istat nano widget

This may be useful for you nano owners out there…

"Our best ever stats widget, and it’s free!

View detailed information on CPU, memory, hard drives, IP and
external IP, bandwidth, CPU temperature, battery, uptime and the top
four processes.

iStat nano features the lowest CPU usage of any stats widget we’ve
seen (compare it if you don’t believe us, I’m sure you’ll be pleasantly


new xmas lights widget

It’s not even December yet but you can start your festive celebrations now with this updated mac widget.

About Christmas Lights
Bring the spirit of Christmas to
your Dashboard. Any home or office would benefit from the added
Christmas cheer that these twinkling lights emit. Whether they’re
blinking, twinkling or chasing, they are sure to brighten up your
workspace and the hearts of those around you this holiday season.

What’s New in this Version

Additional sliders now provide adjustments for speed, scale, and
behavior to allow for full customization and optimiztion for your

– Support for custom lightsets has been implemented. Two
additional sets may be downloaded directly from my website. A template
set is also provided for developers.

NeatFreak pack plus

Currently being discounted at palmgear…I have used this pack before and it comprises Uninstall Manager, Clean Up and On Guard backup…the latter app backs up your changes in "real time" which is very handy – you tell the app which programmes you want to be backed up immediately and it just happens. It does add a slight delay when exiting apps but you soon get used to it.
Excellent value at only £10 something for the three of them…some might even say it’s an indispensible combination.

rss readers for palm

I’ve been trying out some of these over the past few days, mainly QuickNews and mRSS. I know there are some free alternatives out there but they don’t have quite the same set of features as paid ones and things like Sunrise and Avantgo, which have to be synced across, have caused some grief in the past and been a bit unreliable for me.
No, I want an onboard newsreader that uses the online connection available via the treo and doesn’t use up too much data when downloading.

Both work well on my treo but I probably prefer the mRSS app as it’s interface is a bit simpler and less cluttered. I kept getting lost in the Quicknews one and pressing the wrong buttons.

Quicknews probably has the better features as it includes a podcast manager…here’s a summary of its main features

  • Support for embedded images
  • Enhanced navigation options
  • Flexible UI
  • Attachment support
  • Large feed (> 64k) support
  • Podcast support and management
  • Automatic updates and podcast downloads
  • Customizable shortcuts
  • Proxy support
  • Advanced search capabilities
  • Ability to find new feeds by keyword
  • Improved OPML import and support
  • Support for external storage cards
  • Ability to bulk mail flagged articles

And here’s the same for mRSS

  • Read the latest news from numerous sources
  • Three modes: titles only, quick preview or full view with images and graphics
  • Use great selection of predefined channels for immediate start or import your existing RSS feeds
  • Add even more news channels of your own choice directly in mRSS
  • Read blogs and forums
  • Define a hot keyword to be alerted when your keyword appears in the news
  • mRSS will save Treo memory by deleting old news or archiving them to SD card
  • Optimized for Treo™ smartphones

Both are actually very good…if you want the more fully featured one go for Quicknew or if simplicity and ease of use for treo’s is your main concern then mRSS may be better.


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Snappermail email app

Snappermail has just been updated for the first time in what seems like ages. I’ve been using this for years now and for me, it sums up everything that is great yet simple about the palm o/s. It is one of the apps that I load on first to any new device.
It’s reliable, easy to set up and use (especially setting up new accounts) and their web pages provides lots of useful tips and settings for the main email providers.

vaja case review treo 700

Pink! Pink? Pink! Who orders up a pink case for their treo? especially one that is so expensive as the vaja models being reviewed here...

new apple ads for xmas

There are a few new apple ads out for the xmas period and you can see them here….note that the apple man is alive and well despite reports to the contrary!