Pakistan film protests: 15 die in Karachi and Peshawar

BBC News – Pakistan film protests: 15 die in Karachi and Peshawar.

Very tolerant and easy going these Muslim fanatics are they not? Ooops,  that was a mistake, you’re not really allowed to say anything bad about any other religion these days.  Still, any excuse to have a bit of a rammy and try to kill the infidels eh? And it doesn’t take much to get these guys out and about and setting fire to a few cars……you’d have thought that if they were so genuinely upset they’d have done this a week or so ago when the story first broke.

In all honesty though I think their reaction is a bit over the top, people here and around the world poke fun at lots of things and most take it in good spirit. Personally I’m not at all religious, I think it’s all a bit odd and slightly spooky that so many people believe in these sort of things but that is there choice and good luck to them.


Irritating TV ads – 1 – feevtayyyy meeenettsss

Ladbrokes. And that stupid, irritating, shouting Italian bloke. Just when you think he’s finally shut up he comes back at the end of the commercial and starts shouting even louder….we can hear you, you irritating old douche bag. Apparently  he’s some famous ex football commentator from Italy…Tiziano…wish he’d stayed there.

I wonder if anyone laughs at these ads. If they do they’re probably the sort of people who think that Mr Bean or The Vicar of Dibley is funny.

And another thing, what is it with the proliferation of naked men in advertising. Funny that, I thought that gratuitous nudity in advertising was banned. Well of course, it’s banned if it’s female nudity because that would be sexist whereas for some reason male semi-nudity on TV is not sexist.

Some of the stuff you see on TV adverts these days is just crass sexism, the sort of stuff that was flying around in the 70’s where women were portrayed in a certain way that was acceptable at the time but would not be accepted today.  Bizarrely, the roles have been reversed today. In advertising men are generally portrayed as either gibbering idiots, bullys, incompetent both inside and outside the house whilst the ladies are invariably clever, sophisticated, going places and you get the impression that every single women in the world is infinitely superior to their male counterparts.

There’s this ad with that awful Amanda Holden in it, I think it’s for some yoghurt or something similar and it ends up with her surrounded by some hunky and inevitably semi-naked blokes, one of whom she is using in effect as a foot stool. Yep, I’m sure we’ll see a similar ad shortly where the roles are reversed and there’ll be some male celebrity surrounded by 4 busty and topless female slaves, attending to his every whim….errrr, no… we won’t actually because it would never be allowed in the first place.

Rant over.


Some of the vitriol, pettiness and downright garbage coming from some of the supposed more respectable websites tonight after the launch of the iPhone 5 is disappointing and irritating. Android Central and WP Central being two culprits, the former offering up this mature post….the open anti-iPhone thread, for example. WP Central come out with their response insisting that the Lumia 920, a veritable barge of a phone and still vapour-ware, is supposedly superior. How would they know? They haven’t had the chance to play with either phone……but of course if a phone has a bigger screen then it automatically means it’s better in the distorted “Specs are King” land that Android and WP people live in.

It annoys me to read on some other sites how they bang on about the supposed Apple fanboys as if followers of Android and Windows Phone don’t show the same traits.

There’s copying…and there’s this

ImageThis is odd. My twitter app of choice on my HTC One S is a free app called “Twidere” and it’s pretty good. When I was a big iOS user one of the twitter apps I used was Tweetings so, when it came to Android I was quite pleased as frankly, I’d been struggling to find one that I thought was semi decent. Unfortunately, that joy was short lived as the Android version of tweetings was rather dismal, crash prone and lacking in features. Even worse, I missed the 15 minute refund deadline.

A few days ago I was casually browsing through the Google App Store when I noticed that Tweetings had been updated. I’ll give it a bash again I thought so downloaded it and fired the thing up. Imagine my surprise to see that the UI and application have been completely revamped, well, not so much revamped as completely lifted from Twidere, lock stock and barrell. I assume there is nothing suspicious about this but rather the developers have come to some agreement although I can’t recall seeing a similar thing on other platforms I’ve used, two different apps from different developers being identical.

Fat Face

This is Phil from AndroidCentral and frankly he has a face you could possibly never tire of slapping. Whilst you’re there, admiring his slightly chubby visage, take a gander at some of his sidekicks and in particular, Jerry, who looks like the sort of bloke who is a card carrying Klu Klux Clan member and whose favourite film is “Deliverance”.

They’re very fond of talking about the “love” and “goodness” at Android Central and still haven’t quite grasped the basic concept that there probably wouldn’t be Android had the iPhone not come along yet it doesn’t stop them making some entirely predictable “jokes”about what Apple will “inventImage” tomorrow. yawn.

iPhone 5

Not long to go now until the latest version of the iPhone is revealed although if you believe all the leaked parts stuff that has been flying around for weeks now, a lot of it from sources with a good track record for getting these things right, then we all know more or less what the device will look like…..I’d love it if it turned out to be completely different to the leaks, say much bigger than expected.
Al the speculation seems to have revolved around the increased form factor and very very little, unless I’m mistaken, around other hardware bits like the camera. Apple needs something pretty special here as it has, in my view, lost ground to Android, certainly on the specs front anyway. I remember a few years ago it seemed like everyone else was playing catch up to the iPhone, the new iPhone version set the standard then everyone else would scramble around to match it and then the newer iPhone would come along and the same would happen. Nowq, it seems that the opposite is the case. The Samsung Galaxy S3, amongst others, has moved the goalposts and now it is Apple trying to catch up.
So, has Apple got something up it’s sleeve for the 12th? Something new and exciting….I doubt it as the Tim Cook era seems to be defining itself incrementally, small steps, nothing really really revolutionary (retina displays were on the iPhone first) and it’s all been a bit bland and disappointing really, so far.
Apple could raise the bar by sticking a whopping great 20mp camera in the iPhone 5 but I don’t know if that technology is possible yet without adding in some serious extra device thickness, a route I’m sure Apple will not be going down. Still, a class leading camera which spanks the bottoms off Samsung and HTC and Sony would certainly give them some leeway and a head start again in the smartphone specs wars for a bit. My only prediction then is a bigger, thinner iPhone 5 with at least a 12mp camera in tow.

Pre-Order this…

Some sites seem to get a bit over excited by seeing a retailer issuing pre-order status on their online sites. What’s the point? It still means basically not in stock and likely not anywhere near being in stock and most certainly not even with a remotely realistic date of release. I’m sure some sites just put things on “Pre-Order” status just because they know it will get them some decent web coverage from over-excitable fanboy sites. Pre-Ordering generally doesn’t get you the device any earlier nor it does tend to get you any additional benefits.
Personally I’m not interested in putting down any indication of purchasing a device until it’s either in stock, in which case I know the price and availability, or at the very worst, listed as being available on a set date from a very reputable dealer.