Syncing and Backups

palm-pre-classic appsThe Pre is only about 2 weeks away now for us lucky Palmsters in the UK. I was reading this post from jkontherun today and thought it worth mentioning. You’d expect the odd outage when all your stuff is up in the cloud but a complete hard reset situation when things go down? That’s a different matter.

When you buy a Pre the first thing you must do is create a Palm Profile account. This ties your online information with the phone, and the Pre must remain logged in to the Palm Profile server all the time. When the Profile server went down, even temporarily, many Pres were instantly logged out of the server. The phone then forces a “restart”, which in reality is a factory reset, and the phone is wiped.


Talking of backups and the like, the latest MacBreak Weekly podcast touches on this area. I always thought I was super clever as I use Time Machine on my mac and also a 3rd party backup programme. Problem is, as the chaps at the podcast pointed out, is that I backup to the same external hard drive which is kept more or less next to the MacBook Pro. If the laptop gets knicked then they will also probably take the Iomega HD next to it….ooops. Or, if the Iomega HD packs up then both backups are down the drain. They said the ideal situation is to backup to an external drive that is then kept somewhere else.

Back to the Pre to finish off. I’d forgotten that there is the “classic” environment available through MotionApps software to run your old Palm software. You never hear anyone talking about it do you? If it works with the likes of List Pro it could be “game on” for me as I can’t find anything remotely as good as ListPro for Android. Anyway, it looks like Bluetooth hotsyncing may be coming to the Pre which would be a bonus. Does all this make the Pre seem a bit more appealing? I reckon so. John, asked a good question a week or so ago regarding Palm…

Question for you – and I must confess I don’t really know the answer myself.

In this day and age is there any room for loyalty to a manufacturer and os that we were weaned on (in terms of pdas and smartphones obviously!!)?

You must think that an extremely high proportion of people who read the bigger gadget/phone/smartphone sites and even little tiddlers like mine must have used Palm os for a spell and some, like me, still do on a fairly regular basis. Are we excited about the Pre simply through our perceived loyalty to Palm or is it genuinely a great device?

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About iTubeX Ultimate

About iTubeX Ultimate.

I used to use Tube Sock for the mac for this purpose (YouTube vids conversion) but have lapsed of late, must give it another try. This is an alternative…

iTubeX Ultimate is a video downloader with the following features:

– Download YouTube Videos as a .flv or high-quality .mp4 file.
– Download .flv, .mp3, .divx and .swf files from almost all other video / animation websites.
– Convert the downloaded files for use with mobile phones and more!

To convert some filetypes, Perian has to be installed.
Perian is a free QuickTime Plug-in which adds support for more filetypes.
Click here to go to the Perian download page…

iTubeX Ultimate is available in English and Dutch and is Universal Binary.

You can try iTubeX Ultimate 5 times.
After your trial period has expired, you will have to buy a license ($7,50).


Palm Tungsten C and W

Another look back at some older Palm PDAs and two slight oddities that I just happen to own. In fact, to confess, after I punted back that awful T3 last week I was back in the market for another money-wasting device and decided on a Tungsten C. I already have a Tungsten C, one I bought a while back but it has never worked properly. The keyboard on it is good so I just fancied another one.

The Tungsten W is an odd fellow, having as it does the capability of sticking in a SIM and having internet and phone access all the time. Mine is actually in very good condition, much better than the last Tungsten C. It is let down though by having a small processor, a 33MHz Dragonball effort and only 16mb of memory. The former results in noticeable lags when opening 3rd party software although you will have no trouble zipping between the Palm Datebook, Address and other native apps. The screen on mine is a bit flat looking and another drawback is the lack of Palm OS5 on it.

Strangely, the Tungsten C is almost exactly the same form factor, minus the early 2000’s style antenna, but runs v5.2 of the OS, has 64mb of memory of which 50 plus are available after a hard reset and it fair zips along thanks to the decent 400MHz Intel processor. It is like night and day the difference between it and the Tungsten W when opening applications. The C also has built in wifi but it is of the WEP password variety.

