Smartphone Addiction: the timeline

Smartphone Addiction: the timeline | PDA-247: Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, Symbian, webOS, Windows Mobile.

shaun mggillNow this is a funny post from Shaun and sadly, for a twerp like me, almost true. The other night I was digging around in my “gadget bag”, basically a huge Sainsbury’s carrier bag into which various assorted and abandoned leads, chargers and cases are chucked, looking for a spare mini usb cable.

The stuff that is in there is amazing. I found 7 1st gen iPhone cases, 4 3G iPhone cases, 4 Treo 680 cases, 2 cases for devices I cannot remember, 2 usb cradles of a generic nature (again I have no idea which phone they were used for), 4 mini usb wall chargers, 4 Palm wall chargers and 5 Palm sync cables. But of course no spare mini usb cable.

I feel duty obliged however to correct Shaun, purely in the cause of accuracy you understand, and point out that I have actually only (only!!) bought a Nokia E71, Treo Pro, Blackberry Curve, HTC Hero and Palm Pre this year which is 5 devices in 11 months. This, of course, equates to a new phone every two months. Ouch. I’d like to state with a degree of confidence that this will still be the case in 3 months time but I know within myself it’s highly unlikely.


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