Okay, so I ordered up an iPhone 5…..you’re surprised?

I guess it was always going to happen. I had the first ever iPhone back in late 2007 then upgraded to the 3g but skipped the 3gs, bought the iPhone 4 but skipped the 4s. It’s been two years then since I last purchased an iPhone, there’s a symmetry there so I reckon I’m due the new one.

Several minor concerns have cropped up since though. My current phone network, giffgaff, can’t supply anyone with a nano sim as yet and don’t like being able to do so for a good few weeks yet. I don’t particularly want to leave them so I’m almost tempted just to wait until they can provide one, that will mean not being able to use the iPhone 5 for some time as an actual phone but hey ho, there are worse things in life that could go wrong. Or, I could have a look around, buy one of those awful sim cutters off eBay, butcher my current giffgaff sim and try to get it working….that’s not exactly my preferred option as my DIY skills are horrendously lacking.

Or, I could scout about and find out who is offering what in the world of  nano sim-only deals. At the moment it seems like it is only 3 offering up an option or two and from previous experience of 3, great service but terrible reception in central Edinburgh, that’s not really an option. Still, any port in a storm as they say and for £12.90pm on a rolling one month contract with unlimited internet, the 3 nano sim deal is pretty darn good.

Of course, saying that I might hang on and wait for giffgaff to come up with the goods is easy to say now as the iPhone is a week or so away from being delivered. Once the box is sitting here, ready and begging to be opened will be a far bigger test of my resolve and one that frankly, I suspect I’ll not pass.

This will be the first time I’ve used an iPhone for a while, over a year in fact. Using bigger screened Android devices since about May/June last year opened my eyes to the advantages of a larger screen but at the same time I never ruled out going back to iOS, I just wanted to see some improvement in screen estate before trying it again. All that eco-system stuff doesn’t really apply here although I do use a MacBook and I have an iPad too. For example, I’ve never used iCloud on either device and can’t see myself using it on the iPhone 5 unless it is a truly wonderful experience….which I doubt having had previous experience of Apple’s mobileme garbage.

These days, I’m just really looking for a decent sized screen, better than average camera, hi-res screen, good selection of apps, a fairly light and pocketable device and decent battery life. Hopefully the iPhone 5 will provide that.

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3 Responses to “Okay, so I ordered up an iPhone 5…..you’re surprised?”

  1. Simon Says:

    I don’t get the number of people that have iCloud (or previously MobileMe) issues. Maybe I’m just lucky, but I’ve had virtually no problems with either. And the benefit of having a service which is just “there” and automatically syncs my calendar, contacts (I use Gmail for email) is just brilliant.

  2. Shaun McGill (@stmcgill) Says:

    It’s the iCloud speed that causes me problems and the lack of consistency. Admittedly I have specific needs- screenshots needing to go to photo stream on my Mac when writing a freelance article so I can include them quickly, but sometimes they appear immediately and other times after 10 minutes. With Dropbox everything is immediate. I had the same problems in Calendar- would take up to 20 mins to update the calendar on my Mac and iPad if I made a change on my iPhone. Using Google Calendar now it all happens immediately. Not saying iCloud is terrible, but in my experience Google services are much quicker and more consistent.

    • palmmac Says:

      I ain’t arguing with you Mr shirt outside his trousers man, I’ll be avoiding all things iCloud myself

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