West Ham 0 City 0

I was really nervous watching this one on Saturday teatime. They came out of the blocks like a house on fire, scored a decent goal that was chalked off for a dubious offside and it was a while before we could settle down and start passing the ball around. Once we did, we started to get on top without really fashioning any clear cut scoring opps, aside from Mario’s up and over the bar from 2 yards.

On the subject of Super Mario, I thought he was having a decent game but was hooked halfway through the 2nd half whereas Dzeko should have been the one making way as he was having a shocker. His touch was awry and his passing was pretty poor too, every time we give the lad a chance to show he’s far more worthy of just being a super-sub then he just goes and blows it. Ah well, back to the bench for you young Edin and zip it.

2nd half we were well on top but there was too much tiki without the taki and we carried little threat. Nobody seemed to want to take the chance to actually have a bloody shot at goal. Still, it’s a tough place to go at times and we came away with a useful point from a game we could have lost. Good performances from the defence, in particular Nastasic and Clichy, Nasri and Tevev worked hard and kept the ball well but Ya Ya looked a bit out of sorts, he doesn’t look fit to me.


Craig Levein: results cost him Scotland job – Kevin Gallacher

No shit! Really? Thanks for that expert insight Kevin, thank goodness there are the ex-pro’s out there able to enlighten us thickos as to why certain things in football happen. I, for example, would never have realised that winning 3 competitive matches in 3 years (including 2 victories over duffers like Leichenstein) might lead a manager to lose his job but now I see how it works…..if you show that you’re basically a crap manager then you run the risk of getting sacked…ahhhh, it all makes sense now.