Sony X1

Looks like the Sony is now available to purchase online and in the high street stores. It's a relatively expensive little smartphone which looks lovely but as far as I am concerned does not appeal on a variety of levels.

Sony win mob phone
Firstly, I have never got on with Sony phones in the past and the P1 was in my opinion, a poor marriage of a nice looking and feeling phone with the worst UI I have ever used. The K800 had a great camera at the time but again was a bugger to use whilst the W850 had the worst keypad and smallest, fiddliest buttons ever used.

Secondly, this new phone is running windows mobile which is now possibly my least favourite o/s and you can dress it up however you like with "panels" or whatever it is called but it is still windows mobile underneath and I now haven't got the patience required to fine tinker/tune it. So, there you have it…my least favourite phone manufacturer and my least favourite operating system combined in the one devasting smartphone which surely for me would be a recipe for disaster!

Still, that won't stop me from having a wee play with it in the shops and I am prepared to be proven well wrong, again, on this one but at the moment I'm fairly sub-neutral on this one.


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