Dead Space for xbox 360

Just a couple of days to go now until this game is out and boy oh boy, does it sound promising. I have a soft spot for first person shooters set on spooky abandoned spaceships even though the premise is hardly revolutionary. Doom 3 is still one of my favourite xbox titles, Prey was excellent too and Halo had the odd spaceship moment.

This one though does sound genuinely spooky:

The story behind Dead Space takes place hundreds of years in the
future, during a time when mankind has exhausted all of the natural
resources on Earth. Fortunately, in this dire time, humanity has
mastered space travel, and a process known as planet cracking has been
developed to combat this drought. A celestial body is split into
pieces, and its minerals are strip-mined and melted, returning the
byproducts to Earth for consumption. An entire fleet of ships sails the
stars performing these tasks, and the crown jewel of this mining fleet
is the USG Ishimura, which has performed more planet cracks that any
other vessel. However, on a routine mission, the ship cuts off all
communication from galactic command, which is somewhat strange. To
discover what's going on, a small maintenance crew is quickly
dispatched to the Ishimura from a nearby vessel.


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