iPhone 3g battery life

Being up in Aberdeen over the weekend meant I took the iPhone as opposed to the Treo 680 as I needed to have access to a decent browser to keep track of the football scores on Saturday afternoon as I was at one of my sisters most of that day.

Iphoen 3g
I left it on GPRS as getting a semi-decent 3g signal proved futile so surfing away from 3.25pm till 5pm on Saturday afternoon on the BBC Sport live videprinter site was a bit painful in terms of speed…there was not even a decent edge signal. Grrrrrr….what a contrast to when I was in Spain for my holidays and I could pick up a perfect 3g signal 100% of the time.

Anyway, I fully charged the iPhone in the morning and barely used it until the matches kicked off. Then, about 3.25pm I checked the site every 5 minutes or so. By 5pm the battery was down to about 30% judging by the gauge which in my opinion is rather poor. Lord knows how long it would last had I been on 3g especially as it would have been struggling to latch onto a reliable signal most of the time and thus further draining would have happened.

The iPhone is a lovely device but the battery life is disappointing, there is no way of getting around it either. I'm sure the 680 would have had far more juice left under similar conditions with the Seido extended battery installed. Next time, I will take it instead.

A bonus over the weekend though was that the apartments we were staying in had free broadband installed so all I had to do was stick the ethernet cable into my MacBook and I was up and running with an internet connection. If you are ever going to Aberdeen for a stay I can recommend the Skene House apartments. There are three different central locations and they are basically mini flats. Ours has 2 bedrooms, a lounge, kitchen, bathroom and storage cupboard and all for the same price as a hotel room. Plus you get free internet if you go for the "executive' apartments. It's a nice relaxed atmosphere unlike the stuffy formality you encounter in many hotels.

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  1. Luca Says:

    I know what you mean, as the my iPod Touch can also be empty rather quickly when browsing or playing games. Of course your case is worse with the phone radio’s.
    If you want to use your iPhone in these kind of situations,why don’t you try one of those backup batteries? You just pop it in the port on the bottom of the device and off you go. I found two of them, from Richard Solo and Griffin. They also sell them at Apple Reseller stores…
    The Griffin one doesn’t seem to work properly with iphones according to a review, and it has a cable.
    The Richard Solo is a solid aluminum piece, and it got a positive review on jkOnTheRun. It allows you to charge both the iphone and battery at the same time, but I don’t know if they ship outside the US…

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