Not Much Anywhere

Yes, if you live in Edinburgh then this would be more a more fitting title for the Orange T-Mobile tie-up. I like T-Mobile as they have had a pionerring role in bringing cheap mobile device internet to consumers down the years here in the UK plus I have always found them to be very helpful. It’s just a pity that their coverage in Edinburgh is rather mediocre, many times I have been unable to hold on to a signal at work or when out and about it has been flaky. When I was with Orange, a company for whom I have nothing but bad things to say about, it was similar. I remember paying about £10 a month to get a meagre 8mb of data a few years back from them and I doubt their deals in this respect are truly “unlimited” as they claim now.

Still, if they can improve the quality of reception up here then it will be a step in the right direction. Oddly, I was having a forum discussion on a Palm Pre website the other day with some guy in London who uses T-Mobile and he was saying that he gets great coverage down there whilst his o2 coverage is flaky which is the complete opposite of what I find up here.


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