds t-bone.

Why would you want to own Meat Clock?

Key Features:
• Current time displayed in easy to read large numbers.
• Get interesting looks when someone asks you “what time is it?”, and you show them Meat Clock and reply “It’s Meat Time!”
• A great conversation starter for vegetarians, omnivores and meat lovers.

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New Dons kit for 09/10

0,,10284~5978557,00 Hmmm. Not sure about this one for several reasons. Firstly, we have never played in a hooped strip as a first kit in our history so why we are starting now is a mystery. Secondly, it looks like the sort of sweater that casuals wore back in the 80's which is not a good look. Our recent Nike kits have been of a generic style, they don't design a strip for us we just choose one of their standard designs, the sort of thing you can find in those sportswear catalogues at JJB Sports. Plus, it looks a bit ill matched with the plain red shorts.

I suppose the aim was to mimic one of the 80's strips we wore during our glory years but even then the pin-stripes was just that, a pin stripe. It's a pity we couldn't mimic/replicate some of the players from that era.

Who Wouldnt Want to Live Here?

Who Wouldn't Want to Live Here? |

Oh dear, does the phrase “get a life” mean anything to these guys? Oh, if only I could find a street named Palm LifeDrive I’d move there tomorrow. Must keep looking.

Mac stuff

I haven't posted much of a mac nature for a bit mainly because things have been going very smoothly with the MacBook Pro and after my flurry of activity with the last MacHeist Bundle things have quietened down somewhat. On reflection, the last MacHeist wasn't really such a great thing for me as the majority of apps in it are things I will probably never use and indeed I have since deleted the majority. There was a load of "graphics" style stuff and the only app I have used on a consistent basis is Little Snapper.

I get frustrated with myself sometimes with regards to my computer useage. I have this great and pretty powerful laptop that can do so much yet I tend to keep using it for only web browsing, email and a couple of small apps. I'm always full of great ideas about how I will do this and do that with it and try out this bit of software and make this fantastic AB or C but when I fire it up in the evening, after the kids have finally gone off to bed, it is after 8pm, I am knacked and I can barely muster the strength to do anything except move the mouse over to the dock and fire up Firefox. Oh dear. Still, I suspect I am not alone in this malaise, full of good and indeed great intentions but alas, it all grinds to a halt on the productivity front rather too quickly.

Macbook pro I did try out, finally, the new Safari beta browser and appreciated the fact it is rather quick but I didn't like the way the tabs are at the top of the screen, it makes them harder to close, so I just went back to using Firefox. I'm very much set in my ways when it comes to browsers, I've used Firefox for years and to move would take a new application that is waaaaay better than it is, I don't feel Safari has reached that stage yet.

Since I got the little Kodaz Zi16 camcorder I have taken loads of little snippets of video and I keep meaning to fire up iMovie, import them all and sort of join them all together into one movie but guess what, I can't be arsed. I did note that there was group test in this months MacFormat magazine of these mini camcorders and that the Kodak came out on top and I can certainly recommend it too, the quality of the video is surprisingly good (in decent light) but does tend to drop away in darker light.

LifeDrive and typing

Free memory This LifeDrive thing has a nice big screen but oddly is stuck with the rather small and for me, rather hopeless keyboard, if you do not wish to use Graffiti. My problem is that I am neither proficient at Graffiti text entry nor good at using the keyboard. I do use the LifeDrive with the Palm wireless keyboard but find trying to enter text quickly when it is not around tiresome. I then remembered that years ago I bought this bit of software, probably for the T5 I had years ago (very reset prone device that one) so thought I would give it a whirl. Luckily there was no upgarde fee needed otherwise I'd have just left it as the version I bought is still useable. Just shows I suppose how little development has gone on through the years with some bits of software.

Anyway, it still works quite well and is a distinct improvement over the built in effort. The biggest plus point for me is that you can use your fingers to type on the screen and can leave the stylus holstered. The only possible drawback is that after I installed it and then tried to do an updated backup with Resco backup it caused a reset, twice in fact. However, starting a fresh backup seems to have resolved the matter.

The application can be launched just by pressing the right dpad key and can also be used in LifeDrive landscape mode.

MacUpdate Promo Spring Bundle – A Great Bundle at a Great Price.

MacUpdate Promo Spring Bundle – A Great Bundle at a Great Price..

Here we go again with another great bundle of extremely cheap mac software. This one includes some good stuff, such as TechTool Pro 5 and Parallels Desktop,  and is tempting. All for just $49.99 which is amazing value when you consider the whole bundle would set you back over $270 if purchased separately.