Retro Fest

I don't know what is up with me at the moment but I am going through a Palm retro thing. I was looking on ebay the other night, mainly to see if I could pick up any cheap Sony Clie's and chanced upon a Tungsten C for sale, stuck in a bid or two and ended up getting one for £36 plus £5 postage. According to the guy selling it the thing is in good condition and has everything with it. I think part of the reason for thse steps back in time is my sheer disillusionment with the many newer and supposedly better devices I have spent cash on in the past year. My 680 re-emergence has proved that better specs are no guarantee of a better user experience.

Tungsten-c1 I'm not sure why I have bought this as I had one a couple of years ago and sold it on pretty quickly, mainly because I didn't think the keyboard was much cope. still, that hasn't stopped me splashing out again. When I had my previous one I had no home wifi and no means of getting connected and to be honest, I can't recall being aware that the Tungsten C even had wifi. Well, it does of course and now I have wifi at home so I am hoping this will make ownership a more enjoyable and fruitful experience.

My intention here, I always seem to need to have an "intention" as if that somehow justifies spending, is to use this as a standalone PDA and go back to the iPhone. I know that the TX is a better PDA in many respects but it has no keyboard and I always found myself very slow using graffiti or the onscreen keyboard.

One of the drawbacks of buying an older device is that the risk of the battery being near the end of its life is much higher and so, I am going to buy a spare and try and replace the existing one if that proves to be the case…not an easy thing to do by any means. A second drawback is that accessories tend to be a bit thin on the ground although luckily I have a huge range of earlier charging stuff lying around. I have managed to pick up a metal case from pdahut, the same one that I passed on when I sold my previous Tungsten C on ebay, and a screen protector from expansys. This will be the first time I've had to fit one for ages and is something I never look forward to.

This was a pretty expensive handheld first time around and the specs are pretty decent still. I'm hoping the wifi aspect will give it some extra life this time around. It's not really entirely suitable however as a multimedia device as it only provides mono sound output through the headphone jack and thus it was presented as being business focussed when first launched.


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