Rain Design Laptop Stands

Santa brought me one of these stands for my MacBook Pro and it is very good although patently over-priced. It can be used with the velcro type padding on for use when sitting with your laptop on your knee and without the front padding roll for use on a table.

They are available for Apple and PC versions up to certain sizes. Expensive for what they are but also very effective, particularly when used on your knee. The back support bit swivels to help find a more comfortable position and the extra height makes it easier and more comfortable to type. And of course the raised height stops the laptop from burning your privates. It comes with four mini pads which attach and stop your laptopn moving about.

There is also a very nice looking swivel stand for imacs.


Default Folder X for mac

This came as part of the MacUpdate Bundle pack I bought a couple of weeks ago and to be honest I was not expecting to use it much. I don't know why but I tend not to use many of these "utility" type applications, you know, the ones that people swear by and try to convince you it's something you can't live without. I tend to stick with the basic system, rightly or wrongly. I gotta say though, Default Window X is great and has made day to day mac useage so much easier.

Default F X Screensnap
How to describe this bit of software? Well, it is simple. It adds improved "saving' facilities when you are ahem…saving files or documents. It adds so much more to the standard "save" dialogue boxes by adding extra menu options that are sort of tagged on to the windows, these enable you to file stuff in nested menus/folders without having to double click click click your way through folders in the normal way. Now I can save files into files that are nested without clicking at all. It also gives you bigger and better previews of each file directly below the save/open dialogue box with more information that is normally available.

The screenshot to the left shows how you can burrow down to find docs or files via the menu system without having to open folders via double clicking each one.

It also allows you to set up default save folders for applications. So, for example, I save a lot of images from Firefox to use in posts on here. Normally I save these in a "palm-mac" folder on the desktop. Without Default Folder X I have to double click various folders to find the one I need. With the application I can set it to automatically save them in the "palm-mac" folder. Alternatively you can set up "favourites" (the heart shape in the above pic) to get quick access to your most oft used save folders when saving files. When I save a picture in the "palm-mac" folder and then use it in a post Default Folder X will take me straight to that picture if I use it as the next option.

It does other stuff too that I haven't got round to using or exploring but the eae of use it has brought to my day to day mac useage has been such that if I never use the other features I will still feel the application has been a huge boon. This is one of the best mac software titles I have used.

GamePedia for mac

This is a bit nerdy but in essence I have no shame, or at least very little anyway. It's an application for recoding details of all the games you have played. You can import details, edit the summary, rate the game and details can be viewed in a list format, thumbnails or in iTunes style coverflow. It serves no real purpose except to keep a running record of games but it appeals to the part of me that has a sad and rather strange obession with keeping lists. The chaps behind it always seem to be updating it.

Even better is the fact there is a free iPhone companion application which enables you to sync via wifi your desktop application information and which virtually replicates the rather slick interface. 

The picture above shows the desktop application in action….and yes, that is my collection in full view.

On the move

Palm-Mac is on the move very shortly, in fact this will be the last post from here. From now on all new posts will be on here.…I'm moving to WordPress as they are much cheaper and it is quicker for me to do posts there.

On the new site, there is a drop down box top right with the new RSS feed link.

Hope to see you soon over there.

Merry Xmas

2 days to go until the big day. May I wish everyone a good festive period and thank you for reading my ramblings over the past 12 months. Let's hope there are plenty of tech/gadgets sitting under the tree on Xmas morning.

I'll be off for a few days so more than likely won't be adding anything until the weekend at the earliest.

All the best and Seasons Greetings!

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A2DP…bah humbug and cables

I gave up on my wireless iPhone bluetooth adaptor thingy a few weeks ago as the whole thing was far too much trouble. My set up was a Sony bluetooth wireless dongle thing and a bluetooth adaptor that plugs into the bottom of the iPhone, thus enabling a pseudo A2DP solution. The problem was that the Sony thing needed constant recharging every couple of days and if you forget then you have to go wired again. It's just one more device to keep charged up….Plus, the Sony stereo headset just sort of hangs there from your ears  and in my view looks a bit silly. You have to clip it on to your clothes to stop the weight pulling the headphones out of your ears.

I just found the whole system too much hassle and have reverted back to good ol' cables. A2DP has undoubted benefits, ease of use is arguably not one of them.

In fact, I am glad my Shure headphones have a detachable cable which allows you to use them in short lead mode, when I use the extended cable and have the iPhone in a trouser pocket I find the cable always seems to get pulled down and I constantly have to yank it up to stop it pulling the buds out of my ears. With the short cable, I just slip the iPhone in a top jacket pocket and have no such problems.

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iPhone Note style applications…SyncBook

Let's be honest, the default Apple Notes app is pap with a capital P. Not only is it extremely basic but it comes with a yukky brown and yellowy theme that is garish. I have been looking for ages for a decent replacement, nothing too fancy as I use other applications to store most of the stuff that a better Note taker would do.

Simon at The Lentil has been trying out YouNote for the iPhone and reckons it is "worth a try" so I will but I purchased SyncBook a few days ago, the main reason for doing so was that I want to get one that has some sort of mac syncing facility and this fits the bill. To be honest, my needs are simple. I have loads of text files saved on the MBPro, mostly mac tips and troubleshooting notes that I wish to have on the iPhone for reference and I suppose, backup. I'm not looking for intergration with ToDo's or online sites or anything like that.

It comes with a very basic desktop companion for the mac only called…………ahem…….SyncBook. This programme allows you to wifi sync existing RTF files from your mac to the iPhone application. You can of course also compose them on the device but it is easier to do it on a desktop/laptop. Existing RTF files can be imported into the desktop app and then copied accross. Basic but useful. And the files must be in RTF format only. There is also landscape support for typing and viewing.

On the iPhone, there is support for categories and a full search facility. Again, it is quite basic but for $3.99 for both the app and desktop companion can you really complain?…many will of course which is becoming an annoying Appstore trait. I kinda like it.

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