BerryBuddy review at Blackberry Cool

What a strange looking thing this is…looks more like some sort of ipod speaker system

The BerryBUDDY operates using two mini-USB connectors discreetly placed in the rear: one for your wall plug, one for your PC. We had to go fishing around to find our power plug, since we do most of our charging right from the desktop. Including one or both of the cables would have been a nice touch, in case users find themselves in the same situation. As for placement, the unique open-bottom design lets you put the dock over wires or other unsightly desk bits you might want to cover. The design intuitively made us want to dangle it off the side of a desk or shelf, but the lack of underside grip or mounts squashed our dreams.


Gtalk and Yahoo! BlackBerry clients updated

Link: Gtalk and Yahoo! BlackBerry clients updated | BlackBerry Cool.

A couple of items here from Blackberry Cool which are of interest. The first speaks for itself whilst the second, relates to Facebook improvements.

You can get home screen notifications now, get a full text view of
messages, wall posts and everything else, friends status and
information, and photo uploading and tagging.
Great little feature here: you can send messages even when offline,
it’ll just go out when a connection is established like your regular
e-mail. I’m one of those suckers who’s got a Facebook tab opened all
day long, just waiting for the BlackBerry to buzz with an SMS
notification, but now it’ll be right there on my home screen.

One of the odd things that strikes me about Facebook is the way it sends you an email to say you have a message so then you have to walk all the way across to the browser to launch the site to find out what it is…I wonder if this new thingy will stop this happening.


Having my new ipod with it’s excellent support for podcasts through iTunes has been good for me. Before, using the podcast player on the Curve was very limiting as the only way to get podcasts on it was to download them directly via the internet connection. Now, some of these files are quite big and as the Curve is non 3g then downloading them was a slow and oft painful experience.

Not any more. I just download them via the itunes store and with the home imac and broadband it is a doddle. So, I’ve been listening to quite a few over the past few days and the ones that I have enjoyed most are the Treocentral casts as they cover all things treo, both windows and palm, and Mobile TechRoundup which is done by the chaps at jkontherun. The latter has a wider angle on all things mobile but is equally interesting. I can’t find the actual links on the sites so would advise you just to do a search on itunes store itself. From there, you can subscribe.

The TreoCentral podcast is hosted by Dieter Bohn, the man behind WMExperts, which is a jolly good site for all things win mob..Deter uses a treo 750v so is very sympathetic to treo’s…and Mike.

Apple – Downloads – Imaging & 3D – MemoryMiner

Link: Apple – Downloads – Imaging & 3D – MemoryMiner.

About MemoryMiner

The award-winning Digital Storytelling application used to discover the
threads connecting peoples’ lives across time and place. Use it to
annotate photos in order to specify who is in the picture, where the picture was taken, and when
it was taken. Drag and drop audio, video, documents and URLs onto
photos to add greater depth and context. Each photo thus becomes a
frame in an endless storyboard which can be browsed by periods in a
person’s life, where people overlap, by place, by time, or any
combination. Share your libraries as self-contained MemoryMiner
documents, or export gorgeous web sites via automatic upload to your
.Mac account or other web server. Either way, MemoryMiner replicates
the experience of telling stories around a photo album, even when all
the people involved can’t be in the same place at the same time.

What’s New in this Version

– Leopard Compatibility

– Support for Quick Look.

– New, improved version of Media Browser

HTC close application for WM

As WM users will know, it can pay to keep an eye on running apps to make sure that having too many open doesn’t impair system performance. On my treo 750v this entails a rather long trip through the menu to get the Task Manager or Memory apps from where some or all can be shut down. It’s a bit cumbersome so having a 3rd party app on board which gives quicker access via the Today screen can be most beneficial.

For a while, I had been using DinoSoft’s HandySwitcher which puts a small icon on the Today screen to enable quick closing of running apps. It’s a great wee application. I reinstalled it on my 750v but it seems tied to a previous win mob device I was using so I can’t use the existing registartion code. This would entail me having to email the developers (again) to request a new code. I know they would but I’m slighlty embarrassed about having to do so again so I had a look around the web to see what else is on offer.

I came across this…HTC Task Manager…this is actually bundled with most recent HTC smartphones but can be downloaded from here for free. It sits in the top menu bar on your home screen and works a treat. From reading various forums, it doesn’t work on every device but it does work on my 750v. It won’t actually appear though until you soft reset your device. It makes closing down running apps very easy and gives much quicker access too.

Leopard and Missing Sync don’t mix

This is a pity and at the same time surprising, you would have thought that Markspace would have been given an advance copy of Leopard to check that their products still work with it…after all they are a big mac supporter…and that would have given them time to get their products updated to work with Leopard.

Looks like updates could be a few weeks away which leaves Missing Sync customers sync-less if they have upgraded to Leopard.

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iPod Classic 80gb…’tis goodly indeedy

Bought myself over the weekend a black ipod classic, 80gb model, as that will be plenty sufficient capacity wise. This thing is about the same size, width and height wise as my Curve but is even thinner. I was surprised at how heavy it is, it feels really solid too. Already, I have loaded on 500 pics, 400 songs and 5 movies, synced my contacts and I have only used about 5% of the capacity so that should mean I will never fill it unless I try really really hard and go out of my way to do so, which is unlikely. I’ve even been able to use the "hi-res" settings in Handbrake to convert dvd’s to ensure better quality as there is so much space. On another note, I downloaded and installed the latest Handbrake update and it now seems to be incredibly slow at ripping dvd’s…has anybody else noticed this?

I gotta say that syncing with my home imac is a dream. I just plugged it in via the usb connector and it appeared as a drive in iTunes. Click on the ipod listing in the left hand pane and it brings up the menu in full screen with the tabbed options at the top. From then on in it’s just a question of ticking which playlists, pictures and films you want to sync across. It’s so easy and I was surprised at how quick it managed to sync everything across….it’s way faster than dropping files directly onto a sd card or via Missing Sync. I’m sure I’ve made the right decision here to go for a standalone music and movie player….things have been so simple to set up so far and the music quality on the ipod is better than on any previous smartphone.

I’ve enclosed a pic to show you the relative size of the ipod with my Curve and treo 750v, it’s most noticeable obviously thickness wise and the 750v looks a trifle lardy in comparison.

Having the ipod has made the whole process of listening to podcasts much much easier too. These can be downloaded directly within iTunes itself and then the "podcast" tab option takes care of the rest. Having so much free space on the ipod means I can download loads more too. You can also sync it directly with iCal if you use that to manage day to day events, I don’t but I’m sure plenty do.

In the "extras" section on the ipod there are other useful features such as "alarms" and a Notes facility whereby you can copy txt files over by placing them in the Notes folder in disk mode. It also comes with some games and stopwatch. The interface itself is very nice, simple but clean and it has that palm simplicity about it. If this is the same sort of interface that is on the iphone then it makes me want one a little bit more, especially if they can add on the extra functionality features and apps in the same vein. It’s a feelgood factor device, it looks and feel quite special in the hand and the menu system is nicely designed.

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