Blinking Nora

It is often said that those obsessed with gadgets such as phones etc etc can be a little anal at times and when you see posts like this it is hard to disagree. It is hard to know which is the worst, the guy making the video about the blinking light inside the power button or the person reporting the "discovery" on his site. It's a chicken and egg scenario except the issue is "who is the sadder".

Personally, I think if I ever get to this stage it will be time to call it day for mental health concern issues.


Palm desktop application and the Great White Centro/mystery Centro2

How many people still use this I wonder, what with all the various alternatives? I have had it installed on my work laptop for yonks and had almost forgotten about it but I dug it out yesterday and had a play with it. I was surprised to find that it is actually okay and have now changed my sync settings to swop from syncing with Outlook for the 680. One of the coolish things about it is that it gives you quick access to a lot of the inbuilt apps and 3rd party ones you have installed within the programme itself.

White centro
I find entering new appts and todo's easier via Palm Desktop than via Outlook as well and the ability to add untimed events to the calendar as mini todo's is a real bonus for me.

On the subject of Treo stuff, I can remember the days when sites like Treocentral and Treonauts were very much just plain palm o/s focussed but now, the latter in particular, have gone all windows mobile treo and to me, it just doesn't seem right. Obviously you cannot blame them as interest in the palm treo range may on the wane whilst in theory, interest in win mob versions is on the increase but it still doesn't seem right. That is just me being snobby about it though as I find it hard to view sites that used to be staunch palm people and see them posting screeds of stuff about the Treo Pro. Of course, these are sites with advertisers and a real commercial slant so they need to be focussing in on what is perceived to be "hot".

Last but not least, what is this white Centro all about? What an odd thing to finally launch, so long after the original Centro was launched and at £199 from the palm store it is hardly a bargain anymore especially when you consider that you can pick up the Centro online for £134 from eXpansys.

Talking of my treo, check out this mystery new Centro post…doesn't seem very likely does it?

Missing the point?

Podcast logo
I think the person who sent this post in has perhaps missed the point. He or she infers that Apple has suddenly relented, having banned Podcaster from the AppStore, and now wishes to make it all up to use by introducing the ability to natively download podcasts onto the iPhone. Unlikely. This, apparantly, will stop everyone trying to jailbreak their iPhones just for the sole purpose of getting the application which again is unlikely particularly as you can in fact buy the app and install it on an un-jailbroken iPhone, as I have done.

It is more likely that Apple rejected Podcaster because they have their own similar functionality application/feature in the pipeline, as reported elsewhere, and as is fairly clear they will not allow 3rd party apps that conflict with the core iPhone applications to be offered via the official AppStore.


My son has started watching this drivel on a Saturday night. I really hate this programme and cannot fathom out the attraction. People forget that one or possibly two of the judges have a financial interest in it and thus are always going to want to ensure there is a next series thus, they are always going to ensure that it gets hyped up by praising as many of the contestants as possible even though the vast majority of them are little more than Butlins/pub singer fodder.

That Louis guy really gets on my nerves. This is a man who foisted the abominations that are Westlife  and Boyzone on us and thus, rather than wallowing in glory on prime time TV, should be led out and shot for crimes against music live on national TV. I find it hard to attach any degree of credence to anything the stunted twerp says knowing his appalling previous track record.

I don't mind Simon Cowell too much, at least he can be amusing and he seems to be the only one who can be honest, if you listened to the other three you'd think every second act was a mix of Elvis/Madonna/Rolling Stones and the Beatles in terms of charisma and talent. Yeah right.

And another thing or two, this programme just plays to the celebrity culture we have regrettably nourished here in the UK over the last few years where every second Tom Dick and Harry, for some unfathomable reason, think they have some divine right to be famous. Most of these talentless clowns need to realise a thing or two, firstly…merely having a good signing voice should not in itself guarantee fame and fortune as there is a little thing called charisma that also counts for a lot and secondly, if they were as talented as they plainly think they are then they wouldn't need to appear on the X-Factor in the first place.

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Old computer
Noticed a couple of interesting posts at on my daily RSS feed and they are to the point. Here is the first one

I'm just baffled that after the suffering years of abuse via smear advertisements by the hands of Apple regarding Vista that they have still not learned to take Apple seriously. I'm just baffled that after the suffering years of abuse via smear advertisements by the hands of Apple regarding Vista that they have still not learned to take Apple seriously.

And here is the second one…..

 I can understand the need for corporate speak every now and then but hearing it more frequently in regards to Windows Mobile makes me a little afraid that the next version of the operating system will be just more of the sameMaybe Microsoft really hasn't picked up on the fact that users prefer more easily to navigate devices that are fun to use.

I like smartphonethoughts as they are not afraid to dish out a bit of criticism where they feel it is due and they are far less likely to be the fawning win mob fanboys that quite a few other WM sites tend to be. Sites like that are therefore, in my view, more credible when they are praising something.

You do get the sense that win mob users are concerned about what is happening though, I think they would be less worried if WM7 was just around the corner but the fact it is a year or so away encourages a bit of fear when you consider what will be happening in the interim period…next big version of iPhone software, big improvements to Android no doubt and more devices and hopefully hopefully a new generation of Palm stuff. I'm not convinced though that Microsoft has nothing up its sleeve and is as apathetic to the competition as the posts infer, you don't get to be where they are by being dim witted and unresponsive.

MobilityBeat revised site

Ryan has updated his Mobility Site and it now includes a feed for the latest RSS headlines for leading tech sites and is well worth checking out on your mobile. Head over to http;// There is an iPhone centric version at too. The former gives a good mix of sites covering all the major platforms.

Back to work…back to the Treo and DayNotez

We had a very good weekend break away but it was back to reality today with a thump. As per my recent post, I use the 680 during the working week as it is more suited to doing the sort things I need a smartphone to do at the moment. I suspect that when Docstogo and ListPro become available for the iPhone things will change.

I downloaded DayNotez by Natara and it comes with a 30 day trial period. I'm off to a good start here as so far there has not been one nag screen, I always feel more kindly disposed to apps that just let you get on with things without imposing irritating nag reminders every two minutes on you. I've been after a "journal" style application for a while and this one looks quite promising. Visually it is nice too which I always think helps. I did try Scrapbook a while back but found, for a palm o/s application, it looks and acts more like a windows application. Yuk, I hate apps with that windows "nested folders" approach. What made it worse was that after about an hours playing around I just couldn't fathom it out at all. Many say it is an excellent app but I'm too impatient to take it further, part of the attraction for me of the palm o/s is its ease of use and apps like this, great though they may be, seem to detract from that.

Anyway, back to DayNotez…..this seems like quite a powerful little application which has many features and uses. There is a version with a windows desktop companion but I'll not bother with that. The Palm version has category, template and icon support as well as various views to sort your information as well as decent text editing capability and formatting and the ability to mark entires as private. Importantly too, you can export info out and import info in via the Palm Memo app. I think the export facility is an essential feature for this type of application, you need the ability to be able to share your accumulated info.