Sony Xperia T exclusives…why?

I’m written about this before as it confuses me and I cannot see the benefit for the phone manufacturer, there must be something that I’m missing. I saw this post over Coolsmartphone the other day and it filled me with dismay to hear that the Xperia T may well not be available sim free until January next year….hence my reason to splash out on an iPhone 5.

This is a flagship device for Sony and it needs to be out sooner rather than later if they wish it to get some traction and that involves allowing it to be up for sale, online and sim free as soon as possible. If not, come January 2013 it will be just another also ran fighting for a relatively small bit of the market. Android seems to be getting busy with these vapour ware launches of late…..there was the LG Optimus 4X which has only appeared at phones4u, the Panasonic Eluga has mysteriously vanished, the Xperia V and T seem to be in limbo as well.

So, what benefit to Sony is there granting exclusivity to a couple of UK high street phone people and restricting access to a far wider group of people? I’m certainly not going to be taking out an additional monthly phone contract to get one so that’s one customer sale gone.

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