Palm Sold 300,000 Pres in June | PDA-247

Palm Sold 300,000 Pres in June | PDA-247.

This comes as a surprise, I didn’t think it would be as many as 300 000. Compared to other high profile launches though, is it as good as it sounds? Apple, apparantly, sold over a million 3GS models in the first week or so….3 times as many in one quarter of the time. I’m also sure I read previously that Nokia shifted nearly a million 5800’s in the first month or so.

Funny that, isn’t it? Apple and Nokia launch a phone across the world, make it available through different carriers in different countries and it sells a whole heap more than the Pre. Hmmmmm, I wonder if there is a lesson in there somewhere for Palm?


RIM, Apple, Nokia, and others agree on micro-USB

RIM, Apple, Nokia, and others agree on micro-USB | BlackBerry Cool.

These companies think they are doing us all a favour by agreeing, in theory, to a new standard for chargers across he board. I’m not so sure. I see it this way. You may have other chargers lying around, from previous smartphone useage, but they will more likely be mini as opposed to micro. Why not make mini the standard, at least some people will already have one or two of those lying around as opposed to virtually nobody having a spare micro or two charger.

Most Windows Mobile phones, for example, already use mini usb chargers so people could keep using those.

For those, say Apple or BlackBerry users, who may have no intention of switching platforms and already have a car charger, spare charger and main charger to cover all charging eventualities, they will be penalised by having to move to micro when they buy a new iPhone or iPod or BlackBerry post 2010 and spend another £40 getting the same charger set up.

I’ve got loads of chargers lying around, Nokia, Apple, Win Mob, BlackBerry and even a couple of Samsung ones….funny how none of them are micro usb, isn’t it?

Things I Hate About The Nokia N97 |

Things I Hate About The Nokia N97 |

Nokia N97 This is Nokia's flagship product which they hope will not just compete with the iPhone and HTC Touch Pro2, and the like, but obliterate them. The guy from Symbian-Guru has written a 6 part review of the N97, warts and alll, and it makes an interesting read. This bit focusses on the negative points and in the conclusion, Part 6, he goes on to chastise Nokia for bringing out a half-baked O/S which is buggy and slow….hardly an inconsequential factor.

I must admit that Nokia phones irritate the heck out of me. There are some really great things about them, mainly however of a hardware  nature, whilst the software and O/S is second rate, in my view, compared to other platforms. It is like they bring out these really great specced, up to the date phones and lumber them with an O/S that must be at least 3 years past its sell by date. Having said that, I wish that the likes of Apple could produce hardware as good as the E71 but with the underlying iPhone software.

Numerous software glitches. For starters, I (and at
least one other person that I know of) had to manually edit every one
of my contacts, as for some reason, the N97 decided to tinker with
their names by copying the first name into the last name field, so I
ended up with John John Smith. Communication Center wouldn’t edit it,
had to manually do each one ON THE PHONE. Also, many users are
reporting time-out glitches with the backlight

Podtrapper developer on BlackBerry development, pricing and marketing

Podtrapper developer on BlackBerry development, pricing and marketing | BlackBerry Cool.

This is a very interesting post on the subject of launching an application, marketing it and choosing features and pricing. It is rather long but it explains a lot about why a developer does certain things with an application, includes or excludes certain features and picks a price point. It is easy for us to sit here and say "oh that app should have this or that" without really knowing or appreciating, more to the point, any of the problems faced.

Podtrapper There's lots of interesting stuff in here, especially about the UI and the limitations and difficulties heaped on a developer by an o/s, the guy behind Podtrapper (one of the best BlackBerry apps I have ever used) compares writing for the platform and Apple's SDK.

Great, now I just needed the RIM SDK. Turns out there are about 5
different versions, and the more features you get the fewer devices you
can support. RIM has been around for a long time, and unfortunately
(and unlike the iPhone) not all operating system revisions are
available for all devices. The basic choices when I started PodTrapper
were 4.2, 4.2.1, 4.3, 4.5, and the newly released 4.7. While you get
more features with the later OS versions, I decided to shoot for 4.2.1
since it was the oldest version that allowed me to access WiFi
networks, a major feature I needed. There were revisions prior to 4.2,
but they lack even more required features like access to a media card.

HTC Hero

Looks like quite a few folk fancy a pop at this one. I'm sort of semi tempted myself but wouldn't want to be in the position where there is a lack of software again. I'll need to check out things on the Android application front first. Interesting that they have dumped the keyboard, I haven't seen much evidence of how good or bad the onscreen keyboard is. I do like the Curve keyboard, it is easy to use and has some useful shortcuts, holding down a letter for example capitalises it and there is a good auto correct system which measn you generally don't have to bother adding apostrophes and the like. You can even add your own text shortcuts.

Htc hero This is going to be an important device for HTC, their first non Windows Mob device for years to the point where they are now synonymous with the platform…think Win Mob think HTC. I'm not sure this is the position they particularly want to be in, especially if the falling market share for Win Mob continues in that downward direction unless they think their products are good enough to arrest the slide.
Possibly, this is them now seriously looking around and being desperate to get onto something else sooner rather than later. You'll have your hardcore smartphone user, a minority, who will really care about which platform they use whereas the general public, a much bigger target market, generally won't care two hoots about what o/s is running behind the slick HTC Hero interface. If it has a nice camera and looks cool you are more than halfway there….especially if it is affordable out of the box or with contract.

It looks like a nicer iPhone plus has the added benefit of having some buttons and it is coming to market far sooner than the Palm Pre. I've said this before a hundred times and will say it again, when it comes to marketing and making your products available, Palm are chumps. Do you see HTC restricting sales of their latest and greatest device to a tiny sector of the market? Nope, but for some reason Palm thinks that is the way to go. Lord knows when the Pre will be available outside the US.

Tiger Woods 09

I've been playing this on the PS3 for a while and I do really enjoy it. Several things though tend to irritate, for a game that claims to be very very realistic when it comes to actually playing in Championships, things can go a tad askew. For example, I was playing in this "Major" the other night at Wentworth and shot a 69 in the first round, 3 under par which was not bad I thought. Second round, I shot a blistering 59 which was promptly acknowledged as a new course record. 69-59, enough you would think, to carry a few strokes lead into round 3?

Tiger woods 09 pic Think again. In actuality, it was not enough to even get me in the top 20 after 2 rounds as when I had finished my round, everybody under the sun seemed to mysteriously start shooting 57 and 58's. Yeah right, that happens all the time….about 30 golfers all shooting sub 60 scores in the same round.

I've also been in situations where I've shot four rounds, all in the low 60's, ending up about 30 under for a tournament and not even finished in the top 10. Seems like, the better you do in  one round then the next round, everyone will shoot 60 before you have started and make it even harder to get close to the lead.

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So, a Bold, an iPhone 3GS and a Pre all walked into a bar.

So, a Bold, an iPhone 3GS and a Pre all walked into a bar… |

Good grief…read this preposterous drivel and cry. These BlackBerry people are so far up their own bottoms they must be able to tickle their armpits. They must have some latent inferiority complex that they need constantly to remind themselves how great they are for using a BlackBerry.

Check out the comments too for new levels of unfounded smugness.