I’ve been using this now for a couple of months and overall have been really pleased with it although it has not been without one or two niggles, mainly of the hardware variety. This may surprise some bearing in mind the rave reviews the actual device itself has received since launch. The first one I bought, right at UK launch time, was returned within a week as the battery was behaving strangely….it would stay at 100% for hours and then suddenly drop down rapidly. Then, when charged back up to 100% sometimes it would drop down to 69% (always that figure) within minutes and I would have to reset the phone to get it to show the correct battery level. Annoying. As ever, Amazon replaced it quickly.
The next one was working great, no battery issues at all but then the paint started chipping off the top of the phone. A search on the web suggested this was not an uncommon issue on the black versions. Again, Amazon came to the rescue as they refunded me the full price even although the return was outwith their usual 30 day exchange deadline. With the refund cash to spend I waited a bit until I could get the gray version, sim-free, online. Handtec came to the rescue last week so I splashed the cash again. To date, I’ve not seen the gray version anywhere else online for sale yet.

To be honest, I slightly prefer the black version as it feels a bit more premium in the hand but the paint chipping issue has put me off it somewhat, human nature I guess. The gray is nice though. It kind of reminds me of the HTC Desire S in the same colour, this was a device that I loved when I had it last summer but the whole experience was ruined by a truly appalling camera. The One S has a pretty top notch camera on it, for a smartphone anyway.

Review to follow later!


He’s back…and this time it’s impersonal

Gosh, my last post was back in Feb 2011, more than a year ago and so much has happened since then, so many phones have fallen by the wayside, so many have come and gone….the last 6 months have been a veritable phone-fest, I can’t remember, even by my own previous high (low) standards, such a period of phone flatulence. And of course there was City’s momentous league title win which was superb, I could have been there as I managed to get a ticket for the QPR match but not for my son so I gave the Bluecard to someone whose need was greater than mine.

I’m going to try and keep things updated on a fairly regular basis. I’ve kind of missed it, it always was a great outlet for my ever increasing impatience. Enjoy.