The one I have just bought off eBay, and which arrived over the weekend, is in fantastic condition with not a mark on it. My faith in eBay has been partly restored with this one. as it was described as being “mint” and it’s not far off it.  I don’t know if this is a better PDA than the Sony Clie TJ35 though. It is certainly bigger all round and not as solid feeling but the keyboard is actually quite good to use and the screen is a bit brighter looking. It also has more than double the amount of free memory over the Sony. Hopefully the battery life is okay.

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Android Market for apps

One nice thing about the Android store is that after you buy an application you have 24 hours to cancel the transaction and get a refund. This is useful if there is no trial/demo version of the software you are interested in and makes purchasing a no-risk venture. I have bought a few things to test them out, found out they were not up to scratch and then sought a refund. It is easy to do….just go back to the Market, hit on the “My Downloads” tab, browse down to the application, open it up from there and then hit the “refund’ button. A minute or so later you get an email confirming the refund. All very straightforward.

To date I have bought and kept only about 4 bits of software, the two main ones being an RSS application and a weather app. I have however downloaded quite a few bits of stuff that is free and some widgets to plonk down on one of the home screens for quick access….stuff like wifi on/off widget, an “airplane” mode button and a great 2G/3G option widget. These widgets are quite useful and save ferreting around in the settings menu.

SimpleImage for mac


This aggregates all your pics and movies and media under the one roof. I tend to have everything scattered around in different folders so it might help. I’m going to give it a try!

View all the most popular kinds of image and movie files in a single, sleek application, and display them in slideshows. You can even expand the kinds of files SimpleImage can open with free plug-ins like Perian and WMV.

Apply sophisticated adjustments and effects to images, save them in a variety of formats, and print them with the help of a flexible print preview feature and selection tools tailored to match common photo paper sizes.

Orange signs iPhone deal with Apple

Orange signs iPhone deal with Apple | Technology |

orange_logo_headerI suppose more competition is good news for consumers, it’s just a pity that “competition” is coming from Orange, famous for their 1) “unlimited” data plans…well, unlimited up to a maximum of 500mb a month that is and 2) legendary appalling cross UK coverage and 3) irritating and unfunny cinema ads that promote their free cinema tickets campaign (has anybody actually ever got hold of those free tickets?) .

When I was with Orange their coverage in Edinburgh was dismal, they had a 25mb data plan for about £10 per month at a time when T-Mobile had their £7.50pm unlimited data plan on the go and trying to get through to them on the phone was near impossible. Personally, I wouldn’t go near them with a barge pole but would hope that Apple have slapped them about a bit and forced them to provide good data deals.

And here is another everyone-blaming-everyone-else-for not approving an app story with the usual suspects… transpires there is a happy ending though for the developer and customer.

At issue is the 0870 application written by Simon Maddox, which has been available on Google’s Android platform for, oh, about a year. But it had been sitting in Apple’s App Store approvals queue for, oh, about the same length of time. Why? No answers. Apple doesn’t do “answers” to explain delays; it barely does them for its rejections of apps.

eBay stuff

tungsten t3Apparantly they changed some of the eBay selling rules recently and the seller now has to state how “quickly” they will be despatching the item after you have paid for it. This appears to have become a license for sellers to delay sending items out quickly and to have raised their postage costs. I think there needs to be some unitary postage set up for eBay as some chancers have quite silly postage charges. It costs me £7 to send a boxed phone out via Special Next Day Delivery whereas others need £10, for some reason, to send the same sized item out by 2nd Class Post.

I never bid now on items where I think the seller is basically a bit of a tosser and is not only trying to make some money on the item, which is quite natural, but is also trying to skin the buyer on the postage too.

I sent back the T3 that was in such appalling condition and got confirmation that he had received it….he had the cheek to email back whinging that the “leather” case he’d included in the sale (which I felt merited a good dowsing with Domestos whilst being held in pliers) had got crumpled in the box. I’m now in two minds whether to leave him positive feedback or not. On the one hand he was okay about refunding the cost and on the other, he blatantly misrepresented the condition of the goods to me and will probably re-list the item and mis-describe it again. What would you do?